Wrinkle treatment without botox with this targeted routine

Wrinkle treatment without botox

By wrinkle treatment without botox, we mean remove wrinkles naturally. Understandably, some turn to expensive medical treatments to remove wrinkles and smooth the skin. However, this mainly helps in the short term. Especially if you do not combine treatments with high-quality and targeted treatments facial products en natural makeup.

Flow Cosmetics wrinkle treatment has been developed in collaboration with our organic skin professionals. Every step of the routine has been carefully considered. In combination as described below, they support each other's properties and meet the goal of anti-aging. Welcome age confidence with a wrinkle treatment without botox!

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Wrinkle treatment without botox

Step 1: a wrinkle treatment starts with a nourishing cleansing

The first step of an anti-wrinkle treatment is a gentle but effective one natural facial cleanser. If you cleanse the skin with products that are too strong, your skin will be damaged. Aging skin loves rich and nourishing products, such as Balm to Milk Cleanser. This cleanser has a moisturizing, soothing effect and washes your skin thoroughly - without disrupting its natural balance. Balm to Milk is as soft as a Oil cleansing method (OCM).

Step 2: use an hhydrating gvision fog

Facial mist should not be missing from your wrinkle treatment. Why? A face toner is a product that balances the pH value of your skin and is also a first step in hydration. Facial spray such as rose water treats the skin with antioxidants and provides the skin with extra moisture that is crucial against skin aging. looking for a miracle cure for wrinkles in a wrinkle treatment without botox? Then definitely choose Roos. Use the rose water facial spray twice a day, in the morning and evening routine.

Step 3: peeling for smoother skin

You don't have to use a peel every day. But a peeling with AHA and BHA once or twice a week ensures smoother skin. Our AHA and BHA exfoliating serum with alicylic acid and fruit acids softens wrinkles and restores skin cells. In addition, a natural facial peeling improves the skin absorption of other products. You can also apply the product locally, for example wrinkles on the upper lip. Although this product is effective in wrinkle treatment without Botox, it is better not to use it with extremely dry skin, during pregnancy or with clown eczema.

wrinkles under eyes

Step 4: wrinkle treatment for your eyes

The area around the eyes is thinner than other parts of the skin. That's why you ask wrinkles under eyes special attention. Natural eye cream Green Tea & Peptide brightens, softens and hydrates the skin around the eyes. This product promotes skin renewal and is therefore effective against signs of aging. Use twice a day in the morning and evening routine.

Step 5: Extra hydration and protection

Using a serum is not an absolute must in your beauty routine. But it can provide many benefits that promote the vitality of the skin. Hyaluron & Probiotics Balances the skin and improves skin texture. In addition, this serum can regulate moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. Use twice a day in the morning and evening routine. 

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Step 6: Boost and skin renewal with Retinol Cream

This step gives a huge boost to your skin; the use of retinol cream. This contains an exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients. For protection against harmful external influences such as slowing down skin aging. Retinol cream RetinLift slows down the breakdown of naturally occurring retinoic acid in the skin. This gives you all the positive effects of vitamin A, without the usual side effects of retinol products. This retinol product does not make your skin sensitive to UV rays! Use twice a day in the morning and evening routine.

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RetinLift 3-in-1

Step 7: Lock miracle remedies into the skin with facial oil

We recommend after using retinol serum a facial oil against wrinkles to apply. This provides several advantages. Facial oils provide occlusion, in other words, they help lock in the moisture that is already present in the skin. For a radiant, full and refreshed appearance. They provide the skin with essential nutrients such as fatty acids, which help it retain moisture and protect itself from the environment. Oils easily pass through the lipid layers of the skin, preventing moisture loss and providing an immediate plumping effect. A good choice in a wrinkle treatment Arctic Beauty Oil. If you also suffer from redness in your face, either Rosacea, then it is best to choose rosehip oil.

If you suffer from very dry skin, Flow's argan oil against wrinkles a good choice.

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