Red cheeks: why does it happen and what can you do about it? (Rosacea cheeks)

Red cheeks

Red cheeks and a healthy blush don't look bad on anyone in our opinion :). These can be caused by various factors. For example, it is very normal for our face to turn red when it is hot or cold. Or that you blush in an exciting situation or when you become shy. Fortunately, this is temporary and the redness disappears immediately. This is different with chronic redness in the face, such as: Rosacea cheeks. This red cheek condition can be very annoying. You can read more about this later.

Do you want to get rid of your red cheeks quickly and naturally? In this blog you can read more about:

  • Red cheeks cause
  • Red cheeks, high blood pressure, aging, pregnancy, illness, medication or allergy
  • Rosacea cheeks
  • What can you do about red cheeks?
  • Camouflage red cheeks

Red cheeks cause

Red cheeks cause

Before treatment it is first of all important red cheeks cause to find out. If you suffer from a red cheek condition, such as rosacea cheeks, scroll further for more information. If you may suffer from red cheeks due to rosacea, look further for more information about rosacea cheeks. Or maybe a red face is triggered by other factors? Below you can read the most common causes of red cheeks.

1. Red cheeks high blood pressure

Red cheeks due to high blood pressure is a common cause, also called hypertension. Do you suffer from a red head or red spots on your face? Then it is certainly wise to visit the doctor. This can check whether your red cheeks are caused by high blood pressure

Red cheeks due to high blood pressure often cause other complaints in addition to redness in the face. Such as nosebleeds, heavy sweating and palpitations. It is good to know that high blood pressure is caused by an underlying problem such as an illness. Other causes are the (excessive) use of alcohol, hormones or the use of certain medications.

2. Red face due to aging

The most common consequence of aging is wrinkles. But did you know that red skin on the face also worsens as we get older? In women, menopause is often the culprit. This special period not only provides... dry skin face. The skin is also more sensitive and can therefore turn red more quickly.

To prevent rosacea cheeks in older skin, it is best to choose mild cosmetics. Care products that mainly contain high-quality, effective ingredients. Without harmful substances that can provoke unwanted reactions. Also take a look at our range natural anti-aging products.

3. Red cheeks due to external factors

In addition to red cheeks due to high blood pressure, medication, aging or allergies, external factors can also be a cause. For example, due to temperature differences. This is because the blood vessels in your face constrict when it's cold, causing congestion. This reaction is also called vasoconstriction and causes the red skin on your face. Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, resulting in a heated and red face. Other external factors include spicy food or stress. With rosacea cheeks, these external factors can have a greater influence and the redness lasts longer.

4. Red cheeks (early) pregnancy

During pregnancy, the amount of blood in the skin increases. This ensures increased blood circulation. For some people it remains a healthy blush, while others suffer from small red burst vessels on the face. This can cause this skin to become red, especially on the cheek area.

Treat your skin extra carefully during this period and try to avoid friction as much as possible. Instead of a chemical one peeling face, add Lingonberry Bright Mask to your treatment once a week. This mild fruit acid peeling is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin and also works remove pigmentation spots (pregnancy mask).

5. Sensitive skin: allergies, rashes or eczema

With sensitive skin, the top layer is very vulnerable. A red cheek condition is primarily caused by a weakened skin barrier. This protective layer ensures that your skin is resistant to external influences.

For example, if you use too aggressive or synthetic care products, an alarm signal is created in the form of inflammatory mediators. These can then trigger an allergic reaction that causes vasodilation or swelling of the blood vessels. Resulting in annoying redness and rash.

In this case it absolutely applies: less is more. Only use mild and soothing products in your beauty products. The simpler the composition, the better.

A disrupted skin barrier can also trigger eczema more quickly. Do you suffer from red facial skin with flakes and/or itching? Then read the best tips here eczema face.

6. Red cheeks due to skin problems such as acne

The skin can also become red due to acne. It is quite possible for small pimples to develop on rosacea cheeks. But this is different from when you really suffer from acne with pimples and blackheads. It is important to distinguish between these two different skin problems. Oily, acne-prone skin requires different treatment and care products than rosacea skin. You can read more about one here natural acne products.

Whatever the cause of your red cheek condition, improvement is certainly possible with the right treatment!

Rosacea cheeks

Rosecea cheeks are the result of a skin condition that is common, especially as you get older. The facial skin turns red when you do not make an effort or experience intense emotions. These are also called flushes or flare-ups and can last for hours or sometimes even be permanent. Rosacea cheeks are characterized by a bright red color and the skin may feel stinging or burning. Very small vessels often become visible and sometimes the skin also becomes slightly thicker. You can also recognize roseacea cheeks by red bumps and pores that are more visible.

What can you do about a red face and cheeks caused by rosacea - is there anything that helps? Although rosacea cheeks can almost never be completely cured, you can treat them well with the right natural remedies!

rosacea cheeks

Above you see a customer experience with a red face and rosacea cheeks. You can read below how the results in the after photo were achieved.

PS; aging skin? You might also find this interesting: remove wrinkles naturally.

What can you do about rosacea cheeks?

Treat Rosacea Naturally, is the best advice we can give here. You do this with products that soothe, hydrate and strengthen the skin's protective mechanisms. Products that are too strong cause the skin to lose balance, become thinner and therefore less resistant to skin conditions.

Mild cleansing
It is best to clean rosacea cheeks only in the evening before going to sleep with a mild and natural facial cleanser. Like with Flow Balm to Milk cleanser. Use in the morning or in between rose water facial spray. This is the absolute must-have against rosacea cheeks! Facial spray with rose water is known as an effective remedy against redness. But not only that. Rose water acts as an antioxidant, protects skin cells against collagen breakdown and softens fine wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid serum and rosehip oil
Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum is a deeply moisturizing cream that strengthens the skin's own protective mechanism. Very important for rosacea cheeks. Here you can read why this is the case best hyaluronic acid serum is. You can then use rosehip oil to lock the serum's valuable nutrients into the skin. The oil moisturizes and protects the rosacea cheeks. Also corrects rosehip oil color differences in the face and provides an antioxidant boost.

Camouflage red cheeks

In this case, healing is better than disguising red cheeks. But there are times when you prefer to get rid of them, we understand that!

Camouflage red cheeks

As you have now read, red skin is by definition sensitive skin. Did you know that there is also skin-care make-up that nourishes and protects your skin at the same time? To camouflage red cheeks you want our natural foundation definitely have on hand! We prove that sustainable make up can work just as well without synthetics. It is not without reason that Flow's natural make-up range is also used by professionals.


Do you suffer from red cheeks? View our range especially suitable for you here!

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