argan oil on the face; how and for what?

argan oil on the face
Argan oil on the face is a versatile panacea with which you no longer need any other facial care. You can use argan oil as a day and night cream, nourishing serum, eye care and even for cleansing the face. But how and when do you use argan oil on your face? We explain how this versatile oil makes your face beautiful and radiantly healthy. Even oily facial skin! 
Do you want Buy Argan oil? Why do you choose cold-pressed, pure and organic Argan oil?
Argan oil face

Argan oil on the face: these are the benefits

Pure argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world and is known for its rich concentration of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids. This luxury oil is therefore also called liquid gold . Argan oil as facial care is suitable for every day and every skin type. Generally, oils do not penetrate very deeply into the skin. Nevertheless, it appears research Argan oil does not only work on the surface but penetrates to the cellular level. Women who regularly used argan oil retained moisture better. And proper hydration is key to glowing, young-looking skin.

Argan oil facial benefits at a glance

  • softens, moisturizes and nourishes,
  • does not clog the pores,
  • is quickly absorbed by the skin,
  • promotes elasticity,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • has natural UV protection,
  • neutralizes free radicals.

What can you use argan oil on the face for?

Argan oil is multifunctional. We tell you below what you can use argan oil on the face for.

Argan oil against skin aging

Argan oil is a source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. These are effective in combating premature skin aging and preventing fine lines. Ferulic acid protects the facial skin against harmful external influences (free radicals). This improves elasticity and gives the skin a fresh, young appearance. As far as we are concerned, Argan oil is certainly included miracle cures for wrinkles.

Argan oil for dry, flaky skin

Do you suffer from one dry skin, Or eczema in it face? Argan oil is a wonderful 'quick fix' for dry, flaky skin. The antioxidants in Argan oil can have a positive effect on skin problems such as: eczema.

Argan oil in the treatment of clown eczema

Clown Eczema is a rash around the mouth. The symptoms often appear as dryness, blemishes, itching and especially small itchy pimples. Gentle and simple skin care is a cornerstone in the treatment of perioral dermatitis. Organic argan oil is perfect for that! Argan protects, moisturizes and also prevents impurities. This is the care that clown eczema needs.

Argan oil for acne

Good fatty acids (omegas) have an anti-inflammatory effect. 'Sterols' keep the cell membranes of the skin cells healthy and reduce inflammation. In addition, argan oil does not clog the pores, which means that argan oil belongs in our home best acne products. Especially suitable for people with mild acne and dehydrated skin.

Argan oil for dry lips

Did you know that argan oil is also suitable as a natural lip balm? Give your lips a kiss of argan oil against dry or cracked lips and they will feel wonderfully soft again.

Argan oil as a facial cleanser

It was once thought that you should avoid oil in facial cleansers. In India they have known better for hundreds of years. Here comes the Oil Cleasing Method (OCM) comes from and is even used for the oily or gcombined skin. You can also get your (eye) make up with argan oil and muslin cloth gently away in one go, without damaging or drying out your skin. 

Argan oil as a primer

Because argan oil provides a smooth skin surface, you can use it as a primer under your daily make-up. As a result, the make-up adheres better to the skin and lasts longer.

In other words, argan oil for the face is the perfect addition or replacement to your skin care routine!

Be careful if you have a nut allergy. In that case, your skin may not respond well to the argan oil.

Argan oil face

How do you use argan oil on the face?

You always get the best out of it natural facial oil when you combine them with other products. To do this, discover our natural facial sprays en a chemical peeling face - and let your skin shine and enjoy.

Argan oil on the face as skin care is best done by first warming the oil in your hands. Then massage carefully so that it can penetrate deeply. Once the oil has been absorbed, your skin will feel smooth and silky.

To cleanse your face, if desired, use a little more oil to massage your skin. Then wipe your face clean with a wet, warm (hydrophilic) cloth. Due to the mild composition of argan oil, you can also safely use it for the skin around your eyes. In order not to damage the vulnerable parts, make more of a dabbing than rubbing movement here.

When you start using argan oil on the face, it is best to do this once a day, before going to sleep. Once your skin is used to the benefits of argan oil on your face and your skin can use a little extra, you can also use the oil in the morning.

Organic: What Is Good Argan Oil?

There are big differences in the quality of argan oil. Good, effective argan oil cannot be cheap. If this is the case, there is a good chance that it has been diluted with cheap oils (which clog your pores again). You can usually recognize solvents by the term “enriched oil”. In that case, the concentration of active substances will be lower.

Sometimes it says on the packaging that it is "hand-pressed" argan oil. This sounds appealing but for this procedure the argan nuts are lightly roasted first. This makes the nuts easier to grind by hand. This gives the oil a less pleasant texture, smells stronger and absorbs less well.

Pure argan oil that has been properly processed contains a higher level of essential vitamins. Always choose your face organic argan oil; cold pressed and 100% pure!

Finally, did you know that argan oil is also suitable for the rest of your skin and as a hair oil? Mostly curly hair makes her very happy and therefore fits perfectly into the natural environment Curly Girl method.

Make sure you quickly have a pure argan oil in your bathroom cabinet and you will certainly not regret it!

Argan oil facial benefits

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