Shrink large pores and prevent clogged pores - how do you do that? (tips and treatment)

Shrink large pores

Many beauty lovers search the internet for: how can I shrink my pores or how can I get rid of clogged pores? To start with the bad news; whatever is promised by so-called pore minimizers; your skin structure is mainly genetically determined and you cannot simply reduce the size of your pores. But! With the right products and routine you can certainly make them less visible and more importantly - prevent clogged pores by keeping them clean. We will explain to you how and with what best way to do this!

What are clogged pores?

We often find pores to be unsightly things that we prefer to camouflage. But did you know that they are very useful for us? Sebum is spread over the skin through these small holes. And this is important for a good balance and functioning of the skin barrier; a layer that protects us against external influences. For example, it prevents a dry skin face or skin problems such as clown eczema. So we can actually be very happy with our pores.

It only becomes a problem when pores become clogged. For example, due to extra sebum production during hormone fluctuations or when dead skin cells accumulate. This usually happens most quickly in the pores of the nose, chin or cheeks. This then causes blackheads, pimples and pimples. Does this bother you? Then take a look at it here best acne products.

Clogged pores

What is the link between shrinking large pores and clogged pores?

As explained in the beginning, pores cannot suddenly change size. But clogged pores can appear larger due to a build-up of sebum, dirt, dead skin cells or makeup. This is especially common with one fat skin. If this blockage remains longer, the wall of the pore can stretch because it is looking for a way to allow the sebum to come out. So large pores are usually stretched - and almost always - clogged pores. That is why it is so important to keep them clean in a gentle way. Unfortunately, once stretched, they do not shrink that easily. A cream or 'astringent lotion' that promises this actually irritates the skin. This causes the skin to swell and the pores to become (temporarily) less visible.

How can you better reduce large pores? The tips below will go a long way in the fight against clogged pores!

How do you get pores smaller? 5 effective tips!

As you read, you will understand that the best way to shrink pores is to prevent clogged pores. Below you will find the five best tips. Further on you can read about the ideal treatment with natural face care which you can use to effectively make the small holes in your skin less visible. Are you curious about the result? We have also added a before and after photo of this 'pore reduction treatment' further down.

1. Don't skip cleansing

If you want to prevent clogged pores and thus reduce large pores, cleaning is a very important step. So don't skip this one. Do this at least in the evening before going to sleep. You don't have to cleanse your skin twice a day, in the morning is one toner for your face Enough.

2. Exfoliate with AHA and BHA

Stop scrubbing the skin vigorously. It is a myth that this reduces pores, in fact; you're just making it worse. Choose to exfoliate with a leave-on peeling that contains AHA and BHA. Salicylic acid, also called BHA, can penetrate into the skin's oils and deeply cleanse clogged pores. BHA is a miracle product for reducing large pores! The combination with AHA fruit acids is effective against skin aging, among other things.

Our BHA peel contains, among other things, the popular hyaluronic acid. This acid not only contributes to connective tissue and wound healing, hyaluronic acid plays a major role in hydration and volume of the skin! So it is also an ideal product for it remove wrinkles naturally.

3. Ensure firm skin with anti-aging products

As you get older, the production of collagen and elastin decreases. Exactly the factors that keep your skin firm and elastic. When the skin relaxes, pores become more visible. Resilient skin will shrink pores. Exactly what our anti aging products for aging skin!

4. Protect your skin Tegen external factors

To optimally protect your skin, use a cream or serum with a high concentration of antioxidants in combination with sun protection every day. Sun damage weakens the elasticity of your skin, making pores appear larger.

Ours is an absolute must retinol cream. Retin-Lift contains powerful antioxidants from pomegranate, orange and rosehip extract. But also a natural form of Vitamin A. This wonder drug is not only effective against diabetes wrinkles, it also reduces blackheads and helps shrink large pores. And the best part; RetinLift does not make your skin sensitive to UV rays (like other Vitamin A products) and is even suitable for sensitive skin.

5. Make sure your skin routine is in order

Make sure the basics of your skincare are correct. Choose products that respect your skin's natural protective layer and balance sebum production. You can do one twice a week natural face mask try to see if this will shrink your pores. A major advantage of a facial mask is that it allows you to experience the positive effects of the other products skincare routines increases. Our Detox mask works perfectly against clogged pores and is particularly beneficial for oily, impure and acne-prone skin.

Finally, and not unimportantly, take care in addition to your facial care make up without harmful substances. Ingredients such as parabens or synthetic perfume can unnecessarily irritate and even damage your skin.

The ideal treatment against large pores and clogged pores: explained step by step

Clogged nose pores

A 'pore reduction treatment' takes time for visible results. So please be patient :). Real improvement of large pores - not just a temporary improvement by making them less visible - is only possible with effective products. Use this at least consistently for a period of two weeks. If you stick to your beauty routine faithfully, you will definitely see results!

Step 1: Prevent clogged pores through proper cleaning

A natural facial cleanser gently cleanses your pores and delivers nutrients to the skin at the same time.

Regular peeling can help shrink pores. But don't do this too often, two to a maximum of three times a week is sufficient. Our peeling face with AHA and BHA works perfectly against clogged pores.

Step 2: Hydrate with a facial spray

After cleansing your face, ensure optimal hydration with a natural face spray that suits your skin type. There are still many people who do not use facial spray in their skin care routine, which is a shame! A good facial spray makes it complete due to its valuable properties. A quality skincare spray is also rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances. It strengthens the skin cells and ensures the production of skin tissue. This provides (antioxidant) protection and helps improve the barrier function and thus reduce large pores. A facial spray is also perfectly suitable for treating the atopic skin.

Step 3: Even more hydration and nutrients

The next step is extra care for the skin by adding more hydration and nutrients. Choose a natural cream or serum face that best suits your skin needs.

Pore ​​shrinking treatment

Step 4: Finish with a facial oil

The last step is to use natural facial oil. Our high-quality oils provide nutrients, protection and beautiful skin! In addition, oil has the super power to embed the previously applied substances of your cream or serum into the skin. This way they can do their work exactly where it is needed. Do you have oily skin? You can also use a facial oil. Fat attracts fat - and that is why our (dry) Detox oil is a perfect product against clogged pores and for a acne treatment at home.

There are different types of pore minimizers that can make your large pores less noticeable. But be careful with this! As mentioned earlier, these often irritate your skin, causing pores to shrink because the skin swells slightly. Make-up can also make large pores appear smaller because they clog pores. And it is now clear that this is not helpful in the long term. If you want to camouflage pores, choose natural and... non-comedogenic make up

Don't forget that your face is not a walking Instagram filter. It doesn't have to be perfect. Choose the best possible treatment against clogged pores, avoid aggressive products and respect your skin as it is.

Do you have questions about clogged pores or do you want to reduce large pores, but still have no idea how best to start? Please feel free to contact our beauty professionals, we will be happy to help you!

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