At Flow we like to do things differently

It is our philosophy that of course the best. We do not believe in unnecessary chemicals, but rather focus on organic and skin-friendly formulations that meet the unique needs of your body.
Truly Natural Make-up

KORENTO From Flow Cosmetics

The new

Flow Cosmetics

Truly Natural
Complete and nourishing shampoo

.. in a solid form, rich in beautiful organic and natural ingredients


We strive to make the products as natural as possible and at the same time ensure that they actually work.

Korento Natural makeup
From Flow cosmetics
Can natural makeup both work and not be synthetic?

In our opinion it is possible
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Conditioner bar - Ecocert
Truly Natural
Conditioner bar
It is time for a new generation of natural conditioners! Flow introduces new silicone and quat-free formulas that effectively detangle the hair and make it as smooth as professional hair products.
Natural Conditioner bar

Our mindset

As sustainable as possible

We choose the packaging materials carefully, so that they are as environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible. We use a lot of cardboard, metal and glass, which are easy to recycle.