Toner face; how do you use a face toner for the best results?

Toner face

A facial toner is a skin care product that is usually used after a cleanser. In general, we see it as a means that helps restore the pH balance of your skin and reduces the size of pores. It can also prepare the skin for the next steps in your skin care routine. This is all true, but a face toner is actually much more than that!

A face toner, or a facial toner, can significantly improve the moisture balance of your skin.

In addition, a good face toner supplies small active substances to the skin. What is a facial toner, and how do you use it to get the most out of it? Take a quick look at everything for fresh, balanced and smooth skin with a face toner! In this blog you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is a facial toner?
  • What does a toner do to your face?
  • How do you use a face toner? (morning and evening)
  • You can use a toner for these skin problems!
face toner

What exactly is a facial toner?

What is a toner? Toner face, face toner, tonic, facial spray and facial mist: different names that often refer to the same skin care product. A quality toner has the superpower of preparing the skin for nutrients in serums, creams and oils. In other words, this allows the active ingredients in your other beauty products to do their work better. This improves your skin condition, for both the short and long term and regardless of your skin type.

But did you know that a face toner is also suitable for treating various skin problems? By eczema face until use with a acne treatment at home. How?

A toner is the first product you apply after cleansing the skin. That is why the ingredients in a face toner have a major influence on the condition of the skin.

An example: you suffer from oily skin due to excessive sebum production. Research shows that lavender balances sebum production and thus reduces shiny, oily skin. Spray lavender spray as a toner on your face. This gives your skin pure components with which the condition of the skin can immediately start recovery. You simply let nature do its work itself.

What is a toner

It's good to know that you can only achieve these benefits with a high-quality facial toner. Like with ours for example rose water toner. The price-quality ratio between the different face toners can differ enormously. So always check the product's inci list to see exactly which ingredients it contains. Toners and tonics (two terms often used interchangeably) often contain alcohol. This is not recommended. Especially not for dry, sensitive skin and certainly not for... extremely dry skin.

What does a toner do for your face?

In the previous heading “what is a toner”, we explained its simple meaning and use. But a good toner can do much more than that! When a facial toner is made from high-quality ingredients, such as distilled floral water, antibacterial components or skin-firming probiotics - it can provide more effect:

  • High-quality facial sprays are rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances. They strengthen the skin cells and ensure the production of skin tissue.
  • They provide (antioxidant) protection and help rremove wrinkles naturally.
  • Face mist with probiotics can improve cellular barrier function. This means your skin is better protected against harmful external influences.

How do you use a face toner correctly?

A face toner is often used as a finishing touch for facial cleansing. You apply the product to the face and then wipe it off with a cotton pad. That also works. But this way you won't get all the great benefits that a natural toner can have for your face. We show you a new way!

How to use a face toner

Use a facial toner for extra skin care and hydration. Results guaranteed!

This is how you use a face toner for your face in the morning

On the question; how do you use a face toner, there are different answers. After reading the beauty routine below, you will know the best way.

1. Know your skin's needs.
It is important to know what your skin needs. This depends on your skin type and skin condition. Also read: what skin type do I have, to find out exactly. If you have normal or sensitive skin without impurities and inflammation, you do not need to wash your skin in the morning. This is also not recommended for a dry or atopic skin.

2. Choose the right toner that suits your skin type.
Start your routine with floral water toner - Rose water, chamomile water and lavender water, depending on your skin type. The flow range contains three different facial sprays and these are suitable for the needs of different skin types. After choosing the face toner, spray it on the face, neck and décolleté. Then pat gently so that the product is absorbed more deeply. Need even more moisture in your skin? Then feel free to repeat.

3. Facial care.
After a facial toner, use your favorite care product. Popular products in our range are the hyaluronic acid serum and retinol cream.

4. Lock moisture into the skin.
100% water-based products can evaporate from the skin. That is why we recommend using a facial oil at the end of your beauty ritual. This allows you to get the most out of a toner and your other care products. We have a suitable one for every skin type natural facial oil.

5. Makeup after a toner.
Finally, if you use makeup, let the products sit for about five to ten minutes before applying any makeup natural foundation applies.

This is how you use a face toner for your face in the evening

Where you use a face toner in the morning to clean your skin, you use it in the evening after a cleanser.

1. Effective but gentle cleaning.
Apply a small amount of natural facial cleanser to your face. Do this in circular motions. Rub gently and slowly over the entire face and then rinse. You can also use an organic muslin cloth for this. 

2. Spray the face toner on the face, neck and décolleté.
Pat gently to ensure deeper absorption of the product.

3. Choose a serum that suits your skin type.
When you are one peeling face used, then this is the time to apply it to your skin.

4. Complete your routine with a facial oil.
Just like in the morning, use a facial oil to lock the skin with valuable substances. High-quality facial oils contain many active ingredients, such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Real superfoods for the skin!

rose water toner

You can use a toner for these skin problems

Using a high-quality facial toner provides benefits for every skin type. Below you will find a few skin types and skin conditions that may benefit from using a facial mist.

  • (Very) dry skin. A toner increases the moisture content of the skin and reduces dryness. Facial toner in the form of our facial spray is one of the best natural products for dry skin.
  • Clown Eczema. This is a skin condition that causes pimples and redness around the mouth. Chamomile toner can soothe this skin condition and help restore the natural protective mechanism. View a complete treatment for this here perioral dermatitis.
  • For impurities or acne. A toner, such as our lavender spray, helps purify the skin and balance sebum production. Use this together with the best products for acne.
  • Fat skin. You may not expect it, but there is a possibility that problems with a fat skin are because the skin is dehydrated. Symptoms of dry skin are often caused by excessive cleansing and the lack of proper hydration. Exactly for the same reasons, oily skin can be sensitive, causing pimples and pimples to develop more quickly. A good toner can also provide a solution for this skin problem.
  • Against pigment spots. You may be wondering what facial toner contains remove pigmentation spots has to do with? Well, when you want to soften skin pigmentation, your skin needs to be renewed. A use peeling, is a good way to do this. You can achieve this by regularly using a facial peeling, such as an Aha & Bha peeling serum or fruit acid peeling. When your skin renews, it needs extra moisture.
  • A toner face as anti-aging. The older the skin, the drier it becomes and the greater the need for hydration and nutrients. Even when you do it best retinol serum with the best hyaluronic acid serum combination, your skin may still be dehydrated. And this causes premature skin aging and wrinkles. Our rose water toner facial spray is a product which really helps against wrinkles!

Is a toner good for the skin? So yes! Try our facial sprays as face toners yourself and discover the positive benefits for your skin.


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