Retinol before & after - what is retinol good for? With before and after photo

Retinol before after

Retinol before & after; because a picture says more than a thousand words. In this article you will see examples of the difference between retinol before and after use facial care. Just to make it clear what this ingredient has to offer :). Would you like to read more about what retinol is good for? We will explain it to you later. You can also read how to use a Retinol cream for the best results.

Retinol before and after

Curious about Retinol serum experiences? In this before and after photo you can see the effect of Retinol before and after! You can expect this result after two daily uses for approximately four weeks. Normally, facial skin needs about a month to completely renew itself. RetinLift Retinol cream contains a high concentration of various active ingredients. As a result, your skin is even more cared for, protected and faster firmer & smooth. You will see results after the first application! Retinol before after

What is Retinol good for?

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that is best known for combating wrinkles and lines anti aging skin care. As we age, the skin slowly loses its elasticity. This causes the first signs of skin aging. The result is increasingly sagging skin, wrinkles and lines. Good news, with a good cream you can slow down this process! But that's not the only thing Retinol is good for. It shrinks pores and is an excellent acne product for dehydrated and older skin. Retinol is also considered an essential part of the rosacea treatment.


Flow Cosmetics RetinLift 3-in-1

Flow Cosmetics RetinLift 3-in-1 contains NovoRetin. A new and plant-based form of Retinol. Using RetinLift supports your skin's own strength. In other words, the positive effects of vitamin A, without the typical side effects such as UV sensitivity. This Retinol form is even suitable for sensitive skin. The effect is enhanced by oils that help renew the skin, such as rosehip oil and frankincense oil. Added pomegranate and orange extract provide protection, support collagen synthesis and smooth skin. Finally, Hexapeptide-11 in the Retinol cream improves energy production in cells. It evens out the skin and increases elasticity. Together with hyaluronic acid, RetinLift has a moisture-regulating effect and is therefore also suitable for the dry skin. This fantastic combination refines lines and wrinkles that develop with age.

How to get the best Retinol before & after results

For the best results in Retinol before & after, the right beauty routine is very important. Below are the steps we recommend.
  • Use a natural facial cleanser to cleanse the face gently and thoroughly.
  • After this, gently pat the face dry and apply a moisturizing face spray Retinol cream in combination with a natural facial spray, gets the most out of the product. You also prevent dehydrated skin. In addition, the cream is more permeable on slightly damp skin. In the example below rose water face used. This helps, among other things, reduce redness in the face.
  • Retinol before after
  • Then gently apply the Retinol cream to the face, neck and décolleté.
  • You can optionally conclude the treatment with a natural facial oil that suits your skin type. It has the property of locking up the active substances in the skin.

  • Retinol experiences

    Retinol serum experiences

    The Retinol experiences with the form NovoRetin™ are very good. This is too tested among 18 women aged 42 to 70 years. They had wrinkles, crow's feet and other signs of aging. After 28 days of treatment with a 2% NovoRetin™ cream, the skin density and elasticity of the facial skin improved significantly (,21093).

    In addition, several studies showed beneficial effects against acne. The fabric can Grove pores reduce and reduces shine and imperfections on the skin. Unlike classic retinol treatments, NovoRetin does not dry out the skin, but even increases skin hydration. In addition to the studies, we find it especially important that our customers are satisfied with their experiences with Retinol cream RetinLift 3-in-1. You will find some reviews on the product page.

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