Facial sprays for a better moisture balance

Facial spray

Natural, moisturizing facial sprays improve your skin's moisture balance and skin texture.

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      A hydrating facial spray, also called facial mist, are simple and effective skincare products that hydrate, refresh the skin and ensure that it looks perfect all day long. Despite their great properties, many people do not use facial sprays in their beauty routine. Shame! Moisturizing facial spray makes you natural facial care namely complete. In this way they balance the pH value of the skin after using natural facial cleanser. A quality skincare spray is also rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances. It strengthens the skin cells and ensures the production of skin tissue. This provides (antioxidant) protection and helps improve the barrier function.

      Moisturizing facial spray against dry skin

      Moisturizing facial spray in your beauty routine works on a simple principle. This is called NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). NMF is a group of compounds in the skin that help regulate moisture. They can absorb moisture from the outside and inside to keep the skin in good condition. Ideal for one dry facial skin So. The best way to strengthen NMF in your skin is to use a facial spray. Apply a generous layer of the hydrating or cooling facial spray to your skin. This way you create a moist layer and your skin can absorb much more moisture. Another advantage is that other products are better absorbed, such as a serum face and an natural facial oil.

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      Facial spray with organic ingredients

      Flow's different types of facial spray are formulated with organic and certified natural ingredients. This is because organic raw materials form a good basis for effective and result-oriented beauty products. Face mist from Flow Cosmetics contains only organic steam-distilled floral waters and antibacterial radish root filtration. This gives them a strong moisture-regulating effect. Thanks to few raw materials and an effective effect, the products are suitable for every skin type and skin problem. In addition, they are a strengthening product in a natural way wrinkle treatment.

      Moisturizing facial spray without alcohol

      A moisturizing facial spray should of course not contain drying alcohol. Diluted formulations in a skincare spray, containing questionable substances, also do not provide the same benefit as pure products. We follow these values ​​in our facial care line: from cleansers to... natural face masks. This makes Flow skincare so popular and sought after!

      Did you know: premature skin aging is related to the moisture balance and the PH value of the skin? The skin therefore ages more slowly when it is supported from the outside with the help of cosmetics. Even if you do best retinol serum you always get a better result in combination with a natural facial spray.

      Skincare spray: facial spray per skin type

      Skincare spray is made to support different skin types and skin conditions. Regular use of a high-quality toner face can alleviate certain skin problems. Under which Red cheeks and very dry skin with flakes. Skincare spray, or facial sprays, are also important in the treatment of various skin problems where the aim is to renew the skin. Think of anti-aging treatments or hyperpigmentation. When the skin renews itself, it needs extra moisture. That is why our facial spray is a valuable addition to the treatments remove pigment spots. Every skin is unique and needs good care to shine. Here we briefly introduce our natural facial sprays. This makes it easier to determine which variant best suits your skin type.

      Moisturizing facial spray Rose Floral Water for moisture

      Facial spray Rose Floral Water mist is one of the most popular products in the Flow skincare range. The effectiveness of this product is based on the power of organic rose water. This ingredient has wonderful properties that make your skin feel and look better. Rose water mist helps soothe, purify, hydrate and firm the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, making it suitable for natural skin care for older skin. This cooling facial spray is an indispensable part of facial care for dry skin. But the product is also suitable for demanding, easily irritated rosacea skin. This is because the ideal rosacea products, such as rose water, help reduce redness. 

      Moisturizing facial spray

      Facial spray Chamomila & Probiotics for recovery

      Gentle face mist Chamomila & Probiotics is packed with restorative and skin-friendly properties. Making this product an ideal choice for literally every skin type and especially for the atopic skin. The superpower of this facial spray comes from chamomile and probiotics. They help activate the skin's natural functions. This ensures a stronger barrier function, healing of inflammation and protection against external factors. Very useful in treating clown eczema. This skincare spray also balances the pH value of the skin and ensures a correct moisture balance.

      Tip: Do you have fast-reacting atopic skin? Then use this mist within you skincare routine steps, after oil cleansing. This product can also be helpful in treating various scalp problems, including anti-itching and scalp itching scalp eczema. Although the function of the scalp differs slightly from that of the facial skin, a balanced pH value and healing of inflammation also play an important role here.

      Cooling facial spray

      Cooling facial spray Lavender Floral Water Mist for balance

      Organic Lavender Floral Water facial mist helps soothe, hydrate, balance and reduce excessive sebum production. This cooling facial spray is beneficial for the care of the fat skin and belongs to our collection acne products. Lavender water is rich in active components that have proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Based on these facts, we dare to say too calmly: lavender water has a positive effect on inflamed, impure or combination skin! The purifying power of lavender works best in combination with the right facial care. Fight impurities as much as possible and use a lavender spray in addition to a lavender spray peeling face and us best hyaluron serum.

      Tip: Lavender mist can also be used as a cooling facial spray. Think of the moments when your skin is warm, for example due to inflammation or after too much sun. Store your skincare spray in the refrigerator before use. This strengthens the calming effect on the skin.

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      This is how you use a natural gface spray in your beauty routine

      When you choose a high-quality natural facial spray in your beauty routine, you naturally want to get the most out of it. To do this, follow the following steps:

      1. Start your routine with a facial cleanser and apply it to the face. Then rinse and gently pat your face dry.
      2. Spray the natural facial spray on a clean face, neck and décolleté. Press the product gently onto the face. This way, a facial mist can penetrate the skin even better
      3. Do you suffer from one extremely dry skin face? Or do you have mature skin that quickly becomes dehydrated? Then spray two layers of skincare spray on the face. This will greatly increase the moisture content of your skin. Lines and wrinkles are even more noticeable on dehydrated skin due to the dryness.
      4. After the natural facial spray, apply other care products, such as serum, facial cream and/or facial oil. An oil-based beauty product locks valuable nutrients and moisture from the facial mist into the skin. Always choose a product that suits your skin needs. Such as, for example organic argan oil.

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