How do you use a shampoo bar? Get the best results with these tips

Hair soap is becoming an increasingly popular part of natural hair care. But how do you use one natural shampoo bar? We explain exactly why and how to use a shampoo bar.

Using shampoo bar: explained step by step

If you have enthusiastically brought a shampoo bar into your bathroom, then of course you would like to know how to use a shampoo bar. This is really not rocket science. Washing your hair with a shampoo bar is very simple! Watch.


Further on we explain what is important to know when washing your hair with a shampoo bar. Below are the steps for optimal results.

1. Choose a shampoo bar that suits your hair type

The first step is choosing the shampoo bar. Just like the liquid version, shampoo bars are also available for all hair types. Whether you're looking for one shampoo bar for oily hair or dry hair. Is your hair blonde, brown or red? There is a suitable shampoo bar for every hair type or hair problem. For example, are you looking for more volume? Then try our natural ones beer shampoo. Organic ingredients such as oats and protein are a huge booster for fine and lifeless hair.

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2. Wet your hair

Wet your hair thoroughly first. Squeeze the excess water from your hair before applying the shampoo. The shampoo bars from Flow Cosmetics are also suitable for use with scalp problems. Does this bother you? Do not wash your hair too hot. This can dry out your scalp unnecessarily. Also discover a natural hair rinse. This product addresses various scalp problems and conditions. As itchy scalp, dryness, dandruff and flaking.

3. Rub the shampoo bar over your hair

Then also wet the shampoo bar. You produce foam when you lightly rub it over your hair. You can also make the foam in your hands first and then distribute it over your hair. Start at the scalp and lightly massage the shampoo. Then work to the lengths. If you don't get enough foam, rinse your hair first and repeat the soaping. Finally, use warm water to cleanse your hair well and then rinse out the shampoo.

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Use shampoo bar

4. Take care of your hair

Basically, a shampoo bar gives you all the nutrients your hair needs. Because our soap shampoo also cares for your scalp, your hair automatically regains its natural shine and bounce. Do you need extra care? Then choose a natural conditioner in soap form. Us natural hair mask dry hair is perfect for dry ends, for example.

5. Store shampoo bar

Hair washed and cared for, check! Then finally the last question; how do you store a shampoo bar? Because of course you want it to last as long as possible. It is best to use a special shampoo bar for this. This way the shampoo bar dries gradually between washes. It prevents the hair soap from melting because it stays too wet. You can also order a soap dish in our webshop and possibly also use it for you natural conditioner. Our bamboo soap dish is of course produced in the most sustainable way, as you can expect from all our products.

shampoo bars

You should know this about washing your hair with a shampoo bar

A shampoo bar is a perfect example of one eco-friendly shampoo. This is primarily due to the compact size, which saves on transport. But also because of the radiant absence of a plastic bottle. And when you choose a shampoo bar from Flow Cosmetics, you are also assured of the best organic ingredients. In addition, it is one shampoo without sulfates and parabens. You not only protect your scalp and precious hair, but also the environment. A shampoo bar is super economical in use, it lasts 80 to 120 times! And also easy to take with you on a trip. You can simply take it in your hand luggage, since it is not a liquid product.

Your hair has to get used to using a shampoo bar

The most important thing to know when using a shampoo bar is that your hair needs to get used to it. So don't be disappointed if you don't immediately have the desired result after 1 wash. Don't be surprised if this does happen :) There are many who see immediate results when they first wash with a shampoo bar.

How long your hair has to get used to mainly has to do with how used your hair is to synthetic products. Liquid shampoos have a pH that is different from the natural pH of your scalp and hair. When you choose a shampoo bar you will quickly get back into balance. The result? Naturally shiny, smooth, hydrated, strong, resilient and protected hair.

Tip: shampoo bar in combination with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Je rinse hair with apple cider vinegar is not only a perfect way of natural hair care. The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps restore the natural pH value of your scalp and hair even faster. Without damaging the protective oils of your scalp. In addition, apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and makes your hair softer and easier to comb.

apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Marielle from The Greenguide has tested this combination of hair washing with a Flow shampoo bar in combination with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse for you. And she was very enthusiastic about this (which doesn't surprise us of course ;-)). She used ours for this hair loss shampoo Beer & Oat protein.

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