Eczema face; the 5 best tips

Eczema face

Atopic skin can cause annoying complaints. Especially with eczema in the face because it is so visible. Suffering from facial eczema? No stress! (That is counterproductive ;-)) After reading this article you will know exactly what to do to calm eczema in your face. We don't just tell you the best eczema face tips, we also show what the most optimal treatment is.

Eczema face tips

Facial eczema causes annoying symptoms such as dry skin, itching, redness and flakes in your face. Eczema can appear anywhere on the face, but is more common on the eyelids and forehead. Seborrhoeic dermatitis mainly occurs around the hairline, eyebrows and next to the nose.

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1. Stay off your face with eczema

In addition to redness and flakes, eczema usually also causes annoying itching in your face. It is therefore very difficult to stay away from it. We understand that very well. It is said that itching is even worse than pain. But it is still important not to scratch your face with eczema. It may temporarily help against the itching, but it can also maintain or even exacerbate the eczema complaints.

2. Protect and moisturize the skin

Especially with care products against eczema applies; less is more. So choose simple, nutritious and organic cosmetics. The fewer ingredients, the better. With an eczema face, it is essential that the skin barrier is restored as quickly as possible. This protects your facial skin against external influences. Moisture, nutrients and protection are the cornerstones of dry atopic skin. Even if playing peeling face a role in a good skin care routine, this is different for atopic skin. This can only aggravate the skin condition. So with eczema you don't have to use a peeling, but treat and protect it.

Did you know that beneficial probiotics are a perfect cosmetic ingredient to improve your natural barrier? That is why this is one of the main ingredients in our probiotic facial spray. Just like in the Award Winning Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum. Among other things, this cream helps to bind moisture in the facial skin for optimal hydration.

3. Avoid aggressive and synthetic products

Many anti-eczema products contain synthetic additives and are too aggressive for the skin. So be careful with this because these can actually aggravate your eczema (in the long term). An eczema skin especially needs rest! Therefore, always choose organic and natural products for atopic skin. This way you can be sure that the eczema is not provoked or aggravated by substances that cause irritation.

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Eczema on face


The most important thing about a natural remedy for eczema is that it is fat. A greasy cream for an eczema face will also be the advice of the doctor. Olive oil is often cited as a natural remedy for eczema. But did you know that hemp seed oil research does this seem to work better? Hemp seed oil contains more essential fatty acids. In addition, it does not clog the pores. Our customers therefore have very good experiences with Flow organic hemp butter in eczema. With hemp oil and a blend of antiseptic essential oils, it helps heal irritated skin, prevent inflammation and relieve itching.

Eczema face cream

4. Natural makeup facial eczema

If you suffer from eczema on your face, it is better not to use make-up such as foundation or powder. This can make the eczema worse. Do you still want to use something to make the red spots in your face less visible? Then we have good news. There is also skin care natural make-up. Actually for every skin type, but especially with facial eczema, harmful substances such as synthetic additives and plastics do not belong in a foundation. These can easily irritate the skin or trigger allergies. With facial eczema, our cream foundation is the safest choice to camouflage the skin. This one best BB cream is infused with antioxidant and vitamin-rich arctic berries so that it optimally cares for and nourishes the skin.

5. Take care of your facial skin, even when the eczema is gone

Most people only start with eczema treatment when it becomes visible in the face or the itching is too bad. We recommend that you continue to take care of the facial skin in the right way between periods of eczema. Because eczema has more of a hold on the skin when your natural protection mechanism is not working optimally. Otherwise you'll be right back to square one. You can see how to best care for facial eczema in the video below (with before and after photos)

And last but not least; with our natural remedies for eczema at least you have the right products in your hands. But healthy skin also comes from within. Therefore, in addition to good skin care, ensure a healthy diet, sufficient water and exercise. In addition, relaxation is also important, stress can quickly aggravate eczema.

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