Natural Facial Sprays

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      Natural facial sprays in skin care

      Multifunctional, natural facial sprays are simple and effective skincare products that moisturize, refresh and keep your skin looking perfect all day long.

      face mists give your face a beautiful shine and make-up last longer. In our selection you will find three natural, moisturizing and nourishing facial sprays: Antioxidant rich and firming Rose Floral Water Facial Mist, intensively moisturizing and anti-aging Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist and balancing Lavender Floral Water Facial Mist

      face mists of Nourishing facial sprays

      We love the idea that every ingredient in our products is genuinely caring. Our gfacial sprays of toners - as some of us call it - contain very few ingredients, but each of them has been proven to be beneficial for the skin. Our toners are formulated without alcoholso you don't have to worry about drying skin. We select our vegetable raw materials carefully so that our facial sprays not just smell good. They have calming, purifying, firming, moisturizing, in short: caring properties. 

      How do you use our face misses?

      It is no coincidence that flower waters are increasingly popular in facial care. The active components in the plant treat various skin problems and make the skin glow. We've put together the best usage tips for you to get the most out of you nourishing facial spray to get. 

      Your daily skincare routine:

      Spray the product on a cleansed face and décolleté to experience all the moisturizing effects of the spray on your skin. Pat the face with clean hands so that the product is absorbed deeper into the skin. Bring one face cream & serum of facial oil that is suitable for your skin type. 

      As a setting spray for mineral makeup:

      Finish your mineral makeup routine and spray a little face is missing at to enjoy even make-up longer. Apply the spray at arm's length. 

      As a mild perfumeIf you are sensitive to strong odors, you can facial sprays use as a light perfume - it is also safe during pregnancy.

      As a refreshing body spray: 

      Flower water provides a wonderful cooling effect on the skin after a hot day or a long working day. 

      For problematic scalp: 

      Sometimes the scalp flakes from drying out. Nourishing facial sprays can help moisturize the scalp and get rid of flaking.

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