Skincare routine steps: this is the perfect facial care sequence

Skin care routine

Do you want to put together an optimal skincare routine with the right organic products - good for you! Because did you know that the way and order in which you natural face care used is at least as important as the products themselves? We will tell you the perfect skincare routine steps for optimal results.

In short, these are the most ideal skincare steps:

  1. Cleaning with a cleanser (or toner)
  2. Peeling or mask (approx. once a week)
  3. Moisturizing facial spray
  4. Natural eye cream (Optional)
  5. Serum
  6. Cream
  7. facial oil

These skincare routine steps are actually the basis for every skin type, but feel free to leave out what is less necessary for your skin.

When putting together a good skincare routine, your skin may require some adjustments, depending on the condition of your skin. On our website you can easily select based on your skin type. From oily, combined or correct dry skin products for the treatment of sensitive or aged skin. In these categories you will find all products and information about the best facial care sequence steps that suit your skin needs.

If you have any doubts about your situation, read on what skin type do I have? This will help you put together your personal skincare routine to get the best results from your facial care.

Create a skincare routine

Create a skincare routine with these basic rules

  • Choose the products that best suit your skin type, condition or skin problem.
  • Prefer natural facial care with high-quality organic ingredients.
  • Work from light to heavier products. For example, you first bring it best hyaluronic acid serum before using a thicker nourishing cream.
  • Use a mask or peeling face a maximum of 1 or 2 times a week or even less depending on your skin type and sensitivity.
  • For most skin types, it is not necessary to wash your face in the morning. A toner face is sufficient for a light cleaning and a wonderful freshener.
  • Also choose qualitative and preferably natural hair products. Not only for good health of your scalp. When showering, it is almost impossible to prevent your shampoo or conditioner from running down your face. Your hair care also indirectly influences skincare steps.

The best skincare routine steps and products explained

If you want to get the most out of your skincare steps, this is the right facial care sequence for the best results. For men's skin; Here you will find the best products and skincare routine steps facial care for men

1. Mild cleansing with a natural facial cleanser

Putting together your skincare routine is one natural facial cleanser a step that you should certainly not skip. It is important that the cleanser cleanses well without affecting the skin barrier. This way you give the natural protective mechanism the opportunity to function properly and keep your skin in balance.

Cleansing for sensitive or dry skin

Extra tip for the skincare routine for extremely dry skin: cleanse your face with a oil cleanser for the face. Our facial oils are all perfectly suitable for the oil cleansing method. We recommend our organic Argan oil especially for dry skin. Is your skin dry and sensitive? Do not clean it in the morning with a cleanser, but at most use a toner in the form of our facial spray. These can simultaneously reinforce the goals of your skincare routine steps. Such as rose water facial spray for sensitive skin and as an effective remedy against Red cheeks.

2. Peeling or facial mask for an extra beauty boost

A facial mask or a peeling are both exfoliating products that you can use in your skincare steps to remove dead skin cells. We have different types of natural facial masks and peels, each with their own superpowers. That's how we are BHA serum peeling with salicylic acid effective in treating blemishes. The added fruit acids (AHA) in this serum make it an ideal product remove wrinkles naturally. Both facial masks and peelings have the added advantage that the ingredients of other products are absorbed faster and deeper by the skin.

When it is better to omit these products from your skincare steps:
We do not recommend the simultaneous use of a natural facial mask and peeling in a skincare routine. This quickly becomes 'too much' for the skin. Also skip this step if your skin is in an acute phase of sensitivity, such as an outbreak clown eczema. For perioral dermatitis you choose it best remedy for eczema. In this case: less is more!

Skincare steps

3. Moisturizing facial spray for balance and extra nourishment

A moisturizing facial spray rebalances the pH value of your skin after using a cleanser. Our facial mists are rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances. They also improve the moisture balance and skin texture of your skin, especially if you use them in this step of your skincare routine.

We have three types of natural facial sprays in our range, suitable for every skin type or function. For example, rose water spray is very effective as natural remedy for rosacea and belongs to the rosacea treatment. We recommend lavender water for acne.

4. Natural eye cream against wrinkles, dark circles or bags under the eyes

Do you want to see the best eye cream against skin aging and signs of fatigue when putting together your facial care sequence? Then this is the step in your skincare routine in which you use it. With effective power ingredients such as peptides, caffeine, green tea, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and arctic berries - this natural eye cream is definitely a valuable addition to your skincare routine.

5. Serum that suits your beauty goal

A serum face that meets the wishes and needs of your skin will quickly produce an effect. For normal skin, this is not a 'must' in your skincare routine, but a serum can certainly have added value for certain beauty goals. For example, consider Flow RetinLift retinol serum anti-aging product when you wonder which really helps against wrinkles.

6. Cream with intensively nourishing ingredients

After possibly using a serum, this is the time to add a facial cream to your skincare routine. You can do this, for example, with a moisture cream full of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. In addition to nutrition, it protects your skin against dehydration and the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

7. Facial oil as the perfect ending to your skincare routine

A natural one facial oil Getting into your skincare is like the icing on the cake - for several reasons! High-quality facial oil provides nutrients, protection and an instant healthy appearance. They are also known for their anti-aging properties and healing benefits. But not only that, because when you use oil as the last step in your skincare routine, this product provides occlusion. This means that they help lock in the moisture and nutrients that are already present on the skin.

Facial oil for oily skin:
Many people think that oily skin needs products that make the skin drier and therefore avoid facial oils in their skincare steps. But don't forget that oily skin is also one that lacks balance! And sometimes impurities arise precisely due to a lack of moisture. Our Detox oil in the natural range acne products for example, is perfectly suitable for oily or combination skin and works effectively against impurities.

Although this facial care sequence is a perfect basis, specific skin types or conditions may benefit from a few minor adjustments. Even when you are looking for specific applications such as a acne treatment at home of remove pigmentation spots in a natural way.

From oily, combination or dry skin, to sensitive or aged skin. At Flow Cosmetics you will find educational information, suitable products and the optimal skincare routine steps for every skin condition.

Patience with your skincare routine is literally a virtue

Finally, be patient. You will see some results immediately after the first day of these skincare routine steps, provided you use the right products. Even more results can take up to six weeks. This depends on your age, skin condition and any skin problems. For example, you can achieve softer skin faster than refining wrinkles or shrink pores. Your skin renews itself approximately every month, so give your new facial care routine at least this time.


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