How do you choose the right shampoo bar?

How to choose the right shampoo bar is not always easy, because there are so many options. Everyone has a unique hair and scalp type and of course their own preferences. To make the choice a little easier, we've put together this simple guide. Find out how to find the right shampoo for your needs and get amazing results in an organic and ecological way. After reading this guide, you no longer need to look at each product individually :)
Organic shampoo bar
Remember that shampoo is only used for washing hair, if you have long hair we also recommend a care product such as natural hair rinse of conditioner bar to use.

Organic shampoo bar for everyone's needs

How to choose the right shampoo bar depends on your hair type. Before you get a organic shampoo bar it is important you choose identify its properties. Is your hair thick or thin? Curly or straight? Coarse, fluffy or even flat?

And what about your scalp? Is your scalp dry, flaky, blemishes, greasy or irritated easily? Or maybe you don't have any specific scalp or hair problems.

Whatever your hair type and scalp - you will find the perfect products in the complete shampoo bar selection of Flow Cosmetics. 

Each bar is made from organic oils and contains naturally moisturizing glycerine which works wonders for the hair and scalp. All our organic shampoo bars are vegan. These 120 gram bars last a very long time, up to 120 washes (depending on the length of your hair). By consciously opting for organic hair care, you significantly reduce your personal chemical load, because you do not flush silicones, sulfates or other synthetic substances down the drain. 

Time to select!


This shampoo is perfect if you want more volume. Shampoo bar - Beer & Oat Protein makes your hair soft and gives a natural boost to your hair - you may not even need styling products anymore. If necessary, this shampoo is suitable for daily use and even then it does not weigh down. 

  • Volumizing Beer & Oat is ideal for thin, curly or dry hair
  • For a normal or dry scalp
  • The protein-rich composition stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • Mild, resinous scent


The vitamin and antioxidant rich Shampoo bar - Coconut Milk provides protection and cares for dry, treated and rough hair. Carefully selected moisturizing ingredients do not leave hair greasy, but leave hair shiny and soft. 

  • Moisturizing coconut milk is beneficial for dry, brittle, rough and treats hair
  • Gentle on a normal or dry scalp
  • Coconut Milk is the most moisturizing organic shampoo bar in our catalogue
  • Fresh and mild lemon scent


De biological shampoo bar - Hemp is one of the best-selling products in our range. The formula contains a unique composition of nourishing ingredients such as soothing nettle, cleansing activated charcoal, green clay and essential oils that treat your skin and protect it from scalp problems.

  • Suitable for all hair types, especially for slightly oily hair
  • Helps scalp problems such as itching, flakiness, dandruff or eczema in balance bring and prevent
  • Beneficial for a dry scalp because the bar contains moisturizing and nourishing organic hemp oil
  • The mild scent contains nettle and tea tree oil


Shampoo bar - Marigold adds natural volume to the hair and makes it airy and shiny. This bar is perfect for curls as it supports curl formation and makes hair bouncy and soft - without weighing it down 

  • Ideal for curly, normal or dry hair
  • Suitable for normal scalp, does not dry out the scalp
  • Suitable for daily use and stimulates curl formation
  • The mild scent contains calendula and lemon 


How to choose the right shampoo bar if you have a very sensitive scalp and you are not a fan of fragrances or essential oils? The Shampoo bar Rhassoul & Salt we designed specifically for these needs! Shampoo bar - Rhassoul & Salt is actually an all-in-one product, which is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Besides washing your hair with the product, it is also suitable for washing the body.

  • The mildest organic shampoo bar in the Flow Cosmetics range, suitable for all hair types
  • Beneficial for atopic scalp, psoriasis, seborrhea and flaky dry scalp
  • Even mild enough for children
  • Completely odorless and contains only very mild ingredients


Do you suffer from an oily scalp? Then this product is perfect for you! Shampoo bar - Tea tree helps to balance oily scalp and inhibits sebum production. The bar has antibacterial properties and you will notice a difference in your hair and scalp after the first use. 

  • Ideal for oily scalp - effectively and gently cleanses your hair, so your hair needs fewer washes per week
  • Perfect for oily scalp as it balances sebum production
  • Soothes the scalp and leaves the feeling of freshness
  • The mild scent comes from fresh tea tree and rosemary

 How do you choose the right shampoo bar for colored hair?

Flow Cosmetics


Shampoo bar - Blonde enhances the blonde color of the hair, increases the elasticity and shine of the hair. This easy-to-use bar is suitable for everyday use, and it leaves the hair feeling soft and cared for

  • Suitable for natural blonde, light hair and colored hair
  • For dry, normal and treated hair
  • Especially suitable for normal and dry scalp
  • Blonde enhances and supports blonde hair color and brightens shine - but does not color hair
  • Mild chamomile and lemon scent


Shampoo bar - Brunette deepens the brown color of the hair. This one organic shampoo bar gives shine to the hair, allows it to be modeled easily and increases its natural elasticity. Can be used daily.

  • Suitable for natural brown, dark hair and colored hair
  • For dry hair, normal and treated hair
  • Especially suitable for normal and dry scalp
  • Brunette deepens the brown color of the hair and brightens the shine - but does not color the hair
  • Mild natural fragrance with a hint of rosemary


Shampoo bar - Henna Red enhances the color of red hair and makes hair soft, elastic and strong. This user-friendly bar is even suitable for everyday use, and it leaves the hair feeling treated and cared for.

  • Suitable for naturally red hair, colored red hair and reddish brown hair
  • For dry, normal and treated hair
  • Especially suitable for normal or dry scalp
  • Contains red henna and organic lemon, which deepen and brighten the color of red hair - but does not color the hair
  • Mild natural scent with marigold and lemon

If you still have doubts about how to choose the right shampoo bar, you can always contact Flow Cosmetics customer service - we are ready to find the right products for your hair! Contact us via:

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