The best BB cream; and this is why!

What is the best BB cream? A BB cream is a day cream and make-up in one. A moisturizer that nourishes, hydrates and camouflages imperfections at the same time. From now on you also prefer to use a nourishing cream as a foundation and we'll tell you why!

BB cream or cream; what is that?

More and more women (and men) use a BB cream (cream). BB stands for 'Blemish Balm' and is in between a tinted day cream and foundation. A BB cream:
  • cares for and protects your skin;
  • makes your face more even;
  • gives color;
  • eliminates imperfections; 
  • makes a day cream unnecessary.

A BB cream is also perfect to use as a primer; a nice base for the rest of your make up.

The best BB cream

The best BB cream is first of all organic with natural and effective ingredients. synthetic and harmful substances in makeup such as plastics or pfas do not belong here. These can irritate your skin or trigger allergies. Furthermore, a BB cream is necessary did not comedogenic make-up i.e. keep the pores free. It is important that the make-up product is made with respect for the environment and that it is economical in use.

For these reasons, in our opinion, the best BB cream is: Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation.

best BB cream

With the skin-caring, all-natural Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation, you achieve a velvety soft make-up look and a subtle glow without a greasy feeling. It evens out the complexion and blurs imperfections for a full-coverage and semi-matte finish.

High-quality, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients form the basis of Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation. This BB cream is infused with it Korento Berry Active Complex™. These are arctic berries full of antioxidants and vitamins. Every ingredient used is certified and meets the standards of sustainable cosmetics. It is therefore both a green and blue beauty because the packaging is completely plastic-free. Finally, the jar lasts for a very long time, up to 70-100 times!

View the best here BB cream.

Which is better BB cream, tinted day cream or foundation?

Foundation is a very covering product, often one thin layer is enough to get an even skin. The disadvantage of foundation all over your face is that it quickly looks unnatural. Most foundations also clog the pores, so that you eventually get more imperfections such as pimples and pimples. A tinted day cream gives your face some color but you need a thicker layer to create coverage. When you are looking for a light and nourishing cream? Which at the same time makes your skin glow without having to apply a thick layer. Then a BB cream the best choice.

What is the best way to apply BB cream?

You can apply BB cream very easily and evenly in a few steps:

1. Applying make-up starts with a good one natural facial care. The clearer your skin, the smoother and longer-lasting the result.

2. Apply the BB cream on your face in even dots.

3. Then massage the product into the skin with patting movements.

4. Finally, you can increase irregularities a little more for an even look.

If necessary, combine a lighter and darker shade. You can get a transparent one setting powder use as a finishing touch for a long-lasting and matte effect. You can also use a face spray use. If you have very dry skin, you can use a before applying the BB cream natural facial oil use.

 Extra color on your cheeks? Then use Korento Liquid Blush for a natural blush and healthy appearance.

Apply BB cream


The right color BB cream

To choose the right color BB cream, first determine your skin tone: check here whether you have a cool or warm undertone have. Suitable for every skin type and a matching color is available for every complexion! The eight different colors of Korento BB cream:

  • Cool 01: For very light and cool skin tones
  • Cool 02: For light and cool skin tones
  • Cool 03: For medium light and cool skin tones
  • Cool 04: For medium and cool skin tones
  • Warm 01: For very light and warm skin tones
  • Warm 02: For light and warm skin tones
  • Warm 03: For medium light and warm skin tones
  • Warm 04: For medium and warm skin tones

Choose your perfect color and use the care of a natural day cream plus foundation in one product. We think you won't want anything else. Will you let us know what you think?

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