Pigment spots? This is how you can remove pigment spots (pigment spots cream)

Remove pigmentation spots from the face

Remove pigment spots? Discover here how to get rid of those typical dark spots on your face. Also called hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, or pregnancy mask.

Pigment spots are a common skin problem. Of course you can opt for treatment in the clinic. This is not only very expensive, this way of removing pigment spots is also unpleasant for your skin. Fortunately, there are milder and biological remedies against it pigmentation spots. All you need is the right treatment with organic products and a little patience. We tell you how and with what!

How can you remove pigment spots on your face?

A cosmetic treatment such as a chemical peel or laser treatment can help remove pigmentation spots. Please pay close attention. Because treating pigment spots in this way damages the skin. And in some cases this can lead to hyperpigmentation. Just like with too intense components in a pigment spots cream

Is it possible to remove pigment spots in your face yourself? Yes! At least, this depends a bit on the type of pigment spots. More on that later. Treating pigment spots yourself works best with superficial pigmentation. You can also read which ingredients help against hyperpigmentation. And which pigment spots cream you can use the best. Organic, 100% natural and nutritious cosmetic products help best against pigment spots. And not only that; synthetic and aggressive cosmetic products can cause skin irritation. And this is precisely a cause of the dark spots in some!

Check out our here complete grooming routine against pigment spots.

Types of pigment spots
There are different types of pigment spots. It involves dark or brown spots on the face. It is a common skin problem under the collective name of 'hyperpigmentation'. So this is different from birthmarks. The pigment lies deeper in the skin and is therefore more difficult to treat. All types of pigment spots are caused by an excessive production of melanin. This is the pigment that determines the color of your skin. This makes a small area of ​​skin slightly darker than the rest.
We can roughly divide pigment spots into the following types:
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A complicated name with a simple explanation. This form of pigmentation is caused by minor damage to the skin. Such as, for example, due to abrasions or acne. Sensitive skin can also cause irritation. This is due to the use of aggressive products such as creams or chemical peels. You can prevent that by using mild natural face care.

Other good news is that these types of pigment spots are often temporary. Although it can sometimes take years before it goes away. Even better news; you can speed up this process considerably with the right treatment.

  • Age Spots (Lentigines Solares). As the name implies, this form usually occurs in the elderly. They are also called sunspots. The cause of this pigment disorder is caused by frequent and prolonged exposure to UV rays. The superficial form (epidermal) can be easily relieved with the right care products.
  • Pregnancy Mask (Melasma). A pregnancy mask is caused by hormonal fluctuations. Such as through pregnancy, contraception or certain medication. Almost always in combination with unprotected sunbathing. Here too, the superficial stains can usually be treated well. Sometimes they disappear on their own.

Lubricate against pigment spots? These are the best natural ingredients!

When lubricating against pigment spots, often mentioned natural remedies are apple cider vinegar and pure Tea Tree oil. Toothpaste would also help. However, this is a myth and we certainly do not recommend it. Toothpaste contains various ingredients that can irritate the skin. These can actually damage your skin and cause pigmentation spots.

Are you looking for a pigment spots cream, serum or oil? Then look out for care products with these mild and natural ingredients.

fruit acids

Especially AHA fruit acids glycolic acid and citric acid are very suitable for a clarifying peeling. Fruit acids from natural sources are part of various plant extracts. They are milder than their synthetic counterparts and this is definitely a big plus! Natural fruit acids do not irritate the skin and, with regular use, give the same professional results as at the beautician

Vitamin C and E

Skin products with vitamins C and E fight free radicals. In other words, they protect the skin against external influences. These antioxidants also help fade pigment spots and make the skin shine again.

Lingonberry (berry)

Lingonberry, preferably grown wild, is not only rich in vitamins. Also has this natural ingredient researched benefits for skin care. Especially as an anti-aging effect and reducing pigment spots.

SPF sun protection

Finally; always use an SPF sun protection when you go into the sun. UV rays are an important cause of hyperpigmentation.

Pigment spots cream

Pigment spots cream

What is the best pigment spot cream? We tell you our secret. The best means for removing pigmentation spots is not a cream. For effective results, use one exfoliating serum together with a oil against pigment spots. Below you will find our perfect combination as 'pigment spots cream'. 

Peeling serum with fruit acids

AHA acids, also known as fruit acids, have been used for centuries for various skin conditions. AHAs effectively exfoliate the skin's surface and stimulate skin renewal. It is one of the most used and researched anti-aging components in skin care. Here you can read more about how to take an AHA & BHA peeling face serum can use.

Remove pigment spots?


Aha & Bha Peeling serum from €21


NB! If you have very sensitive skin, it is better to use other products. Like the soft and illuminating fruit acid peeling Lingonberry Bright.

Facial oil pigment spots

Lingonberry Bright is the best oil against pigment spots. This natural facial oil contains a high amount of wild-growing lingonberry. Regular use of this oil reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation and dark spots or circles. It also provides an elastic, soft skin surface and works against premature aging. And that's a bonus!

Oil against pigment spots


remove pigmentation spots on the face

Products against hyperpigmentation?

View the here Best products for a egale skin.

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