Rose water, chamomile water and lavender water

Do you know our beautiful natural facial sprays; rose water, chamomile water and lavender water already? If not, read in this blog post why beneficial flower water can't be missed in your skincare routine!
De natural facial sprays from Flow Cosmetics work effectively due to their skin care properties. Floral water or hydrosols (how some may know this facial spray) is a versatile product. The active components treat the skin by adding moisturizing antioxidants - for a holistic effect. The sprays are mild enough to use directly on the skin, they do not need to be diluted. Yet they have the same valuable properties as organic essential oils from similar plants.
Rose water is rich in antioxidants
The most effective and most widely used extraction method to make hydrosols is steam distillation. During steam distillation, water vapor heats the biological flowers to create steam from the flowers. This method preserves all valuable nutrients during the flower distillation. Our pure flower waters are full of beneficial natural components and are proven to promote skin condition. Each flower or plant has unique properties: they heal and treat a variety of skin problems. Rose water, for example, is beneficial for dry, aging skin and lavender water is effective against acne.

 Is Rose Water Always Pure?

If you choose flower water for their skin conditioning benefits, you will of course want to buy real flower water. Unfortunately, not all floral waters are truly hydrosols. A lot of ''rose water'' contains only water, alcohol and rose extract - or worse, they only contain perfume that smells like rose. These ingredients do not have the same effective skin care functions as real flower water with active components.
The flower water from Flow Cosmetics is of biological quality and consists of no different than hydrosols, so no useless extra ingredients such as drying alcohol. The products have a long shelf life thanks to the use of ecocert certified radish and Leuconostoc kimchii lactic acid bacteria, which also add a moisturizing function. As a result, these ingredients provide great benefits for everyone's daily beauty routine. Let's dive deeper into the products.
lavender water has a calming effect and ensures skin rejuvenation

 Lavender water 

Lavender water is known for its skin soothing properties. The active plant components help to balance sebum production, making lavender water great against acne.

 How does lavender water work against acne?

Skin soothing organic lavender water is the ideal product against acne, because it is antibacterial and naturally cleanses skin pores. Lavender water kills bacteria, which can prevent and cure acne. It unclogs pores and reduces inflammation. Lavender water has an immediate soothing effect on the skin.
How to use lavender water for acne: Spray on the face and wipe it thoroughly with a muslin cloth. This product can also be used as a soothing and moisturizing facial spray. So, the Lavender toner does not need to be wiped off clean skin (as we are used to with a toner). Lavender has many valuable properties that moisturize, soothe and balance sebum production. Why wipe all these benefits off your skin instead of letting them take care of the skin? Acne-prone skin also needs hydration! Spray the toner on dry, clean skin, then apply moisturizer.
Nature is amazing, the effect of lavender against acne has been scientifically proven. Are you interested in sustainable and natural acne products? Read more about it on this website, where you can also find tips for a skin care routine: the best natural products for acne.
lavender water against acne

Classic and popular Rose water

 Rose water is known for its wonderful scent as well as skin moisturizing and firming properties. The organic rose water from Flow Cosmetics contains only pure ingredients. Its antioxidant-rich composition helps regenerate skin cells. Rose water moisturizer, provides stronger skin structure and gives a natural look and well-being to the skin.

How to use rose water: If you want to moisturize your skin, rose water is the first and best choice! Spray on clean skin and use an oil-based product afterward, such as Arctic Beauty Oil, to lock in the moisturizing properties in the skin. So for the repeat, spray rose water on the skin and apply one right after facial oil .

Chamomile water with probiotics

Skin restorative and soothing Chamomile & Probiotics facial fog keeps the bacterial balance of good bacteria on the skin in balance, making the skin soft and hydrated. Chamomile water stimulates the regeneration of the skin cells by increasing the synthesis of type 1 collagen. This keeps the skin elastic and beautiful.
How to use Chamomile water; As you would expect, this facial spray is also worth leaving on the skin. Of course you don't want to wipe nourishing ingredients from your skin if you can use them properly. So spray Chamomile & Probiotics on clean skin and use an oil-based product afterward, such as Rose hip oil of organic Argan oil, to lock in the wonderfully effective properties in the skin.


Chamomile water with probiotics

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