Natural Face Oil


      Natural facial oil for demanding needs

      The natural facial oil from Flow Cosmetics has been developed for even the most demanding skincare needs. High-quality natural raw materials guarantee that our oils are effective and bring the desired results. Our selection contains different types of oils so that it is possible to meet the needs of the different skin types. 

      Each oil for the face is quickly absorbed by the skin, contains no ingredients that clog the skin, is completely organic, vegan and packed in a recyclable packaging. 

      Lingonberry Bright - oil against pigment spots is suitable for dry, combined or for aging skin. Of course, this oil has a beneficial effect pigmentation spots. Active substances in Lingonberry Bright treat the skin's surface and help reduce hyperpigmentation. Regular and long-term use helps with it remove pigment spots.

      Lingonberry Bright reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin. Arctic Beauty Ohl is a vitamin-rich power pack for the needs of dry and aging skin. The soft oil serum makes the skin more elastic thanks to its precious raw materials. 

      Dry Oil Detox has been specially developed for oily and impure skin, but also for people with acne. This light facial oil suppresses inflammation, cleanses the skin and prevents the formation of impurities.

      clemency Rosehip oil  en Argan oil are, despite their simplicity, extremely effective. They are suitable for the needs of every skin type and even the most sensitive allergic skin. Rosehip oil is especially effective for skin problems due to its exceptionally high vitamin A content. Argan oil is a multifunctional castor oil that is suitable for almost everything: it is a perfect one oil for the face, for removing make-up, and for the care of cuticles and dry hair.

      I really can oil on my face use? 

      Yes. Don't be afraid that oil makes your skin excessively oily. The natural facial oils can, just like face creams & serums, be used in skincare. They nourish the skin with caring ingredients and vitamins that are absorbed deep into the outer layer of the skin. The facial oil effectively moisturizes, nourishes the skin and strengthens its natural protection. It retains moisture in the skin throughout the day and protects it from harsh conditions, stress and UV rays. Pure natural facial oil supports the self-healing capacity of the skin, without clogging it. watch here Which natural facial oil suits your skin?

      Bring the nnatural facial oil immediately after cleansing on the face while the skin is still damp. That's when it is best absorbed. After the oil, apply one moisturizer or serum on the face to achieve even better results. 

      Use only a few drops of oil in the morning. This keeps the shine to a minimum. In the evening, the oil can be used more as it has time to be absorbed at night. Remember that an oil's effectiveness depends on the active ingredients, not the amount.

      Did you know that with the oil cleansing method Can you also use facial oil to thoroughly cleanse your face?

      Natural facial oil for oily skin

      Oily skin is caused by overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Because oily skin contains a lot of sebum, problems also often occur in the form of clogged pores. This in turn leads to blackheads and pimples. The idea that you should not put oil on oily skin is not true. Well-selected natural ingredients can actually promote skin condition. For example, the composition of jojoba oil is closest to the composition of sebum. It means that the jojoba in one acne product the overactive sebum production helps soothe and balance and thus help control the oiliness of the skin and the formation of impurities.

      View ours natural facial oil selection and choose the right oil for you.