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Oil Cleansing

The Oil Cleansing Method, abbreviated OCM and in Dutch oil cleaning method, is back. And for good reason! It is a perfect natural facial cleansing with oil for healthy and clean skin. Next natural facial oil all you need is warm water and a cloth. Try the Oil Cleansing Method yourself and we are sure you will be convinced of the result!

Natural facial cleansing with oil

More and more women (and men) consciously choose natural products in their facial care routine. You probably do too, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog. Good for you! Cleansing is the first and most important step in facial care. And preferably with a 100% organic one facial cleanser. Skin that is cleaned poorly, with the wrong products or too often will look dull, dry or greasy and restless.

For example, we regularly receive questions about how facial cleansing with natural oil works. Whether it is also suitable for the fat skin or acne? (yes!) How should you do the oil cleansing method and which cleansing oil is best to use? We explain what the Oil Cleaning Method is and what OCM can do for the health of your skin.

Cleanse face with oil

OMC | What is Oil Cleansing Method? 

Oil Cleansing Method is not new. This method of facial cleansing comes from India and is used in the Ayurveda Medicine has been used for beautiful skin for hundreds of years. We have abandoned this age-old wisdom because the beauty industry has led us to believe that we should remove all the fat from our skin with aggressive agents. While the facial skin needs a protective layer against external influences.

Cleaning your skin with oil is based on the principle: oil dissolves oil. The Oil Cleansing Method purifies your skin, nourishes and moisturizes without removing your skin's protective oil. Cleaning your face with oil is suitable for everyone skin type, even (perhaps especially) for the sensitive and atopic skin.

How does the Oil Cleansing Method work? 

Would you like to try it yourself to see if the Oil Cleansing Method is something for you? Organic argan oil is the best choice for the OCM. This is how you proceed:

1. Massage a few drops of natural oil onto your face with your (clean) hands. Take a few minutes to gently massage the oil, focusing on the areas where dirt accumulates, such as around your nose. The oil works like a magnet for make-up residue, bacteria and dead skin cells.

2. Create a mmuslin cloth (or washcloth) with warm water and wring it out well. Then put it on your face and let it sit for a while so that the heat can do its work. Then pat and wipe the oil from your face. That's it!

3. We personally like to have a moisturizing spray face can be used as toner. Such as, for example rose water, for extra care and a fresh feeling.

Oil cleansing method
Do you also try natural facial cleansing with oil?

Remove eye makeup with oil

Did you know that you can also remove eye make-up well with oil? Even waterproof make-up! Use a mild oil such as Argan oil. You can take your eyes with the oil cleansing method. Or apply a little bit of oil to a damp cotton ball and wipe the eye make-up away.

Cleansing oil - natural oil for facial cleansing

With most (synthetic) cleaning agents you remove every trace of fat on your skin. But unfortunately not only that; substances such as alcohol and degreasers attack your natural skin barrier. Logical because these degreasers are usually the same substances as those used in strong cleaning agents. This also removes the good bacteria that keep your skin healthy. Some are more sensitive to these substances than others. It's worth remembering this, as poor cleaning habits can predispose you to pigmentation spots. This also applies to eczema on the face.

What happens with these types of facial cleansers is that your skin becomes unbalanced and dries out. Your skin reacts to this by producing extra sebum. As a result, your skin becomes oily even faster and pores become clogged faster. The skin is also not nourished or hydrated, which can lead to dry spots. Your face loses its healthy glow. And that wasn't your intention, was it? :)

Naturally healthy skin can only be achieved with natural and healthy ingredients. One way to find out which substances are in cosmetics is the INCI list.

Which oil should I use for facial cleansing?

The Oil Cleansing Method is therefore a natural way of facial cleansing. Of course you also use a natural oil for this. You can easily start mixing with oils from your own kitchen cupboard. In DIY cleansing oil, olive oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil is usually mentioned. While this may work well for some, these oils are not recommended for most skin types. The main reason is that olive oil and coconut oil comedogenic to be. That is, they clog your pores and this in turn creates impurities.

A carefully chosen mix of organic (cold pressed), rich and effective oils is not only better... a ready-made facial oil is also a lot easier.

These are the best organic and natural oils for facial cleansing, aka the oil cleansing method:

  • Argan oil: who doesn't know this multifunctional oil yet? Argan oil is also called Moroccan gold because of its value and effectiveness Can be used for every skin type! Even at atopic skin of perioral dermatitisArgan oil is also very suitable as a base oil where you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil adds to. Due to the strengthening effect and wonderful scent, you can turn the oil cleansing method into a wonderful wellness experience.
  • Arctic Beauty Oil: facial oil containing precious arctic berry oil and organic essential oils. High-quality ingredients that nourish the skin, restore vitality and make the skin smooth and soft. Specially suitable  dry skin of Antiaging.
  • Lingonberry Bright: brightening facial oil with a unique combination of fast-absorbing, organic nutrients and vegetable oils with essential fatty acids from coconut and jojoba. This dry oil contains a high concentration of Arctic lingonberry oil, which very brightening for the skin.
  • Detox Oil: This ultra-light, organic face oil with tea tree is a dry oil serum. It helps to keep the skin elastic, while removing and preventing impurities and imperfections. Especially suitable for oily (acne) skin. This detox oil also fits in well acne products.
  • Rosehip oil: a dense composition of skin-friendly essential omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and skin-repairing transretinoic acid. Due to the beneficial composition, small scars are faded. This facial oil is especially suitable for the atopic skin, rosacea and rosacea.

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