beer shampoo; the best natural shampoo for more volume

beer shampoo

Our natural and organic beer shampoo is a bar without questionable additives. This is perfect for treating fine and thin hair that could use some extra volume. This is because our beer shampoo Beer & Oats Protein shampoo bar is made from organic beer with a high vitamin B content. The combination with arctic oats gives the hair even more volume and structure. Hair loss is prevented by the protein-rich composition. This makes the beer shampoo one of the best organic hair products for more volume.

natural beer shampoo volume

Why is beer shampoo suitable for fine hair and more volume?

Beer shampoo is a super boost for fine and lifeless hair. When you choose a natural en biological beer shampoo gives your hair a natural shine and more natural volume. Your hair is no longer dependent on styling products. Of course you can also wash your hair with homemade beer shampoo. Beer consists of sugar, malt, hops and yeast. These last two ingredients contain a lot of proteins that are good for damaged hair. Sugar closes your hair ends making your hair shine. The yeast ensures the cleansing of your scalp.
beer shampoo to make takes quite a long time. The beer has to sit overnight in a bowl before you can wash your hair with it. This is important to get the carbon out of the beer. The beer also leaves an odor for a while. Much easier than of course a beer shampoo Beer & Oat! You can then drink the beer itself after washing your hair :).

What makes our beer shampoo biological and ecological?

Our beer shampoo is made from natural ingredients such as organic vegetable oils, herbs and essential oils. Thanks to the production method, this shampoo naturally contains moisturizing glycerin. Many beer shampoos available at the drugstore contain silicones or SLS and SLES. The shampoo without sulfates from Flow Cosmetics is guaranteed free of harmful ingredients. The shampoo bar is not tested on animals and vegan. Packaged in a cardboard box that can be thrown in the paper bin. This makes this organic shampoo also plastic-free and 100% zero waste! Good for your hair
The beer shampoo bar is also good for your wallet. Because did you know that our organic shampoo bars last super long? About 80 to 120 times, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.
beer shampoo from flow cosmetics

How do you use the natural beer shampoo bar?

Rub the beer shampoo gently on wet hair to produce a lot of lather. If your hair is very dirty, or if you have used styling products, then too little foam can be created. Then rinse your hair and repeat soaping. Use warm water to thoroughly clean the hair.
For best results, use after washing with the beer shampoo for fine and thin hair natural hair rinse or a natural hair mask.  
Pay attention; your hair needs some time to get used to the natural hair care of a shampoo bar. As a result, the hair can feel a little greasy after the first washes as the scalp produces extra sebum to restore its normal balance. Our organic ingredients ensure that all chemicals are removed from your hair and scalp. After a few washes you will be positively surprised and you probably want nothing more than a beer shampoo bar for your hair!
Tip: store the organic beer shampoo bar in a soap dish. The bar may melt if it comes into contact with water.