The best natural foundation

The best natural foundation gives the benefits of skin care
For beautiful, even coverage, choose a 100% natural foundation. A natural foundation is a foundation with nourishing and healthy ingredients. Make up without pfas, silicones, microplastics, parabens or questionable substances that clog your pores. Our natural foundation is the best because of the large amount of effectively caring organic ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, pigment-rich and long-lasting formulas that nourish, care for and let your skin breathe.
The natural foundations are economical in use and long-lasting. They are therefore also used by make-up professionals. How do you apply a foundation for the most beautiful and natural result that lasts as long as possible? Below we tell you all about the correct use of a natural foundation, with tips from the experts.

Organic make-up, natural...

Can make-up be functional and at the same time 100% natural and organic? Yes, that's possible! We offer different varieties of light natural foundations for a matte, opaque or glow effect. High-quality and safe ingredients form the basis of our natural foundation. We only use ingredients that are allowed in 'clean' beauty. They are organic, wild grown and eco-certified. We make no compromises when choosing our ingredients - nothing is added unnecessarily. The results are anti-aging foundation serum, an cream foundation and mineral foundation. Each with valuable skin care and protective properties.

Buy natural foundation? These are the best!

In addition to being effective and kind to the skin, our natural foundations are also kind to the environment. They are not tested on animals, vegan and come in recyclable packaging. We use green transport and produce in a way that does not harm nature or threaten biodiversity. In other words, foundation on a completely natural basis!
Our natural foundations are non-comedogenic, so that you do not get pimples or pimples. Suitable for different skin types, whether you have oily, dry or older skin.

Cream foundation

Natural cream foundation provides flexible coverage and a semi-matte finish
With the skin-caring, completely natural Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation you achieve a velvety soft make-up look and a subtle glow without a greasy layer. This natural foundation is easy to apply evenly. It evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections for a full-coverage, semi-matte finish. The cream foundation is infused with Berry Active Complex ™. This contains arctic berries with antioxidants and vitamins that have a proven positive effect on the skin.

From medium to full coverage 

Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation


Anti-age serum foundation

Natural anti-age foundation moisturizes and cares for the skin intensively

The unique, completely natural and intensively moisturizing serum foundation helps smooth rough, textured skin and fine lines - while still leaving a light feeling on the face. The nourishing ingredients provide a clear complexion and healthy glow. This natural serum foundation is also full of Berry Active Complex™. Only a small amount is needed to even out imperfections in the skin. Do you want a completely matte effect? Then combine the foundation with Botanical Setting Powder.

Available in 6 different shades 

Age Defying Serum Foundation


Mineral foundation

Natural mineral foundation evens out the complexion and eliminates imperfections.
Create a natural effect with mineral foundation, available in all types of shades. Flow's mineral foundation is completely natural and suitable for all skin types, even if make up for sensitive skin. Or at the natural treatment for rosacea. The mineral foundations provide a naturally beautiful result, allow the skin to breathe and do not clog the pores. You can create the opacity by layering exactly the way you want. Light, semi-opaque or do you want full coverage today?
Tip: Complete your mineral makeup routine and use a little moisturizing facial spray as a setting spray to enjoy even makeup for longer.

Applying natural foundation: tips from the experts

With these foundation tips you prevent a striking mask and create a natural, smooth effect that lasts all day.
1. Hydration
A good start is half the work. Make sure you apply your foundation to moisturized skin. Most people have dehydrated skin, not to be confused with dry skin. Oily skin can also be dehydrated. Always use a natural one facial peeling, serum face en facial oil to hydrate and nourish your skin.
2 First
With a primer you ensure that your foundation stays in place for a super long time. The internationally awarded Kortento Soft Velvet Primer is completely natural and perfects the texture of your skin. Easy to spread, makes large pores less visible and is the perfect base for applying natural foundation for an even complexion.
3. Matting and fixing
By 'fixing' your make-up you prevent the foundation from sliding into wrinkles. The light Botanical Setting Powder is easy to apply with a powder brush and provides a smooth and matte finish. Because the powder is transparent and colorless, it is suitable for every skin type and color. After the natural foundation, apply a small amount of the powder in a circular motion. Do this mainly on the T-zone; forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. The powder prevents oily skin without clogging the pores.
4. Apply liquid foundation
You can apply your natural foundation with (clean) fingers, durable makeup brush or sponge. The most popular is currently the beauty blender sponge. It is precisely made to fit all corners of your face. Wet the sponge a little for the most natural effect. The sponge also absorbs less foundation as a result. There are various ways to apply foundation. The most important thing is that you do what is easiest and most enjoyable for you.

Finally, choose a color that matches the undertone of your skin. If your foundation becomes too dark in winter, you can opt for a lighter shade or mix it so that you have just the right color. In the summer, for example, use a mineral make-up bronzer or a liquid blush. This way you have the best natural foundation that also best suits your face.

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