The best essential oils and their effect

The best essential oils and their effect
Curious about the best essential oils and what they can do for you? Essential oil, or essential oil, can rightly be called a panacea! Its use is called aromatherapy. It is therefore not without reason that we at Flow Cosmetics have a great passion for the holistic power of real essential oils. The valuable and naturally healing properties have an important function in our luxurious, organic skin care products.
Note: only at the best essential oil take full advantage of all the benefits for the skin. In addition, you only need a little of it. Therefore, always choose real, organic and pure essential oil
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The holistic power of essential oil

The effect of essential oil is holistic. This means that the best essential oil has a positive effect on body and mind. They can be used at home to support your health and mood. They are also perfectly suited as a preventive source of well-being and as skin care. That's why we don't just offer the best essential oil - we also use them with great love in our aromatherapy Products. From body scrub to natural facial oil, perfume oil and chakra products. Essential oils have a positive effect on the skin and provide a holistic effect in our cosmetics.

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Nothing beats the luxurious feeling of inhaling the delicious botanical scents of pure essential oil, knowing that your skin is being optimally cared for - the best of Mother Nature in a bottle.

How do essential oils work?

Now that you know why an organic and pure essential oil is such a wonderful and versatile product, you are probably curious what exactly they can do for your skin. It's been going on for years research done to the action of essential oils through the skin or by inhalation. When evaporating into the air, thousands of olfactory epithelial cells in the nose process the smell to the various hormonal centers in the brain. As a result, they influence your mood and tell the body how to react - so they can have a stimulating or relaxing effect.

The properties of the best essential oils differ per type of oil. The effect depends on the type of chemical composition of the plant. Examples are:

  • Relieving pain
  • Draining moisture
  • Balancing hormonal activity
  • Improving skin conditions
  • Support cellular metabolism
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial effect

The many different types of essential oils that we select for our organic care products add not only luxury but also effectiveness. That is why they are, for example, the foundation of all our natural soaps.

The effect of 7 organic essential oils

Below we are happy to describe the most important effects of our best organic essential oils as part of body and body care facial care. For more information about the oil and its application, view the product information. Then simply choose the oil that best suits your needs! Function of essential oil

 1. Pure Tea Tree Oil (Botanical Name)

The most multifunctional oil is tea tree oil. Also called the first aid oil. The spicy, medicinal scent of Tea tree is often used for colds. This essential oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why Tea tree oil is also very suitable for use in acne, wounds and fungal infections. It's one of those best natural acne products.

2. Pure lemon oil

If you are looking for an invigorating scent, you will soon come across pure essential lemon oil out. Organic lemon oil is not only refreshing, it has an exfoiling effect and promotes blood circulation. This in turn can reduce swelling and cellulite. For example, we have incorporated pure lemon oil into our natural body scrub lemon: Cocolemon.

3. Pure Eucalyptus Oil

The clear and fresh scent of Eucalyptus oil has an invigorating effect on fatigue. It helps with freer breathing and is therefore a popular essential oil for a blocked nose or sinuses. Like, for example, to steam. Eucalyptus oil also promotes skin healing and kills viruses & bacteria. Use this on the skin mixed with a base oil such as organic Argan oil or rosehip oil.

 4. Pure Orange oil

Orange essential oil has a pleasantly sweet, fresh and citrusy scent. This means it has a positive effect on mood and general well-being. That is why we like to use pure orange oil in our natural aromatherapy soap: Good vibrations and Solid Roots. Orange oil is also suitable for impure and combined skin because it reduces unwanted impurities and pimples. In addition, organic orange oil is rich in D-limon, an antioxidant that promotes cell regeneration.

 5. Pure Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) Oil

A lesser known but certainly no less loved oil is pure Litsea Cubeba. Also known as May Chang, this essential oil has powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Organic litsea cubeba oil is therefore beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. It balances sebum production and ensures a more even complexion. The oil can be used diluted in skin care products or mixed with a base oil.

6. Pure Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a well-known and popular essential oil. The plant has a soothing effect on body and mind. For example, pure lavend oil can be used to soothe sensitive skin, as in the acne products. The oil also soothes itching caused by insect bites and stings.

7. Pure Peppermint Oil

Pure peppermint oil has a particularly cooling effect in skin care. It can also shrink skin pores. Peppermint oil is especially a suitable massage oil. Mixed with a base oil such as organic Argan oil does it not only work wonders for the muscles, but also for the skin!

Did you know that essential oil has many more uses than skin care? Read also: 10 Ways To Use Essential Oils.

Buy the best essential oils

Also crazy about 100% natural essential oil? The buy best essential oils, you do at Flow Cosmetics. Our range consists of sustainably produced and recyclable bottles. Our oils are organic, cold-pressed undiluted and naturally pure!

After reading the above information, are you still not quite sure which essential oil is best for your skin's needs? Please contact us with our beauty professionals!

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