Perfume oils


      Perfume oil that supports your holistic well-being

      Fragrances are one of the most wonderful things you cannot see. They give us pleasure, reassure us, refresh us, make us stronger, move, feel stronger or carry us more positively. A certain kind of fragrance can almost be part of your identity.

      We love natural scents, so it was only a matter of time before we got these seven natural ones perfume oils each could announce the unique fragrance. She is packaged in fully recyclable and user-friendly roll-on bottles, using only organic and eco-certified ingredients. 

      What is perfume oil?

      Natural perfume oil is a mild alternative to synthetic fragrances with a high concentration of alcohol, which can cause skin irritation. We have only selected natural and safe ingredients for our products. They consist of a mixture of organic essential oils diluted with a neutral carrier oil (MTC). Therefore they are soft enough and suitable for every skin type.

      Just like in any other perfume too perfume oil top, heart and base notes. Their pleasant scents last for a few hours before evaporating from the skin. You can always apply a little more throughout the day to keep the fragrance smelling good. In addition to a wonderful scent, they also have a moisturizing effect, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

      Most perfumes contain alcohol and other drying chemical ingredients. These ingredients have an irritating and drying effect on the skin. People with dry skin may notice that the scent of traditional perfumes quickly disappears because it is not absorbed well by dry skin. Our perfumes are caring for the skin, making them last longer.

      What is special about these perfumes? All these seven oils are inspired by the chakras, energy centers in the body, and they contain authentic rock crystal. Because of this they have a holistic effect on your well-being. It is not necessarily necessary to be familiar with chakras and crystals, choose the perfume oil that appeals to you the most because of the fragrance.

      How to use?

      Natural perfume oils are easy to use: apply behind the ears, in the neck, on the décolleté and on the wrists. When you apply the product under the face, the pleasant scent rises through the warmth of the body.

      This perfume collection is part of our chakra line, they are perfect to combine with chakra  body butter bars  en chakra soaps. Or with other aromatherapy products such as body scrub en body butter