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non-comedogenic makeup

Non-comedogenic make up; you have probably heard of it in combination with impure skin, such as acne, pimples and blackheads. Acne is the most common skin problem and has several causes. One of these is the use of certain cosmetics. But what exactly does non-comedogenic make-up mean? And what should you pay attention to when buying natural makeup?

What does non-comedogenic mean?

Comedogenic substances tend to clog sebaceous glands, causing or exacerbating acne. The effect of cosmetics that causes skin problems is also called 'acneic'. A scientific study was published in 1972, which showed that about half of the make up was agnegenic (Kligman AM, Mills OH, 1972). This research resulted in a list of ingredients that are comedogenic. People with acne-prone skin were advised to avoid these substances and put them on a lot facial products came the claim 'non-comedogenic'.
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Non-comedogenic make-up: no guarantee for acne-free skin

NB; the claim 'non-comedogenic' is not legally protected, which means that manufacturers can say about any product that it is non-comedogenic. This also applies to claims such as hypoallergenic, PH neutral and dermatologically tested. In addition, other synthetic ingredients, or ingredients such as alcohol, can irritate the skin and therefore cause acne. Because acne skin is by definition sensitive and irritated, it is very important to use only organic and skin-friendly makeup. Discover more tips and tricks here natural acne products

Why non-comedogenic and skin-friendly make-up?

The effect of comedogenic substances can take a while. If acne suddenly appears on the skin, you often do not know exactly what caused it. The advice is to avoid comedogenic ingredients in any case. Even better is the use of skin-friendly make-up. Such as, for example mineral makeup, using only natural ingredients and pure minerals. These do not damage the skin, do not cause irritation and do not clog the pores. Pure mineral products are therefore suitable for use in various skin conditions such as acne, rash around the mouth - and even at one atopic skin.
Watch out for misleading packaging that says "enriched with minerals". These products usually do not contain pure minerals and often synthetic irritants have been added.


Korento Cosmetics used for non-comedogenic make-up ingredients such as:
  • Iron oxides: to replace artificial colors
  • Zinc Oxide (zinc): mineral powder with good covering and protective capacity.

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Make up without harmful substances

non-comedogenic foundation

Pay attention to this with skin-friendly and non-comedogenic foundation

Do you quickly suffer from blemished skin due to pimples or pimples and would you still like to use a foundation? Most importantly, the foundation 'breathes' and therefore feels light on your skin. Also pay attention to the other ingredients added to the non-comedogenic foundation, such as synthetics. In general applies; the simpler and more natural the product, the less the risk of skin irritation.

Korento cream foundation is non-comedogenic and infused with Berry Active Complex ™. These fairly radical antioxidants and vitamin-rich arctic berries have a proven positive effect on the skin. They are a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9. The foundation is non-comedogenic and gives a shine without leaving a greasy film, so ideal for the acne skin.

The best one for aging and dry skin non-comedogenic serum foundation use. Also applies here; every body and skin is different. Invest in quality products and above all experience for yourself what it does to your skin.

Why non-comedogenic and skin-friendly make-up

 The best skin-friendly make-up; non-comedogenic

Korento Cosmetics is fair, natural, vegan make up with the benefits of skin care. Mintens as functional as synthetic fabrics and therefore also suitable for professionals

  • Korento - Soft Velvet Primer (Global make-up awards 2019) The natural primer perfects the texture and tone of your skin. The primer is 'long-difficult', so it gives a long-lasting result.
  • Korento - Liquid blush berry vitamin-infused skin-nourishing serum liquid blush will give your cheeks a natural color. Hydrates and repairs the skin intensively.
  • Korento - Highlighter (Global make-up awards 2019) A natural highlighter with a real rose quartz gives a light and glowing appearance
  • Korento - Perfecting Mineral Base Light and breathable make-up base with mineral powder. Feels like a second skin!
  • Korento Cream Foundation Provides good and natural coverage. This breathable formula does not accentuate or mar the skin texture and pores. With active skin care ingredients.
  • Korento - Age Defying Serum Foundation The ultra-thin formula acts like a BB serum, while the product intensively moisturizes and repairs the skin's surface. Especially aging or dry skin needs this.


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Honest natural, vegan make-up with the benefits of skin care

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