Buy natural baby shampoo - mild and 100% organic

Buying a special shampoo for babies is because you want the best for your little one. The best baby shampoo is mild, natural and 100% organic. We explain why. And which substances it is best to avoid in baby shampoo.

Buy natural and organic baby shampoo

A natural and organic buy baby shampoo, is only necessary when your baby's hair really starts to grow. When this happens varies from baby to baby. There is often still a greasy protective layer on the skin just after birth. It's best to leave that alone. The first few months you can do just fine with just some lukewarm water to wash your baby's hair. During this period, your baby still has so-called nest hair.


Do not wash baby hair with soap

The general advice is not to wash your baby's hair with soap. That's right... at least not with 'normal' soap. Even most mild soaps are too harsh for your little one's skin. But special baby shampoos also often contain irritating and harmful substances. You can read more about this later.
Shampoo bar Rhassoul & Salt is a mild natural baby shampoo. The baby shampoo is multi-purpose and can also be used to wash your child's body. It's so easy and this one shampoo for your baby It also lasts a very long time (more than 100 times). Even if your children are older, it is best to use a mild natural shampoo, such as a shampoo bar. Oh yes... and this same advice also applies to your hair :).

Buy Natural Baby Shampoo Shampoo bar Rhassoul & Salt

Removing mountain from your baby

How do you remove mountain on your baby's head? Mountain is kind of seborrheic eczema and mainly occurs in the first months after birth. Flakes on the head are common in many babies. Berg is usually harmless and not contagious. It may be convenient to remove the mountain from the baby's head.
Flow baby shampoo helps remove mites and works wonders against eczema, flakes and dry or itchy skin. Ingredients such as mineral-rich Himalayan salt and Rhassoul clay naturally soothe skin rashes and scalp problems. You can also rub your baby's scalp with a mountain, dry skin or flakes oily natural cream, such as organic shea butter. This is also a suitable cream for diaper rash.


Why the best baby shampoo is perfume-free

To be honest, we also love that delicious typical Zwitsal scent. But it is really better not to use perfumed products for your baby. In most cases, perfume is the cause of skin irritation and eczema. It may even contain substances that disrupt hormones. If it is not indicated on the label which substances the fragrance consists of, you can assume that it is synthetic. So may contain harmful substances.
If you still want to use a scent for your baby, choose facial sprays. These are safe to use. That doesn't mean they can't cause a reaction on your baby's skin, though. For example, rather do a syringe lavender spray on the clothes.


Baby shampoo without chemicals

Choose a baby shampoo without perfume but also without silicones, sulfates and parabens, in other words free of chemical additives. Believe us; you just don't want it for the delicate skin of your newborn.
If you want to buy a baby shampoo that says "soap-free", pay attention. This usually contains SLS. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is used in baby shampoo to degrease and provides a foaming effect. It degreases so well that the skin's own fats are also affected and this is a natural protective layer. Even low concentrations can already cause irritated skin or eyes. SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is the alcohol form of SLS. This is, for example, in Neutral Baby Shampoo. This substance is slightly less irritating but causes the skin to dry out more quickly.
Rhassoul & Salt baby shampoo is organic and unscented. Free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes and mineral or palm oils. Thanks to the production method, this product contains naturally moisturizing glycerine. Furthermore, this baby shampoo is plastic-free, zero waste, vegan and not tested on animals. Not now and never not.

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