Dry skin on the face: why is it and what can you do about it?

Dry skin face

A dry skin face is quite easy to recognize by specific symptoms. Depending on the skin condition, it then feels tight, less elastic and rough. Dry facial skin often looks dull, has chapped spots or small flakes. Also becomes a dry skin often characterized by fine lines (wrinkles). In addition, the skin on your face can also become more itchy or irritated due to dryness. Why does facial dryness occur? And even more important of course; what can you do about it? :)

Dry skin face cause

Before we move on to what you can best do against dry skin on your face, it is important to determine the cause. Because why is my face so dry? We are more likely to suffer from dry skin, especially in winter. Dry facial skin is not just annoying. If this happens for a long time or too much, you can also suffer from skin problems such as infections, eczema, etc extremely dry skin and premature skin aging.

NB; a dry skin type is not necessarily een dehydrated skin. This is a skin problem that may require different treatment.

Dry skin on the face is mainly caused by a disturbed sebum production. This is caused and maintained by various factors. We therefore list the most important (co-)causes of dry skin for your face:

  • The use of too aggressive cleaners or drying soap (choose for care products without parabens and sulphates).
  • Cleaning too often and, or too hot.
  • Synthetic additives or alcohol in facial products (also choose make-up without harmful substances).
  • Vitamin deficiency and/or drinking too little water (or too much alcohol ;-)).
  • The use of synthetic fragrances (choose natural perfume oils based on pure essential oil)
  • External influences such as weather conditions (cold, sun, dry air) or polluted air and blue light.
  • Skin conditions such as eczema face (these mainly cause the appearance of flakes).

Dry skin face man or woman

In general, dry skin on the face for women or men has the same causes. It is true that women suffer from hormonal imbalances slightly more often. This can also cause drier skin, for example in situations such as menopause or pregnancy. In men, shaving the face is a major cause of dry skin. That's why we recommend one organic shaving soap that does not dry out the skin. To get rid of dry skin for good, you benefit most from a treatment with pure natural products. This applies to both men and women.


Can the dry skin on your face recover? Of course!

the best care for dry skin


Organic facial care is the best thing you can do for dry skin

The top layer of a dry skin type often does not work optimally and needs support from products that contain both moisturizing ingredients and fatty acids. Proper (!) organic facial care makes your skin less dry on the one hand. On the other hand, it also provides the best care, hydration and an antioxidant boost. The latter protects against external factors that cause skin problems and premature aging. Mild organic facial care has the superpower that it restores and maintains your natural sebum production. So without disturbing the balance. And because of your own skin fats, your facial skin can retain moisture better. In other words; organic facial care is the best thing you can do for dry skin with long-lasting results!

Dry skin face what to do

less is more

Actually, the treatment of a dry skin face is quite simple. Because this also applies; less is more. To do something about your dry skin, make sure you have a good foundation in any case. This consists of a mild natural cleanser, moisturizing face spray and a moisturizer or serum face.

Which cream is good for dry skin face? (and which ones don't)

Dry skin face cream is the most important part of you skincare routine steps. And even better in combination with a facial oil for dry skin!

Cream against dry facial skin in combination with facial oil

It's best to choose one facial oil dry skin in combination with a nourishing serum. Like in our Arctic Beauty Package! Arctic Beauty Oil is packed with revitalized antioxidants and fatty acids. Hyaluron & Probiotics is one hyaluronic acid serum with probiotics. This balances the skin, makes it noticeably smoother and improves the skin texture. It thereby strengthens the skin barrier - while providing intensive hydration. These two products together are an ideal combination for dry skin!

cream dry skin face

Why shouldn't you use Vaseline on your dry skin face?

A cream that is often recommended for dry skin vaseline. This cream has a good protective effect on your hands. For example when you go out into the cold. But Vaseline should not be used on your face. Why is that? Although cream has a protective and soothing effect, it also has an occlusive effect. This means that it lays a layer on the skin and therefore also closes the pores. This disrupts sebum production. And that then works impurities such as pimples, pimples and blackheads faster. Vaseline is then better to use as a protective agent for dehydrated skin. Nevertheless, long-term use of Vaseline can cause natural skin processes to run less smoothly in the long term.

Wondering how exactly to use the best natural products for a dry skin face? Check out the best treatment for dry skin. The ideal care routine for a dry skin face is described step by step. This way you will get rid of your dry facial skin for good in no time!

More tips for dry skin?

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