Rose water, chamomile water and lavender water

Rose water, chamomile water and lavender water

Do you know our beautiful natural facial sprays; rose water, chamomile water and lavender water yet? If not, read on for the best tips for you natural face care. Once you know the wonderful effects of healing flower water in these natural facial sprays, you will never want to be without them again!

Chamomile water, lavender water or rose water - which one should I choose?

You can only get the desired skin care results with the right products skincare routines to choose. We would like to help you with this and have therefore written a fairly extensive article about our natural products facial sprays floral water: chamomile water, lavender water en rose water.

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  1. Rose water
  2. What does rose water help for and for which skin types?
  3. How do you use rose water?
  4. chamomile water
  5. What does chamomile water help for and for which skin types?
  6. How do you use chamomile water?
  7. Chamomile water eczema
  8. Lavender water
  9. What does lavender water help for and for which skin types?
  10. How do you use lavender water?
  11. Why does lavender water work against acne
  12. The secret of natural facial sprays

Each flower or plant has unique properties: they heal, treat and prevent versatile skin problems. For example, rose water is beneficial for dry and aging skin, chamomile water helps to calm the skin and lavender water works against acne. all our moisturizing sprays face are pure, nourishing and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The sprays have the same valuable properties as organic ones essential oils of similar plants. Read also: 7 important essential oils and their effect.

rose water; classic and loved

Rose water is a classic, promising product rich in antioxidants. Rose is known for both its wonderful scent and its particularly effective effect in skin care. rose water helps hydrate, brighten and balance the skin.

Pure distilled rose water contains many valuable nutrients, such as antioxidants. These protect the skin against harmful external factors, such as air pollution and UV radiation. Antioxidants strengthen the skin cells and ensure the production of extra skin tissue. In addition, rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness in the skin and balance the pH.  

This product makes your skin radiant

Add rose water to your facial routine and enjoy hydrated & firm skin

Rosewater Facial Spray


What does rose water help for and for which skin types?

Rose water helps for a higher moisture content in the skin, a strong skin structure and gives a natural look. In fact, rose water is probably right for you, what skin type you have too. The dry, aged, sensitive and normal skin benefit the most when using this flower water. Rosacea skin also benefits from roses. Contains rose water components that act as a 'vasoconstrictor'. In other words; they constrict and reduce blood vessels Red cheeks. This allows this floral water to play a special role in the natural treatment for rosacea.

Many people use facial spray incorrectly – you won't get the results you deserve. Follow the steps below to get the most out of your rose water.

How do you use rose water?

How to use rose water:

  • If you want extra moisture for dry, aging, sensitive or normal skin, rose water is the best choice!
  • Clean your face with a natural facial cleanser or use facial oil with the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). 
  • Using a face mask Once a week can certainly be an effective addition to your skincare routine. 
  • Spray the product evenly over the clean face and press gently onto the skin to maximize skin absorption. If you have very dry skin, you can even spray two coats of rose water on your skin! Your skin will just love it and absorb it quickly.
  • Now comes the most important step of the entire routine: immediately after spraying rose water, apply a face serum, facial cream or facial oil to damp skin. An oil-based product locks in moisture and all valuable nutrients in the skin.
  • You can do this routine in the morning and in the evening.

rose water facial spray

Chamomile water with probiotics

Chamomile spray with probiotics soothes, brightens and moisturizes the skin. This facial spray with chamomile water brings the skin back into balance. With all the benefits of chamomile, it is a precious beauty ingredient that has received more attention in recent years. In addition, chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects that restore inflamed and damaged skin.

What makes chamomile water so effective? More than one Research has proven the power of chamomile. The special substances in chamomile make it a powerful multifunctional ingredient for the skin. Many find that chamomile reduces redness of the skin. We at Flow Cosmetics have decided to take the benefits of chamomile to the next level. We've combined the power of chamomile water and probiotics; this gives advanced benefits in skin care.

What can you expect from the chamomile toner† Chamomile water balances, soothes & repairs the skin. While probiotics improve your cellular barrier function, stimulate cell turnover and provide the skin with antioxidant protection.

Give your skin more balance & protection

Restorative organic chamomile water with probiotics. Helps hydrate, soothe, brighten and balance the skin.

Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist


What does chamomile water help for and for which skin types?

Chamomile water helps for a stronger skin structure and natural appearance. Do you have an irritated, dry, inflamed or... combined skin? Or do you suffer from one? eczema in face of rash around mouth? (clown eczema). Then chamomile water will do wonders for your skin!

These skin types have two things in common. They benefit from soothing and protective products that strengthen the barrier function of the skin. Follow the routine below to get the most out of chamomile water.

Chamomile water and eczema

Chamomile water can be beneficial in treating eczema or eczema atopic skin for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Spray two layers on the face. This will greatly increase the moisture content of your skin. Then apply other care products, such as serum, facial cream and/or facial oil. An oil-based beauty product locks valuable nutrients and moisture from the facial mist into the skin.

How do you use chamomile water?

