Natural Face Creams & Serums


      Natural Face Creams & Serums give an extra effect to your skincare

      Are you looking for soft, organic and natural face creams & serums with deeply nourishing and antioxidant-rich complex? Then you've come to the right place. Flow Cosmetics products are made with the cleanest ingredients on the market and enriched with wild arctic herbs and berries - to provide effective results for every skin type.

      Optimally nourished skin contains both water and fat. The use of natural face creams and serums suitable for your skin type to moisturize and protect your skin at least once a day is recommended for all skin types.

      Natural Face Creams & Serums are made with certified organic and ecocert ingredients, they are completely vegan, not tested on animals and packed in a recyclable packaging. Nutrient-rich formulations are not diluted - so you only pay for ingredients that are beneficial to your skin.

      Natural moisturizers en anti aging serums by Flow Cosmetics

      Moisturizers are important to maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Proper use is the foundation of glowing skin. The natural moisturizers help maintain the moisture content of the top layer of the skin while supporting natural cell regeneration. Moisturizer is something you should apply every day.

      Our ultra-nourishing natural moisturizer Bilberry Moisturizing Cream is suitable as a face cream for both dry and oily skin. The product is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin surface and the natural vitamin E and antioxidants protect the sensitive skin of the face from the harmful effects of the environment. Suitable for use under make-up.

      Serums is often used as a booster in skincare and aim to improve the deep hydration of the skin. They are packed with active natural nutrients in the form of small molecule plant extracts. The serum refers to a product that is absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin and has a rapid absorption capacity. In general, the serum contains more active ingredients than other skin care products. 

      Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Hyaluron & Probiotics contains the highest quality active ingredients of natural cosmetics in one product. This serum is based on organic rose water, natural probiotics, hyaluronic acid in two molecular weights and organic berry seed oils. Hyaluronic acid is often used in anti aging serums because it can bind a large amount of moisture in the skin. Hyaluron & Probiotcs serum is developed for all skin types that need more hydration. For best results, for example, combine this product with Arctic beauty oil of Lingonberry Bright  Oil serum

      How to nnatural face creams & serums choose

      Choose a skincare product according to your skin type. The color of the product packaging can help you choose: the pink product line is designed for dry and sensitive skin, the white product line for normal / dry skin and the green product line for oily and combination skin. The season, life situation and age can influence the skin type. So you may need a product in summer and winter that is suitable for different skin types. If you are mainly looking for anti age serum, all rose and white products are perfect for your needs.

      View our entire natural face care selection and find the right products for your skin.