The importance of skin care make up

Beautiful, smooth and radiant skin starts with good skin natural face care. But your make-up is just as important. Have you ever noticed that your makeup causes skin irritation, blackheads and pimples? This is because most make-up contains toxins and clogs the pores. This actually counteracts the effect of your skin care. Shame! Because it's not necessary. In fact, there is makeup that is actually good for your skin. With biological and skin care make up without harmful substances, take care of your skin all day long. Good for you and the environment.
Organic make up

Make-up, don't break-up: skin-nourishing make-up

Take care of your skin while wearing makeup, because cosmetics are meant to beautify you, right? Ingredients such as alcohol cause the skin to dry out, causing it to produce more sebum. This causes a greasy film and impure skin. Some preservatives can unbalance the skin and trigger allergies or irritation. Chemicals in make-up are always harmful to your health and the condition of your skin in the long run. Even if it concerns small quantities. In order for your skin to function naturally, it is important that you skin care make-up used. This means that it actually enhances the effect of your skin care and ensures an immediately healthier skin. And better than for your skin to look beautiful and healthy, is that your skin actually is. How?

1. Get hydrated skin

The most important thing for beautiful and healthy skin is hydration, especially for the dry skin. Most foundations put a chemical layer on your skin that covers imperfections but also clogs your pores. So use one natural foundation with vitamin-rich ingredients that keep your skin in balance and let it 'breathe'. Such as, for example Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation with arctic berries and Jojoba oil. These ingredients are known for powerful, nourishing antioxidants and vitamins. They have the property that they do not make your skin greasy. Due to the high pigmentation, the natural foundation provides full and matte coverage without clogging the skin. Suitable for all skin types and available in the color that best suits.

2. Use organic make up

Real organic make-up consists of 100% natural and fair products. A safe and healthy cosmetic product is more than worth the investment. Qualitative organic make up is thin, opaque, protective and long-lasting under various conditions. You will find that you need much less of it.
Professional, skin-caring and organic make-up is not harmful to your skin, health or the environment. This also makes it possible sustainable makeup are called. At least as functional as cosmetics with synthetic substances, so this really doesn't have to be at the expense of the effect. Also pay attention when choosing your organic makeup; 
  • wild grown ingredients 
  • (eco) certificates 
  • transparent production
  •  not tested on animals 
  • recyclable packaging 

 This way you keep your beauty really clean!

3. Pay attention to your skin type and skin condition

Old or young skin, dry or oily? Pigment spots or atopic skin? Whatever skin type you have, the most important thing is that you have a moisturizing natural foundation used. We cannot emphasize it often enough. This way your skin remains optimally balanced on its own. Changes in your hormone balance cause the condition of your skin to change. Therefore, preferably use a natural foundation that is suitable for every skin type.

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Especially dry and older skin could use some extra care. There is one for this serum foundation with vitamin E and moisturizing oils excellent. Natural pigments that reflect light ensure a young-looking skin and make fine lines less visible. Oily skin is bathed in skin care make up powder that prevents excessive shine and makes pores less visible without clogging them.

4. Clean your skin and your make-up sponges or brushes 

Last but not least; make it a habit to cleanse your skin every night. Always apply your make-up with clean fingers. Do not forget to regularly clean your make-up blenders, sponges or brushes thoroughly. Let them dry well and replace them regularly. Before you know it, your make-up items are a source of bacteria.


Natural foundation

Why skin care make up from Korento?

Korento proves that looking beautiful and taking care of your skin at the same time can really go together. All Korento cosmetics are organic and made without harmful substances. The skin care make up is highly pigmented and lasts a long time under all circumstances. This makes the make-up very suitable for professional use. For young, old and every skin type. You can use it even on the most sensitive skin or after cosmetic procedures. It is what makes Korento skin care products unique Berry Active Complex ™. A composition of antioxidant-rich arctic berries that have a proven positive effect on the skin.

  • Protective ingredients against harsh conditions, stress, UV rays and blue light of electrical appliances.
  • Skin-friendly; 100% natural and organic
  • Animal friendly; vegan and animal testing free
  • Environmentally friendly; Can be recycled and Zero waste
  • Global Make Up Awards winner (Rose Quartz Highlighter en Soft Velvet Primer)


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Korento Cosmetics

Pigment-rich and professional organic makeup products that care for the skin at the same time. Sounds like a dream right?

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