The best organic hair care; products and ingredients

best organic hair care

Also a fan of natural and sustainable products, or do you want to try what the best organic hair care can do for your locks? We will then tell you which products and ingredients should not be missing from your bathroom cabinet and why.

Read on for answers to the following questions:

  • How do you recognize the best organic hair care?
  • Which ingredients are good for your hair - and which are not?
  • Why should you choose organic hair care?
  • What is a good natural shampoo?

How do you recognize the best organic hair care?

General rule of thumb for recognizing the best hair care is; "less is more". In other words, the simpler the INCI (ingredient list) of the hair product, the better.

The best organic hair care consists of a 100% natural and effective composition. But no less important; choose products that suit your hair and scalp. Like a shampoo for curls or special natural shampoo against hair loss. Did you know that using a strong (synthetic) hair product is often the biggest culprit of thinning hair? They damage the skin's natural protective mechanism, causing you to lose hair more quickly. Therefore, always choose a mild composition. Below you can read more about the benefits of the best organic hair care.

Which ingredients are good for your hair? (and which ones aren't)

At Flow Cosmetics we only choose natural and pure ingredients, without synthetic additives. Although the latter can certainly provide good short-term results, they do little good for your hair and scalp in the long term.

These are 7 ingredients that we think absolutely belong in the best organic hair care!

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Beer & oat protein
  • Hemp oil
  • Tea Tree
  • Rhassoul clay
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil

These ingredients represent exactly what Mother Nature can do for your hair and scalp ♥

Organic hair products

1. Apple cider vinegar for your hair and scalp

Apple cider vinegar may not be the first ingredient you think of when treating your hair, but we have deliberately put it at number 1. Not only are the properties ideal for light cleaning, soft hair and a beautiful shine. Apple cider vinegar is also good for the scalp. It restores the pH value, making it perfect against oily or itchy scalp. You can make your own mixture of natural apple cider vinegar with water or it is even easier to choose Flow apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Supplemented with healing herbs, it combines age-old natural wisdom with today's knowledge. Don't worry about the smell of apple cider vinegar; this evaporated immediately after drying.

Read here why and how apple cider vinegar for hair can use.

2. Beer & oat protein for fine & thin hair

Protein from oat powder and organic beer is a rich source of vitamin B. Hair products with these ingredients improve the moisture content of the hair and create a healthy, strong structure. If you have thin or fine hair, definitely try our organic one beer shampoo for a voluminous and healthy look. In addition, it stimulates natural hair growth and prevents hair loss.

3. Hemp oil against a dry and irritated scalp

Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids that are perfect for irritated and irritated skin dry scalp. Together with other natural ingredients, such as soothing nettle, cleansing and balancing activated carbon, they make the best organic shampoo for problems like scalp eczema. It prevents and cares for dry skin with flakes, itching, dandruff or eczema. The balancing and soothing effect not only improves the scalp, but also your hair after every use!

Organic hemp oil

4. Tea Tree as a natural remedy for oily hair

Tea Tree is best known as a remedy for diabetes acne treatment at home. But did you know that this also works perfectly to make oily hair fresh and soft in a natural way? Hair (and actually the scalp) that quickly becomes greasy needs antibacterial and balancing care products. Exactly the properties of organic Tea Tree in a shampoo bar! This ingredient has the ability to balance excessive sebum production and improves the overall health of the skin. The result is fresh hair that becomes greasy less quickly!

Organic tea tree

5. Rhassoul clay for an (extremely) sensitive scalp

Our Rhassoul clay shampoo with Himalayan salt is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. This odorless soap bar with nourishing organic oils can be used for the entire body. It especially works wonders for (scalp) skin problems such as atopic skin. Flow Rhassoul clay shampoo bar gently washes the hair, leaves behind valuable nutrients and helps bind moisture to the scalp. And is therefore also very suitable for dry skin and even if natural baby shampoo.  

Rhassoul shampoo

Rasul shampoo bar for sensitive scalp.