If you use chamomile water as described below, you will get the most out of it:

  • Do you have mixed, irritated, dry or inflamed skin? Add chamomile water to your routine for optimal treatment of atopic or sensitive skin types.
  • Cleanse your face with Balm to Milk Cleanser.
  • If your skin isn't cracked, use it a few times a month peeling mask - Lingonberry Bright. A gentle peeling helps to absorb other products better.
  • Spray chamomile water evenly over a clean face and décolleté.
  • An important step for the best results; After spraying chamomile water, immediately apply a serum, facial cream or facial oil to damp skin. An oil-based product locks moisture and all valuable nutrients into the skin. Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type. Read here which oil is good for your face.
  • This routine can be done in the morning and evening.

Chamomile water eczema

Chamomile water facial spray

Lavender water

Lavender water is most known for its skin-soothing and balancing properties. Lavender Face Spray - Balancing Toner is a valuable by-product of lavender oil that helps soothe, hydrate and balance the skin. Lavender water is rich in active components, which are said to reduce excessive sebum production. This leads to a refreshed, revitalized appearance and clear skin. Exactly one of the reasons lavender water is so effective against acne.

What does lavender water help for and for which skin types?

Lavender water helps to balance the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Lavender water is especially suitable for oily, combination and acne-prone skin types. Lavender facial spray is definitely the best choice for this. 

Do you have one of these skin types? You may have used an alcohol-based toner to get your skin in better condition. These types of toners can work in the short term. But in the long run, they ruin your skin's natural balance. Unbalanced skin is extremely vulnerable. In the worst case, this even causes more impurities, blackheads and excessive sebum production.

Lavender water toner works the other way around! Lavender water facial spray - Balancing toner supports your skin's natural protective mechanisms. It helps your skin with its antimicrobial properties that fight blemishes.

How do you use lavender water?

How to use Lavender water:

  • If you have mixed, acne-prone or... fat skin If you want to balance it, use lavender water in both your morning and evening ritual. With regular use you will notice immediate results!
  • Be kind to oily, combination and acne-prone skin types and cleanse your face with a mild product, such as Balm to Milk facial cleanser.
  • Use a gentle one 2-3 times a week facial peeling.
  • After cleansing, spray lavender water evenly over your face.
  • Now comes the most important step of the entire routine: after spraying lavender water, immediately apply a serum, moisture cream of facial oil to damp skin. An oil-based product locks in moisture and all valuable nutrients in the skin.
  • If you like to use makeup, choose non-comedogenic make up† That won't clog your pores. 

Balance your skin

Organic Lavender Water helps soothe, hydrate, balance and reduce excessive sebum production.

Lavender Floral Water Facial Mist - Balancing toner


Why does lavender water work against acne?

You have probably heard that lavender water works against acne. That's right! Why is that? Organic lavender water is the ideal product against acne because it is antibacterial and naturally cleans the skin pores.

Lavender can reduce inflammation, soothe the skin and improve the skin's moisture balance. Lavender has been proven to have valuable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it particularly effective in treating inflamed or oily skin and reducing blemishes. If you are looking for a mild facial product, such as lavender water for acne, we recommend and many with us natural lavender facial spray .

Are you interested in sustainable and natural acne products† Read more about it on our website where you can also find more tips for good skin care.

Lavender against acne

Lavender water facial spray

The secret of natural facial sprays

If you've read this far, we hope you're convinced of the benefits and various uses of floral water. We would like to conclude with a few words about the secret of natural facial sprays.

Flow Cosmetics facial sprays work effectively due to their skin care properties. This floral water mist contains literally everything that will benefit your skin. They are nutritious and rich in antioxidants and vitamins. With proper use, they can also effectively increase your skin's moisture levels. Each spray has its own special characteristics. Rose water has been proven effective against skin aging. Lavender water works against acne because of the antibacterial characteristics. Chamomile water has calming effects and strengthens the barrier function of the skin.

Hydrosols by steam distillation

Flow Cosmetics facial sprays are made from pure hydrosols (or floral waters how some know them better). Hydrosols, such as chamomile water, are packed with active components. To get these actives into your skincare, floral water needs to be properly produced. The most effective and widely used extraction method to make hydrosols is steam distillation. During steam distillation, water vapor heats the organic flowers to obtain steam from the flowers. This method actively preserves all valuable nutrients during the production process.

Buy pure face spray lavender water, chamomile water or rose water† Do you want to buy a facial spray in the form of lavender water, chamomile water or rose water? Then always choose a pure product. When you choose flower water for its skin-care benefits, you naturally want real flower water. Unfortunately, not all floral waters are pure. Many ''rose water'' products contain only water, alcohol and rose extract – or worse, they only contain perfume that smells like rose. These ingredients do not have the same effective skin care functions as real flower water with active components.

The flower water from Flow Cosmetics is of organic quality and consists of nothing but hydrosols, so no useless extra ingredients such as drying alcohol. The products have a long shelf life thanks to ecocert certified radish and Leuconostoc kimchii lactic acid bacteria, which also add a moisturizing function. As a result, these ingredients provide great benefits for everyone's daily beauty ritual.

After reading, you still have questions about our floral water facial sprays: Want to buy rose water, chamomile water or lavender water? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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