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Say yes for natural hair care

De natural hair care Flow Cosmetics is environmentally friendly, vegan, plastic-free and suitable for all ages. As you may know, we are hand in hand with nature. We only choose ingredients that are sincerely pure, organic, grown in the wild or ecocert certified. Our collection contains nine organic shampoos shaped like a shampoo bar, two natural hair rinses and two natural conditioners - everything made to care for you in the most natural way provide optimal care for hair and scalp.
If you are looking for organic, natural - and preferably eco-friendly shampoos for washing your hair, Flow Cosmetics products are the right choice. With this vegetable, organic shampoos and conditioners you get a lot of texture in your hair and you do not necessarily need separate styling products. The packaging of the shampoo and conditioner bars are also environmentally friendly. They are made from compostable cardboard. You do not create new plastic waste with the use of these products.
De natural hair care by Flow Cosmetics is designed for every hair type. There are organic shampoos for example for curly hair, for fine and thin hair, for dyed hair, for blond, brunette or red hair, greasy hair as well vfor sensitive or problematic scalp. There is also a natural shampoo against hair loss.
For an extra treatment for your hair type, you should try our hair rinses. They offer particular benefits, especially for the problematic scalp and for fine and thin hair. Our conditioners are suitable for all hair types and their nourishing and detangling properties add a healthy and natural shine. 
If you want to add extra hydration and vitamins to your dry ends, the organic one is shea butter of argan oil a good choice.

Organic shampoo and what it means

Our solution for the organic shampoo is a block shape. We have managed to fill this small block with organic and wild-grown ingredients, without any preservatives. Our shampoos are cold produced. This keeps the active ingredients such as the added herbs, berries, clays and salts are optimally preserved. This means that every time you wash your hair you rub these precious organic and natural superfoods directly on your scalp. They are superfoods that your hair and scalp will love! The block shape is also a more sustainable and economical way to care for your hair, because a shampoo bar lasts about four times longer than liquid shampoo. 

Her needs to get used to natural hair care

When you start using natural hair products, your body needs time to wean the synthetic products. It is therefore a good sign if your hair is slightly fatter in the beginning. Your scalp produces this sebum to restore normal balance. After a few uses, your hair should be used to natural hair care. Your hair feels thicker, shinier and needs fewer washes per week. 
Using the right products for your needs and hair type will give your hair its natural look and more natural volume. It is also no longer dependent on styling products.
De natural hair care from Flow Cosmetics is handmade in Finland.