Pure essential oil

Pure essential oil

De best pure essential oil is organic and undiluted. Not only do essential oils contribute positively to great skin results, they have a beneficial holistic effect on body and mind. Unfortunately, there are many types of oils that are sold as pure or natural but in reality are not. Why is this and how do you recognize real 100% pure essential oils?

What is Pure Essential Oil?

Essential oils are plant extracts that evaporate quite easily. They are liquid and have a wonderful aromatic scent. Essential oil is also called essential oil called. Other names are volatile oil, extract oil and the Englishessential oils'. 100% pure essential oil is known for its medicinal and beneficial effect. For example, pure essential oils have a purifying, calming or restorative effect on body and mind. 

100% as well Tea Tree oil is the most famous essential oil in cosmetic products. This medicinal essential oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why Tea tree oil is very suitable for use acne products, wounds and fungal infections.

Pure essential oil

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How essential oil is made

Pure oil is made by steam distillation. The steam is first guided through the fragrant and oil-rich plant parts. After cooling, condensation forms and the oil is then separated from the water. A pressing method is used to extract essential oil from the peel of citrus fruits, for example. Like for example 100% pure essential oil lemon of orange oil. The pressing releases essential oil and water. The oil floats on top of the water and the pure oil is used for essential oil and in aromatherapy

How do you recognize real, pure essential oil?

If you want to buy real and pure essential oil, you naturally do not expect counterfeit. The term "essential oil" is not legally protected and has no official quality requirements. This means that any product, including a synthetic fragrance, may in principle be sold as “essential oil”. Even if 100% pure and natural while the oil contains synthetic additives. As a result, there is unfortunately a lot of tampering in the market with the oils that are sold as "real" essential oil.

Fortunately, there are more and more independent institutes who have the most modern (and expensive) techniques to discover conscious or unconscious counterfeiting of an oil. Even for a connoisseur it is quite difficult to recognize real, pure essential oil. There are a few points that you can pay attention to when you want to buy essential oil.

1. Pure essential oil is precious

For real essential oil, many raw materials are needed to achieve a pure product. Such as the amount of organic lavender for making lavender oil. Because pure plant oil is a costly product, you can recognize real oil mainly by its price. A cheap essential oil cannot be pure oil, because it is a precious product. But don't be fooled, even more expensive essential oils can contain synthetic additives.

2. Organic, natural and undiluted

A pure essential oil is undiluted. Cheaper oil or other ingredients such as synthetic fragrances are often added to essential oils. Choose an organic essential oil, you can at least assume that the product does not contain any pesticide residues. Note also the term “nature identical”; this says nothing about how natural the product is. It only indicates that the chemical (synthetic) composition is exactly like the natural product. But still synthetic.

3. Reliable provenance and production

Choose pure and organic essential oil from a reliable supplier. Check whether the product contains additives such as alcohol. Then you know right away that it is a diluted and diluted oil. Check the mention of the botanical name. This indicates from which plant the oil was extracted.

Eucalyptus oil, for example, can be made from several types of Eucalyptus trees. Our Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the Eucalyptus Globulus. But Eucalyptus oil can also be extracted from the Eucalyptus Radata. Pure lavender oil comes from the Lavandula Angustifolia instead of its cheaper sister Lavendin. The latter is often used in cleaning products. These substances do not have the same bioactivity that you want for the effect of the oil on your body.

Buy the best essential oil

The best essential oil is naturally pure, concentrated and pure. This is important because this is the only way to make optimal use of all the benefits that the oil offers. Like the most moisturizing, nourishing and anti aging characteristics. Any oil that is not 100% pure is harmful to your skin. This is because unnatural substances have to be processed and removed by your body. You also need very little of a concentrated oil. Our essential oils last 400 to 500 times! Are you unsure about the best essential oil? Then you're left with buying 100% pure oil, like essential oils from Flow Cosmetics Always good. All of our potent oils are sustainably sourced and packaged in small, recyclable bottles.


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