Rose water, chamomile water and lavender water

In general, floral water (also called hydrosols) is a dilute version of essential oil from the same plant. They contain
same components but in reduced concentrations. The flower water
- a natural distillation product - is usually used as
natural face tonic, but actually it is a multifunctional
product that leaves a soft and treated feeling.

Here are 8 tips what you can do with flower water.

Floral water as a face tonic

The floral water can be used as a facial tonic, it is rich in
active ingredients, reduces impurities and soothes the red and
irritated spots on the skin.

Extra anti-aging

The secret to true natural anti-aging and anti-wrinkle are the
nourishing products with the right ingredients. Use the flower water
before your face oil or face cream. This ensures that the
protective fat layer of your skin comes more to the surface - allowing
the nourishing ingredients are better absorbed. For extra anti-aging we recommend it Rose water to.

Mineral Make-up settings spray

For those who use mineral makeup, you can use the floral water as a makeup settings spray. This keeps your makeup in better shape (and
at the same time you first moisten your skin!)

Care cons rose

Believe it or not, the flower water soothes the rose. It nourishes your skin
with organic ingredients (distilled flowers) and reduces
red spots and rose infection. Especially the variant; Soothing face spray Chamomile & Probiotics has additional antibacterial characteristics.

Natural hair spray

Spray a few poufs in your hair. The flower water creates a small one
protects and moisturizes your hair.

The flower water provides care for your scalp

Irritated scalp, the beginning symptoms of dandruff, or a super
dry scalp? Lavender water has antibacterial characteristics and it prevents many different problems on the scalp.

Spray it under the armpits

Use the flower water as a light deodorant. If you are lucky and you don't sweat that much, you can also use the flower water as a light deodorant. It is anti-bacterial so reduces the unwanted smell of sweat. For the active people we recommend a stronger option, for example the natural deodorant Calendula.

Floral water as a light perfume

If you are pregnant or have an allergy or sensitivity to it
perfume. Flower water is a safe choice to use as a light perfume
use. It contains no synthetic substances or odors, only pure

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