The best eye cream, and here's why! 5 reasons

The best eye cream

The best eye cream makes you instantly look 10 years younger, smoothes out all wrinkles and makes dark circles and bags disappear like snow in the sun. Realistic? Not really, unfortunately. Brands of the 'best eye cream' that promise this will especially shine because of a long nose.

Is there nothing you can do about an outdated look, dry skin and bags under the eyes or dark circles? Yes, with our natural eye cream and we will explain how!


best eye cream

This is why Green Tea & Peptide is the best eye creame

Let's start with why Green Tea & Peptide is the best eye cream. You understand this best if you know how the effective ingredients of the product work. We explain them one by one below:

Peptides as a miracle cure for wrinkles

Peptides are series of amino acids, or building blocks of the body's own proteins, such as collagen and elastin. Collagen provides structure and elasticity to the skin, among other things. Peptides are on our list for good reason miracle cures for wrinkles.

Caffeine in the best eye cream under bags

Facing bags under your eyes, grandma knows what to do! Caffeine is an old-fashioned remedy for bags under the eyes. And we don't mean that cup of coffee that you can use so well after a short night. In the past, coffee grounds were used as, yes, a natural anti-puffiness agent. Nowadays we also find this ingredient in cosmetic products, including Flow's best eye cream!

Pomegranate extract as an indispensable ingredient

Pomegranate extract increases the production of collagen and elastin, making it effective against acne wrinkles under your eyes. An ingredient that, in our opinion, should certainly not be missing from the best eye cream.

Green tea extract in the best eye cream dark circles

In a best eye cream for dark circles definitely includes green tea extract. It also nourishes the thin skin around the eyes with antioxidants.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid and eyes go well together! This powerhouse among cosmetic ingredients is important for the connective tissue and plays a major role in hydration and volume of the skin. Due to the low molecular weight of hyaluron in Green Tea & Peptide, it effectively binds moisture in the deeper layers of the skin.

Lingonberry and blueberry oils

The organic arctic berries have added value in the best eye cream for dark circles due to their brightening effect and antioxidant protection.

The importance of a good eye cream in your skincare routine

Een goede oogcrème in je skincare routine stappen is belangrijk omdat de huid rondom je ogen andere behoeften heeft dan de rest van je gezicht. Het gaat hierbij namelijk om een dunner en kwetsbaarder gebied. Daarom raden we onze beste oogcrème aan, in plaats van cosmetica dat voor het gezicht bedoeld is. Wees vooral voorzichtig rondom de ogen met producten die de huid vernieuwen, zoals een peeling face.

In addition, a quality eye cream with anti-aging ingredients is important for it remove wrinkles naturally. Fine lines and wrinkles also become visible more quickly when your skin is dry. You can solve and prevent this by using natural products for dry skin.

Fluid retention and discoloration under your eyes make you look more tired and older than you would like. If you're wondering what helps against this: definitely Flow Cosmetics best eye cream for bags under the eyes and dark circles Green Tea & Peptide!

eye cream bags dark circles

Green Peptide is also suitable as facial care men

Why does the best eye cream contain natural and organic ingredients?

Mother Nature has provided your skin with a ingenious mechanism that protects you from external influences. Our products with natural and organic ingredients respect this protective layer instead of damaging it. Synthetic counterparts may seem to provide quick results, but in the long run they often do more harm than good. As we often say; organic cosmetics and natural products against wrinkles is a marathon, not a sprint. Ultimately, not only your skin, but also your health and the environment will benefit from this. Choose for this reason too natural makeup without harmful substances.

How do you use de best eye cream?

The best eye cream is used twice a day for the best results; morning and evening. To do this, you apply just one pump to the skin in tapping movements (and yes, that means it lasts a long time :)). Do this from the inside out. You continue natural face care with your favorite products. Below you will find the optimal skincare routine steps in combination with the best eye cream.

Add the best eye cream to your routine and be surprised at what it can do for your eyes!

  1. Use a natural facial cleanser for cleaning your face. Choose one that is mild for the skin, you can often also use it for the skin around your eyes.
  1. You give your skincare an extra dimension when you apply a natural serum face and the best eye cream, a face spray For example, you can safely use our rose water spray on your eyes. Tip: keep the facial mist in the refrigerator - the cooling has a positive effect on reducing bags under the eyes and freshens up your eyes.
  1. Yes, now it's time to best eye cream to apply.
  1. Then nourish your skin with a natural facial cream that suits your skin needs. For example, do you want remove pigmentation spots or would you benefit more from a cream against it? eczema face? In our range you will find a suitable biological solution for every skin type and skin problem!
  1. Finally, use one natural facial oil, this completes your beauty routine. It locks the valuable nutrients into your skin, provides protection and also a beautiful, healthy appearance.

Are you unsure whether Green Tea & Peptide is also the best eye cream for you? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Discover it for yourself and order our best eye cream for bags and dark circles here

Natural eye cream Green Tea & Peptide

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