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Natural face care is our passion

If real natural face care you care about, you will fall in love with the products of Flow Cosmetics. 

We are proud of all our products, but ourse skin care has a special place in our hearts. Really pure skincare requires really pure ingredients. That is why we choose the best ingredients such as vitamin-rich berries and the purest Scandinavian superfoods that all grow in Finland under the endless summer sun. These superfoods are mixed together with pure organic vegetable oils, such as organic argan oil, castor oil or rosehip oil. Our skincare line is so pure that in many cases we can call it almost entirely organic. We choose our raw materials carefully and only accept organic, wild grown and ecocert certified ingredients. 

We follow trends and de organic facial care from Flow Cosmetics combines valuable organic plant ingredients with met the latest natural innovations. An example of this is hyaluronic acid. This natural probiotic maintains the skin's microbial balance and moisturizes the skin like no other ingredient. Activated charcoal is also a wonderful vegetable ingredient that gives the skin a deep cleansing in a natural way. Due to the proven effectiveness, our products are also suitable for professional use.

All of our nourishing and nourishing facial products are made on an oil base. Our natural face care is pure and not mixed with unnecessary extras. You don't pay for added water or diluted products, just the purest formulas that make your skin glow.

Organic facial care for every skin type

Our selection of organic facial care has products for every skin type. With the pure ingredients, there is something to care for, restore or cleanse every skin. Whether you have dry, oily or mature skin, or perhaps you suffer from acne or eczema: there is a product for every need.

We've made it easy to get the right one products for your skin type by dividing the products into three different lines. The pink product line for dry and sensitive skin, the white product line for normal / dry skin and the green product line for oily and combination skin

What does your skin need now?

For natural face care there is not one right choice. You can also combine products from different lines, because few of us have only one skin type. The skin's condition is affected by many things such as the season, hormonal activity and nutrition. So it is quite possible that you need different types of facial products during the summer and winter season.

We recommend that you read the product information carefully before choosing a product. When you choose a product for your needs, nothing can go wrong. 

Organic facial care is the best way to take care of your skin. Have you ever thought there make-up  could be that has the same characteristics? Indeed, we mean skin care makeup like moisturizing tinted serum foundations and antioxidant-rich Cream Foundations - made with the natural pigments.