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Aromatherapy is the heart of our products

Are you already familiar with the holistic benefits that essential oil can have for body and soul? Aromatherapy is a movement within herbal medicine based on the use of essential oil from herbs, flowers and other parts of plants.

Aromatherapy is an age-old valuable way to improve your well-being. With essential oils you use all the benefits of the plant in a concentrated variant. With aromatherapy you help your body and mind work harmoniously.

The essential oils from Flow are of the highest quality, they are 100% organic and undiluted. Each of the essential oils has been specifically chosen for its aromatherapeutic and nurturing effects.

The founder of Flow, Riitta, has done a lot of research into aromatherapy. Essential products are therefore frequently used in the products.

Essential oil or essential oil

Essential oil and essential oil are both used as a term for aromatherapy, they are synonymous and therefore mean the same thing. The essential oil is filtered from the rest of the plant through steam distillation. This leaves the best concentrate for our aromatherapy products. Our flower waters, of chamomile, roses and lavender, are also distilled in this way. The remaining flour water is used in our facial care products.

Every plant has its own unique characteristics. These powerful oils are bottled in a small bottle. Are you using aromatherapy for the first time? Then handle this wisely. Read the product descriptions on our product pages before use.

The well-known duo: tea tree oil and lavender oil

Two of the best known and most commonly used essential oils in skin care are lavender oil and tea tree oil. These are therefore two good types of oil to start with when you are not yet familiar with aromatherapy.

Our tea tree oil is 100% pure, and can also be used diluted with a base oil. Tea tree oil is the first aid for many ailments, such as colds, fungal infections, athlete's foot, infected cuts, dandruff, cold sores, warts and spots. Because of these countless uses of this oil, it is also called "first aid oil".

Lavender oil has a sweet and calming scent but also has many special effects. Lavender oil reduces pain, relaxes, calms, helps to sleep, strengthens the heart, blood pressure and reduces headache, itching, and infections. It also helps with cooling burns. In low concentrations, lavender oil is suitable for children from 3 years. So take a good look at how you use these essential oils. Always read our product descriptions in the aromatherapy category before use.