Extremely dry skin and step by step treatment

treat very dry skin

Do you suffer from very dry skin? You can quickly recognize these by symptoms such as itching, flakes, a tight feeling and red spots. Another characteristic of dry facial skin is that fine lines and wrinkles to arise. Does this sound familiar? Then you are probably looking for something that will tackle dry facial skin forever. Let us help you further! We will tell you what the best treatment is against diabetes dry skin face. Choose the best natural face care for lasting results! 

If you have extremely dry skin, you've probably wondered: I have eczema on my facet? The big difference between dry skin and eczema is the presence of inflammation. In eczema, the skin barrier does not work properly, resulting in moisture loss from the skin and disruptions in the upper layer of the skin. If your skin is red, itchy and flaky, it's probably more than just dry skin and you probably have eczema. Despite eczema is not contagious is, This skin condition may require medical consultation.

The treatment that helps with extremely dry skin

From an extreme forever dry skin off? Below is the ideal one skincare routines for (very) dry skin, explained step by step.

  1. For a good start, start with a gentle natural cleanser. A cleansing product with mild ingredients is the most important part of a dry skin treatment.
  2. Before applying a care product, use a moisturizing facial spray.
  3. While the spray is on your face, apply one right away cream for dry skin or Hyaluron & Probiotics serum.
  4. Finally, apply a facial oil. This locks the valuable substances of your products into the skin, so don't skip this step.
  5. In addition, use a mild once a week face mask like Lingonberry Bright.
  6. Last, but certainly not least: use natural makeup that does not dry out the skin. 

Of course we only use the best natural products for dry skin.


Mild & natural cleanser; the most important step in a dry skin treatment

Always use one natural cleanser which is gentle on the skin. Why is that? Because the outer layer and sebum production do not function optimally, your skin becomes dry. Cleaners that work too 'well' can further damage your natural protective layer. However, this layer is indispensable in preventing moisture loss in the skin. In addition, good sebum production provides natural fats that prevent your skin from becoming less dry. As a result, aggressive synthetic cleansers will only dry out your skin more in the long run. Despite the beautiful promises they make.

Dry skin benefits from milk or oil-based cleansing products. It is of course not for nothing that our Balm to Milk cleanser is a bestseller! If you are a fan of soap, you can choose our Honey Milk facial soap. This luxurious facial cleanser is the best soap for dry skin.

Do you think soap dries out the skin? Then read: Is soap good or bad for your skin?

Tip for cleaning in the morning: rose water toner instead of a cleanser. You don't have to cleanse dry skin in the morning. Here's how: at night, a valuable acid mantle is naturally formed on the skin's surface. As we described earlier, this is a natural protector of your skin that works against dehydration. When you wash this away, you also wash away your own protection. A shame, because this will only dry out your skin even more! When you wake up, you better use a refreshing facial spray. Organic Rozen water spray face is the perfect way to start the day ♥

Nourishing and moisturizing facial spray

Naturally nourishing and moisturizing face spray with floral water is a perfect way to improve skin condition. Some see a facial spray only as a refreshing way of cleansing. But actually it is much more than that! A good facial spray is the best basis for your hydration. In addition, a facial spray helps to restore your pH value and to better absorb other care products.

This is how you use a facial spray in your morning routine:

As explained earlier, it is better not to wash your face with a cleanser in the morning. Instead, spray two coats of rose water spray on your face. Gently pat your face so that the nourishing substances absorb even better. Then immediately apply a dry skin cream or serum.

Facial spray against dry skin in the evening routine:

Your facial spray will also come in handy at night. Only here you use the spray immediately after cleaning your face. Then apply a dry skin cream or serum again.

Treating dry skin

Serum & cream good for dry skin

The essence of a dry skin treatment is to help retain moisture. Along with improving its ability to create and maintain an ideal moisture balance. For this, your skin needs help from ingredients that bring moisture into the skin, such as hyaluronic acid or honey.

For example, a good cream for dry skin is one with hyaluronic acid serum and probiotics. These ingredients balance the skin, make it noticeably smoother and improve the skin texture. It thereby strengthens the skin barrier - while providing intensive hydration. Combine this with important fatty acids such as in rosehip oil. The result: a healthy skin barrier and sebum production, as perfect protection against dry skin. You get the most out of this when you apply it after a moisturizing facial mist.

You can also try the Arctic Beauty Cream or Propolis ointment use rescue cream. Nourishing plant oils, intensively caring extracts and moisture-regulating bamboo water make these moisturizers perfect for extremely dry facial skin. 

Does facial oil help with dry skin?

De best natural facial oil for dry skin is Arctic Beauty Oil with, among other things, rosehip oil. Facial oil in itself does not moisturize, the effect is by trapping the good substances in the skin. Facial oil can increase the moisture of a serum face or cream in the skin. This ensures that the valuable ingredients are optimally absorbed.

The most effective way to use a facial oil on dry skin is to gently massage it into the skin. Then finish with light pressing movements. As a result, all the valuable ingredients of the care products you have used for this will penetrate deeper into the skin.

Try our routine for yourself and you'll be amazed at your skin's newfound health and lasting results!


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