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Fair natural make-up with the benefits of skin care.
Expect high-performance formulas with antioxidant-rich Arctic berries
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Scrub soap - Goodio Cacao

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We are transparent and proud of the ingredients we use. But also about our production process. Each product is designed and made under one roof, our own factory in Finland

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Zero Plastic Inside

All our product formulas are made without microplastics. We only use safe natural ingredients that are harmless to nature, fauna, flora, aquatic life and us



We understand that we have a responsibility. When choosing packaging materials, we take into account that it is consciously produced and can be easily recycled

Recyclable Packaging

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Facial oils

Read which natural facial oil suits your skin?

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As sustainable as possible

At Flow Cosmetics we believe we have a responsibility - to the planet, to our customers and to ourselves. Our values ​​are based on holistic and effective beauty, sustainability and preserving the beauty of nature.

Sustainable Cosmetics