About us


We make cosmetic products from the best and purest ingredients in the world

Our main active ingredients are wild berries and herbs from Finland. These are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and simply robust Scandinavian energy.

Flow Cosmetics

Why are products from the far north so special?

Our plants have a high content of protective nutrients that the plants store during the short Finnish summer. During the summer the sun shines day and night. The plants need this to be able to withstand the cold, harsh winters. During the winter, the plants disappear under a thick layer of snow and ice. It then takes months for the plants to see the sun again. The intensive summers provide an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and natural preservatives in the plants.

 We are proud of Finnish nature

Nature is something that we in Finland are proud of, it is an important part of our national identity. Finland has the world's cleanest nature with blue lakes, rivers, beautiful forests and pristine wilderness. This unique northern energy can be found in our products that take care of you at all levels: skin, mind and holistic well-being - just like nature.

 We believe in purity and rays from within

All our products are made from a positive energy. We want to help you to feel strong and powerful. Flow products contain high quality essential oils and crystals to help you with this. We want to do just that little bit more than make the best cosmetic products. You feel the therapeutic effect in your body and mind.
These values ​​are important to us. With this we make cosmetic products that are always Natural, Effective and Honest. 

Always Natural. Always Effective. Always Honest

We only choose ingredients that are organic, wild grown or ecocert certified. Our brand is all about skin loving, genuinely natural and sustainable cosmetics. We believe that high-quality products can only be made with good ingredients. If you're aiming for heavenly products, the best ingredients are worth investing in. Each product contains a beautiful combination of organically grown ingredients, along with wild-grown botanicals
We feel good with natural, effective and honest beauty products. We do not compromise on effectiveness, therefore our formulations are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. We are proud that our products are all produced in our own factory in Finland, according to a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We also develop our own recipes in this factory. As a result, the entire process, from idea to transport, is done in-house. The products are produced in small quantities, which means that we keep just enough stock. We do this to always send you fresh products.

How we started

Indie Beauty Brand Flow CosmeticsSometimes a single idea can change your entire life. It was the same for Riitta Jänkälä, founder of Flow. One morning in March 2003, she wondered why on earth she smeared chemicals on her own and her children's skin. Why could cosmetics not be clean?
At the time, Riitta worked as a hairdresser. She was frustrated by the amount of chemicals she encountered every day. In her salon she worked with various well-known cosmetic brands, but they started to dislike her more and more. At that time she started working on skin and hair care products based on edible ingredients. 
Since 2004, Riitta products have been sold under our brand name
Flow Cosmetics. The beautiful natural Finnish ingredients still form the basis for these products. Flow is an independent beauty brand (Indie Beauty Brand) with passion, professional knowledge and great respect for nature.



We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do