6. Coconut oil for natural and intensive nourishment of the hair

Coconut ingredients are certainly not an unknown ingredient in the best organic hair care. Coconut oil nourishes intensively and makes the hair shine beautifully. It makes your locks softer, healthier and thicker. Flow Coconut Milk can be used as an intensively nourishing conditioner or natural hair mask. Suitable for coarse, damaged and dry hair. It gives shine, protects and reduces split ends.


Are you blessed with a head of curls? You can also knead a little pure coconut oil (from your kitchen cupboard) into the dry ends, but the disadvantage of this is that your hair becomes greasy and heavier faster. Also view our here best natural products for curly hair.

7. Argan oil; the liquid gold for skin & hair

Cold pressed argan oil is known for its nourishing and even medicinal properties for hair & skin. This is why it is also called 'liquid gold'. Organic argan oil softens, restores and promotes the elasticity of both the skin and hair. Ideal for treating frizzy or static hair and dry hair ends! Did you know that argan oil can also be used as... facial care men (beard oil) or for the natural curly girl method?

These ingredients belong did not at home in the best organic hair care

Even though in our opinion synthetic ingredients do not belong in the best organic hair care; they can be effective. But they do not nourish the hair. For natural long-term results, give your hair the best organic nutrients. It is better to avoid the ingredients below, because they can be harmful to your scalp or the environment.

NB; these ingredients are often used with alternative names, so that they cannot be recognized as such. Honest organic hair care brands will be proud of their products and completely transparent about the composition.

  • Sulphates; SLS and SLES are widely used in hair products such as shampoos. The reason for this is simple. It is an inexpensive way to effectively remove grease and dirt. They also ensure that products foam. The problem is that they have a much too aggressive effect, causing them to irritate your scalp and damage the hair in the long term. Therefore always choose one shampoo without sulfates.
  • Parabens; there is much debate about the safety of these preservatives. Although more and more research shows various health risks,... parabens considered safe in a minimum amount. But if you use many products with a minimal amount of parabens, you may wonder whether you want to run this risk. If you choose organic hair care without parabens, make sure it does not contain other synthetic preservatives. These ensure that a product has a longer shelf life in an inexpensive way. But we prove with our best organic hair care that there are much better (and healthier) alternatives!
  • Silicones make your hair super soft. But with a shampoo or conditioner containing silicone, your natural hair volume literally goes 'down the drain'. In addition, nutrients that make your hair happy may penetrate less well. They also disrupt your natural sebum production and that can cause dry or oily skin (and therefore hair). In addition, silicone as liquid plastic is anything but eco-friendly. Just like other microplastics, they are flushed into nature through your shower drain. Therefore, avoid silicones not only for your hair, but also for the environment!
  • Synthetic perfumes; Let's be honest - perfumes provide the most wonderful scents. At the same time, they damage your hair and can irritate your (scalp) skin and throw it out of balance. Just like alcohol, by the way. Essential oils are a much better alternative! You can also add this yourself to your organic hair care. Please take a look at our range aromatherapy products.

Why should you choose organic hair care?

A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy and naturally shiny hair. When the skin barrier on your head works well, it naturally provides excellent protection against harmful external influences. It is also able to absorb nutrients and retain moisture. The best organic hair products therefore clean gently and respect the natural balance of your (scalp) skin.

The counterparts of organic hair products cause dry, limp hair in the long term and damage your scalp. In other words, you end up in a negative spiral where you need more and more products to keep your hair beautiful (on the outside). Unfortunately, this is actually a very clever marketing trick. The truth of the best organic hair care is that your hair gets more and more natural shine and volume. Even styling products become redundant!

What is a good natural shampoo?

The basis of organic hair care is of course your shampoo. Which shampoo is 100% natural? A organic shampoo bar! Our organic shampoo bars remove dirt and chemicals from your hair in a natural way. The result is a healthy-looking and stronger hair structure. And it's even better for your scalp. But those are not the only benefits; A shampoo bar lasts much longer than a bottled version, it is more environmentally friendly and its compact size makes it easy to take with you.

Good natural shampoo

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