Dry skin and dehydrated skin, what's the difference? Recognize and treat

dry skin and dehydrated skin

The characteristics of dry skin and dehydrated skin are similar. But there is indeed a difference. In short; dry skin is a (genetically determined) skin type and dehydrated skin is a (temporary) skin condition. So, for example, oily skin can just as well be dehydrated.

Je dry skin face or take good care of dehydrated skin for long-term positive results? Then it is important that you understand the natural need. How do you know if your skin is dry or dehydrated? We will help you!

Dry vs dehydrated skin

Before we move on to the difference between a dry skin and dehydrated skin, let's first look at the similarities.

Four shared characteristics of dry vs dehydrated skin:

  1. feels tight;
  2. may itch;
  3. sometimes suffers from redness or flakes;
  4. may look dull.

What are the differences between dry skin and dehydrated skin? When you look at the English translation, the distinction becomes a lot clearer. Namely a dry skin or a dehydrated skin. In other words, dry skin or a fromdried skin. The latter is a skin condition that is temporary. In addition, dehydrated skin can be easily remedied with the right care.

Dry skin...

  • Is a skin type that is basically genetically determined.
  • Has a shortage of sebum (fats).
  • Feels dry all over. Also, for example, on the hands, forehead or lower legs.
  • Is prone to premature skin aging.
  • Needs oily products or a cream for dry skin.

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Dehydrated skin...

  • Is a (temporary) skin problem that can occur in all skin types.
  • Needs moisture.
  • Can feel dry and greasy at the same time.
  • Is strongly influenced by outside influences. Diet, hormones and medication can also play a role.
  • Needs moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is one such ingredient with moisturizing superpower. As, for example, in the best hyaluronic acid serum.

Care of dehydrated skin

What is the ideal care for dehydrated skin? We tell you the secret recipe. First, use a natural facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Then apply a moisturizing cream. Possibly in combination with a moisturizing spray face. And finally, the golden tip; immediately afterwards use a suitable one natural facial oil. The oil ensures that the moisture and nutrients of the products you have used are locked in the skin.

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Why natural products for dry skin and dehydrated skin?

As explained earlier, dehydrated skin can occur with any skin type. A dry skin type is more sensitive to a poor moisture balance. But even oily skin can eventually become dehydrated. You often see this happen when using aggressive and synthetic care products. The substances in these products may work well, but especially too well. They damage the natural protective layer. This skin barrier is very important for dry skin and dehydrated skin. It ensures that the moisture does not evaporate from the skin. For the thin and dry skin around the eyes, it is best to use a natural eye cream.

Do you suffer from oily skin with acne, pimples or pimples that is also dehydrated? These are the best acne products. Each one effective, without damaging or drying out the skin.

The benefits of organic and natural facial care

Our organic and natural facial care contain the building materials that make the barrier function super strong! In particular, they emphasize the importance of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients. These bring the skin (layers) into balance and optimize the natural functioning. This keeps the skin surface supple, smooth and elastic. Flow natural face care protects your skin best through the rich, pure and organic ingredients with an antioxidant effect. We also have products in our range that are suitable for the extremely dry skin.

Once you understand the importance of natural care, you immediately have the recipe to get dry skin and dehydrated skin radiant again!

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