The best natural products for curly hair

natural hair products curls

Naturally curly hair ... the dream of most women with straight hair. While the curly hairs among us sometimes have their hands in (fluffy and tangled) hair. Curls are beautiful! Especially if they are soft, shiny and frizz-free. With the best natural products for curly hair, you can proudly wear your curls loose from now on!

You can care for curls and frizzy hair with natural products

Fortunately, the days when curly buns could only rely on hairspray and mousse are over. Natural care for curly hair is an absolute must. What kind type of curls you also have; wavy hair, natural curls, frizzy hair or perm. The problem with regular cream and shampoo for curly hair is that it is full of drying ingredients, such as silicones, certain forms of alcohol and sulfates. After washing it looks nice but in the long run, even after a few hours, the curls become dry and frizzy. This is because your curls are not taken care of from the inside by these hair products. They only put a temporary chemical layer around the hair.

By using our high-quality organic hair products for curls, your hair gets a natural shine and volume. Due to the high concentration of effective ingredients, you only need a small amount. Styling products are no longer necessary. This saves your hair and your wallet. Read on for the best natural products for curls!

the best natural products for curls

Organic and natural shampoo for curls

According to the natural Curly girl method it is better not to shampoo your hair. We can imagine that this is nice every now and then. For this it is best to use a natural and organic shampoo. Such as the caregiver Shampoo bar Marigold for dry and curly hair. This shampoo bar provides hydration, volume and shine. Damaged hair is repaired and the irritated scalp soothed. The different properties of this shampoo make it a perfect match for your curly hair.

Organic natural shampoo curls

Shampoo bar for curls

Let your curls get used to the organic shampoo bar. The hair may feel a little greasy during the first washes because the scalp produces extra sebum to restore normal balance. Your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful head of curls.

Natural, nourishing and nourishing conditioner for curls

You can also use a soap bar as a conditioner. The Hemp conditoner bar is perfect for curls, detangles the hair and makes your curls as smooth and soft as professional hair products. Cold-pressed hemp oil contains high-quality proteins and fatty acids, including omega 3, 6 and 9 for deep nourishment and care. All these ingredients ensure that your curls get a healthy, bouncy and robust appearance. And did you know that the proteins in hemp oil also stimulate hair growth? Hair is made of keratin, which consists of 90% protein.

Natural nourishing conditioner curls

Conditioner Bar Hemp

Vinegar rinse adds volume and shine to your curls

For extra volume and shine for your curls is a natural hair rinse an ultimate addition to the curly girl method. Hair rinse is not yet well known as a curl product and that is a shame, because believe us, it is more than worth a try!

natural curls boosting products

Vinegar rinse such as for example Wild Nettle hair rinse does not weigh down your hair, that gives your curls extra volume. The hair rinse also balances the PH value of your hair and scalp. This will make your curls smoother and shinier, less frizzy and easier to comb. The vinegar rinse can also be used as a replacement for shampoo. It exfoliates your scalp and removes dead skin cells. When used regularly, the hair rinse stimulates hair growth through improved blood circulation to the hair follicles. You can also use the vinegar rinse as a leave-in product for your curls. Don't worry about the smell, it will evaporate on its own once your hair dries. Not convinced yet? Read here apple cider vinegar for your hair (seven reasons to use vinegar hair rinse). Or do you suffer from dry scalp, read on itchy scalp grandma tips

Natural curling products for extra hair care

We keep emphasizing it; hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again, this is indispensable for healthy, beautiful skin and hair. Could your curls use some extra hair care? How about us natural hair mask with coconut milk, coconut oil and argan oil? Not only does this thick and nourishing mask smell very nice, it consists of 100% organic and ecocert certified ingredients. The hair mask contains vegetable fatty alcohol that will not dry out the hair like other forms of alcohol in curl products.

Natural hair mask curls

Hair mask Coconut Milk

There are so many benefits of it organic argan oil on curly hair and therefore an enduring favorite. Argan oil helps moisturize and soften your hair. With a high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil helps to naturally improve the elasticity of the hair. Restores the shine to dull, lifeless hair. Argan oil also works as a UV protector and neutralizes free radicals.

Organic argan oil curls

Buy Argan oil

Another wonderful multi-use product, organic Shea butter. Suitable for curls for its soothing properties. Shea butter locks in the moisture in your curls without making your hair greasy and heavy. This makes it a fantastic curl product to protect your hair against weather conditions. From the hot sun to harsh winter weather.

Natural hair care product curls

Organic Shea Butter

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