Sustainable cosmetics from Flow Cosmetics

Sustainable Cosmetics

Sustainable cosmetics is much more than a trend at Flow cosmetics; it is a necessity. Not only for the environment, but also for beautiful long-term results for your skin, hair and well-being. We prove with our sustainable cosmetics that natural beauty can also be really clean.

Sustainable cosmetics from Flow Cosmetics

At Flow Cosmetics we believe we have a responsibility - to the planet, to our customers and to ourselves. Our values ​​are based on holistic and effective beauty, sustainability and preserving the beauty of nature. Flow Cosmetics stands for sustainable cosmetics made from clean, organic and natural ingredients. We are too zero waste, have recyclable cosmetics packaging, use green transport and only sell animal-free vegan cosmetics. We don't just talk: we promise. We follow our hearts and reflect our values ​​in transparent actions.

What is sustainable cosmetics?

It is difficult to determine what sustainable cosmetics exactly is. That is because terms such as organic, eco-friendly, natural, ecological etc are not regulated. Therefore, these terms can have a different meaning for everyone. For us, sustainable cosmetics means much more than just recyclable cosmetic packaging. We see sustainability on a large scale, in a holistic way.

How we ensure sustainability of our cosmetics

We have found a way to produce sustainable cosmetics that do not harm nature or challenge our biodiversity. Our production process meets the conditions for sustainable development and takes place in our own factory. In this way we can take full responsibility for the quality of our products and the sustainability of production. In addition, we continuously monitor and develop our products. All our products are completely biodegradable and do not pollute the environment with unnecessary chemicals that do not belong there.

At Flow cosmetics we believe that really good and sustainable products can only be made with consciously selected high quality ingredients. Organic and effective ingredients are worth the investment to produce beautiful and sustainable cosmetics. In all our products, the certified, organic ingredients are carefully chosen. We ensure that organic and sustainable cosmetics are no less effective. We do this with formulations rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This makes them perform like professional beauty products.

Why do we care about organic ingredients? Organic farming contributes to the well-being of both the environment and society. By ensuring long-term balance, productivity and diversity. In addition, organic farming even offers opportunities to promote social justice.

Recyclable cosmetic packaging

When choosing our packaging, we take into account that it must ultimately be recycled. We use materials that are easily suitable for this, such as FSC-certified cardboard and recyclable glass. We have opted for plastic for some products, because there are currently no plastic-free options for cosmetic pumps and pipettes. If we choose plastic, it is always pure plastic, which is suitable for recycling and reuse. Our plastic is always 100% BPA-free. Recyclable cosmetics packaging, will not be recycled without you. Recycling options offer great opportunities to make our consumption more sustainable. But there is no recycling without a recycler - only separated packaging can be reused.

Recyclable cosmetics packaging

Green transport takes the products to their destination

One of the reasons why customers choose the sustainable cosmetics from Flow Cosmetics is because of our sense of responsibility towards nature. We like to work with delivery services that are aware of sustainability and are as CO2 neutral as possible. And it's definitely worth it! After all, why add emissions to the atmosphere if you don't need to?


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