The best natural products for dry skin

Looking for the best natural products for the dry skin? Reddish, flaky, tight, itchy skin, sometimes even painful. Do you recognize at least one of these things? Chances are you have dry skin. The skin has lost too much moisture and is dehydrated. If you do not treat this or with the wrong products, you will continue to suffer or the complaints will worsen. Read below why it is so important to you dry skin face to treat with the best natural products.

How does dry skin develop?

At this time of the year, many people suffer from dry skin. The days are shorter, so you spend more time indoors. The temperature outside drops and brings with it a cold, strong wind. The heating in the house can cause dry air, making your skin even drier. Wearing a mouth mask in connection with corona also causes or worsens dry skin. Read here what you can do against skin irritation from wearing a mouth mask.

When the skin barrier is affected by the use of incorrect (aggressive) cleaning agents, it is less able to retain moisture well. Age also influences this. Aged skin has less hydrating capacity. This is caused by harmful environmental factors such as sun rays and toxic substances. Fortunately, there is something to do against dry skin!

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What to do about dry skin?

  • Use only 100% natural facial care for a dry and especially extremely dry skin. These do not contain ingredients that harm the skin. Soap and alcoholic products are disastrous for the skin
  • The skin of your face is more vulnerable, is more exposed to external factors than the rest of your skin and therefore requires extra attention. You do this with products that contain both moisture-regulating ingredients and fatty acids
  • Shower briefly, use lukewarm water and don't go too often. This is not only better for the skin, but also for the environment and your wallet. Did you know that the hardness of water also affects the moisture level of your skin? The harder the water, the higher the lime content, the faster your skin will dry out. Gently pat dry with a towel after showering.
  • Try exposure to minimize dry air. What helps here is to go outside every day. Use water evaporators at home or put a bowl of water on the heater and ventilate regularly. For example, open a window when you are not in a room
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, enough vitamins and water. Vitamins and sufficient water are of course good for your general health, but also for maintaining the moisture in your skin from within.
  • Care and moisturize your skin well and regularly. Use a greasy cream. If you're prone to blemishes and blemishes, get these not comodegenic contain substances.
  • Use exfoliating products, such as a peeling face of mask face with knowledge about the skin and the product. Dry skin benefits from regular use of exfoliation and peels. Its use ensures that other products are better absorbed. A suitable cycle for the skin is about once a week. More often is not necessary. 

The best care products for dry skin

Regular and thorough facial care for dry skin is important to keep the skin surface supple, smooth and elastic. The natural facial care products from Flow Cosmetics contain no drying ingredients and are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and berry oil from wild grown and organic arctic berries - just what dry skin needs.


The best products are mild and milky facial cleansers that do not contain alcohol. Such as the moisture regulating Honey Milk - Luxury facial cleanser of Balm to Milk Cleanser - Mild facial cleansing. Both products contain moisturizing ingredients and essential fatty acids, they thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it nourished. This ensures radiant skin.
Care products for dry skin

Balm to Milk Cleanser € 38

Facial spray for hydration

The classic rose water spray face has skin-strengthening, antioxidant and moisturizing properties, which particularly benefits dry skin. Spray rose water on your dry facial skin after cleansing, before facial oil and serum. If you have extremely dry skin you can use the face spray Press gently on the skin to allow it to be absorbed even better.
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Facial oil and serum

Moisture regulating facial serum en oil is the most important care for dry skin. When you use them in combination with each other, they have a protective effect, restore vitality, increase elasticity and lock moisture in the skin. Arctic Beauty Packet is an intensive moisturizing treatment, suitable for even extremely dry skin.


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Products for (extremely) dry skin

Organic Flow Cosmetics products do not contain drying ingredients but are full of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids - exactly what dry skin needs to stay vibrant and beautiful.

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