Acne treatment at home

Our acne treatment at home is an organic treatment with 100% natural care products. We explain what the best home treatment is and what you can do yourself against (hormonal) acne, pimples, pimples, blackheads and acne scars. View the right here best acne treatment that you can do step by step at home. Or read vRead more for more information on treating acne.

acne treatment at home

What is the best acne treatment at home and why?

The best acne treatment consists of using only mild, organic facial care that you can use yourself at home. We can understand the importance of natural face care not emphasize enough, because many people still use too aggressive products against acne. Here's why you shouldn't do that: your skin has a natural protective mechanism called the skin microbiome. This consists of good and bad bacteria. It is especially important with acne that this balance remains intact. You do this in any case by choosing mild products that do not contain substances such as perfume, alcohol or synthetic additives.

Below you can read more about the best natural products for acne. These are all perfectly suited for acne treatment at home.

best natural products for acne

Most common acne treatments at home

Acne is not contagious, but it is an annoying and common skin condition that is difficult to treat in some cases. In a severe form of acne, the doctor or dermatologist often recommends home remedies such as a benzoyl peroxide cream, antibiotics (tablets or cream) or when nothing helps; Roaccutane.

Although pimples and pimples can be greatly reduced after using a treatment with these agents, it is better not to use them just like that. This has everything to do with the damage to the aforementioned skin barrier. Not only does this remedy tackle acne, your natural protective layer is also affected. Most of these creams loosen the top layer of your skin.

Too aggressive treatment for acne causes damaged skin with skin problems such as:

  • red skin
  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • flakes
  • Gorges
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Formation of pigmentation spots

Wanneer je stopt met een ‘paardenmiddel’ zoals bijvoorbeeld een benzoylperoxide crème dan komt de acne ook weer terug. Bij het gebruik van antibiotica is de kans op resistentie groot. Maar soms kan het de enige manier zijn om van heftige acne af te komen. Vooral wanneer je alles (en dus ook natuurlijke acne products in a treatment at home) have already tried.

Acne treatment at home

Especially mild acne or impure skin with pimples and pimples is excellent to treat at home! Also for care of the skin in addition to using a prescribed acne cream or medication is this acne treatment at home suitable.

The products that we recommend in this treatment all contain powerful and natural ingredients against acne. Such as essential tea tree oil, raw honey, activated charcoal and white clay. Read more about the here Tea tree effect.

  1. Acne facial cleanser: Detox Mask 3 in 1. A natural facial cleanser, exfoliant and mask in 1 product! This care product naturally contains salicylate and salicylic acid due to the added willow bark.
  2. Lavender facial spray: this moisturizing spray face helps to soothe and balance the skin and reduces excessive sebum production.
  3. Acne cream: acne skin benefits from a cream that leaves the pores free and nourishes the skin. Like it best hyaluronic acid serum with hyaluron in two different molecular sizes and probiotics.
  4. AHA & BHA exfoliation: this peeling face with salicylic acid contains fruit acids that repair skin cells and reduce impurities. Our AHA & BHA peeling serum does not irritate the skin and gives the same professional results with an acne treatment at home as with the beautician. Read more about how to get one here AHA Serum with BHA can be used as an exfoliator.
  5. Tea Tree Facial Oil: a dry one natural facial oil which fits perfectly in a natural acne treatment at home, including Tea tree as an effective ingredient.
  6. Rosehip Oil: intensive treatment oil voor een effectieve behandeling van acne littekens. Deze kunnen voor pigmentvlekken zorgen.

It is also important to choose an acne treatment organic makeup that does not clog the pores.

What else can you do yourself for acne?

Nearly 85% of people develop acne somewhere between the ages of 12 and 24. The main cause are hormone changes, but other factors can also play a role in the worsening of acne. Therefore, opt for a holistic approach. So regardless of which products against acne you use.

What can you do yourself?

In addition to the daily skin routine mentioned above, these are the most important tips that support acne treatment at home:

  • Certain medications can make acne worse. If you suspect this, consult your doctor for an alternative.
  • Provide a healthy and varied diet. Especially for sufficient omega-3 fats.
  • Be careful with synthetic substances such as in cosmetics or perfume.
  • Use as little as possible and skin-caring non-comedogenic make-up. Read also: the best BB cream.
  • Change your pillowcase regularly and preferably do not wash it with fabric softener. Use vinegar instead; this is a powerful antibacterial agent and the smell dissipates after drying.
  • Leave the skin alone as much as possible - no matter how difficult that is ;-). Avoid squeezing pimples and blackheads.
  • Make sure nothing is pressing on your skin. Such as a cap, hat or helmet strap. Pressure and friction can make acne worse.
  • Watch out for sunlight. Even though the sun seems to reduce acne for a while, it will eventually make it worse because the skin thickens and sebum production increases.

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