Natural Conditioners

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      The next level of natural conditioners

      At Flow Cosmetics we pride ourselves on producing zero waste, natural, vegan and biodegradable conditioners. We think it's time for a new generation natural conditioners. Conditioner bar Hemp en Hair Mask & Conditioner Coconut Milk do not contain silicones or quats but effectively detangle hair, give hair shine and vitality and make it as smooth as professional hair products. These products contain only truly natural ingredients that meet the requirements of the Cosmos certificate.

      The pure, nutritious and nourishing ingredients, such as Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil and Argan oil contained in our products guarantee that your hair will look fabulous!

      Conditioner without silicone, what makes the hair smooth?

      To When we started developing our new hair care range, silicone-free conditioner was high on the list. It took a while for Flow Cosmetics to have one natural conditioner that could meet our high quality standards. For example, quaternary ammonium compounds or silicone are often used in the formulas to produce conditioners. It effectively detangles the hair, but these substances end up in the sewer and are bad for the environment. 

      We were the first company in Europe to have a complete natural conditioner formula has produced. Our new, plant-based and Cosmos certified ingredients make it possible to use one conditioner without silicone and produce harmful ingredients

      When you start using our natural hair care products, you will find that you can get even better results than before.

      Natural conditioners as part of your hair care routine

      The purpose of the conditioner, as the name implies, is to treat and care for hair. In addition, it reduces the fragility of the hair and protects your hair against external influences. Conditioning is also a process that helps keep your hair hydrated, leaving it smooth, soft and frizz-free. 

      BWhen using natural hair care products, you get the best results when you use the shampoo bar en nourishing product used together. The conditioner is a good product after shampooing. From time to time, the hair can be washed and treated with just the conditioner instead of shampoo. When using a conditioner, it's good to keep in mind that both under-treated and over-treated hair doesn't look good and can't do it right. The conditioner should not be applied to the base of the hair, but only to the ends and, if necessary, to the lengths. 

      Our conditioners contain a high concentration of nourishing ingredients that are good for the hair. If you have fine and thin hair that needs some natural volume, we recommend using instead conditioner without silicone de natural hair rinses to watch.