Eco-friendly shampoo - 8 important properties

Eco-friendly shampoo

Eco-friendly shampoo† Not only is it very necessary for the environment, it is also a popular marketing term. On labels and advertising texts of shampoos you regularly see words such as; sustainable, green, natural, ecological, organic and plastic-free. It is important to note that the use of these terms does not guarantee that the claims and activities of the brand, company or online store are truly environmentally friendly.

Do you want to buy an environmentally friendly shampoo? A sustainable and organic hair products that have a minimal environmental impact, without junk such as microplastics? Later in this article we will tell you what the 8 important properties are by which you can recognize an environmentally friendly shampoo.

Eco-friendly shampoo bar

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular. That is not without reason; In theory, shampoo bars are always more environmentally friendly than shampoo in a plastic bottle. That is why a shampoo bar also falls under the top of the best zero waste care products† A shampoo bar is a shampoo in block form. Flow's natural shampoo bars are not only sustainable, it is an environmentally friendly shampoo that really works. Not only do we think so, so do our customers! We hear many good experiences about its use. Once your hair and scalp are used to a shampoo bar, you'll never want anything else.

Actions speak louder than words

When it comes to effective change for sustainable development, actions are more important than words. Eco-friendly shampoo is often associated with recyclable packaging and promises for a better future. This all plays an important role, but it is no guarantee for a fair and environmentally friendly product. Below you can see how you can recognize an environmentally friendly shampoo.

Shampoo without microplastics

8 properties of an environmentally friendly shampoo

  1. An environmentally friendly shampoo contains biodegradable ingredients. Remember that "80% biodegradable" does not mean that the product's ingredients are actually biodegradable. Most liquid shampoos consist of 80%(!) of water…
  2. Environmentally friendly shampoo cares for the hair in a mild way and thus supports the natural scalp balance and hair growth. When you are looking for the best products for your hair, you only have one shampoo bar, (hair rinse) On conditioner necessary. An extra volume booster for hair sprays or conditioner products is then really not necessary. 'Less is more' and that is environmentally friendly.
  3. If you use a shampoo with natural ingredients, make sure it contains a organic certification have. When it comes to cultivated raw materials, organically certified raw materials are more environmentally friendly than non-organically certified raw materials. Biological agriculture does not use the harmful practices of conventional farming such as the use of synthetic fertilizers. In principle, organic farming is an agricultural technique that maintains and improves the quality of the ecosystem.
  4. Ingredients in eco-friendly hair products, such as shampoos, are traceable† This means that the origin and background of the raw material can be traced back. This makes it possible to check whether the raw materials meet sustainable and environmentally friendly criteria.
  5. Packaging of environmentally friendly shampoos is made from recyclable or upcycled raw materials. And the packaging itself is natural recyclable† By reducing waste, recycling protects firstly natural resources, secondly natural ecosystems, and also promotes biological diversity. All this improves the long-term sustainability of the biosphere.
  6. The production of environmentally friendly shampoo is achieved by using as much as possible renewable energy.
  7. Eco-friendly shampoo is compact for transport and does not waste water† A shampoo bar is a perfect example of this. You only pay for active ingredients and add water yourself while you are showering.
  8. After all, environmentally friendly shampoo brands are completely transparent† How else could you be sure they do what they say?

What is the best eco-friendly shampoo?

What is the best eco-friendly shampoo? It should be clear by now that this is in any case a bar (soap) form. If you want to buy an environmentally friendly shampoo, make a choice from the Flow range for a guaranteed sustainable and effective variant. Also read “How to choose the right shampoo bar?” to find out which bar suits your hair best.

Now it's your turn...

No shampoo is environmentally friendly if you as a consumer forget a few important things when buying a natural and organic shampoo:

  • Only buy what you need!
  • Once you've found the right eco-friendly hair products for your hair type, buy more than one product at a time. Saving on transport is sustainable.
  • Make sure to use the entire product. If it is no longer suitable for your hair, give it away to someone else who can still use it.
  • Recycle the packaging; dispose of glass and old paper in the appropriate waste.
  • If you have found your favorite and best eco-friendly shampoo, share it with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Direct them directly to our greenbeauty shopThe more people choose to use an environmentally friendly shampoo, the kinder to the environment ;)

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