Which natural facial oil suits your skin?

A natural facial oil cannot be missed between your care products. We will tell you why! We also explain how and which oil you can best use. Facial oil is suitable for all skin types. For dry, sensitive skin or against wrinkles in aged skin. And even if it sounds contradictory, natural facial oil is even available for oily skin.
The most important thing is that you choose a 100% vegetable and organic oil for your face. This way you avoid unnecessary, irritating or harmful additives. Pure natural facial oil supports the skin's self-healing capacity, without clogging it. Unlike most synthetic variants.
Do you still find it difficult to choose after reading this article? On the website you can see exactly which ones under 'skin type' natural facial oil best suits your skin.

 Why a natural facial oil?

Natural facial oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and important fatty acids. For that little bit of extra support and care. The functions of oil for the face are very diverse; from nourishing, repairing, moisturizing, firming, soothing to protecting. It is not for nothing that natural facial oil is becoming increasingly popular as a care product. Especially among those who want to keep care products as 'natural as possible'. The oil has a long shelf life and therefore requires few additives.
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With a natural facial oil that suits your skin, the light is better reflected, which you immediately notice a young and fresh appearance. Each type of oil has its own specific skin-improving properties and nourishing effect, so that you can tailor exactly what your skin needs. Whether you have dry or oily skin, fine lines or wrinkles. Natural face oil with rosehip is effective for specific skin problems, such as rosacea or couperose due to its exceptionally high vitamin A content. 

Natural facial oil for dry skin

Dry skin requires a rich natural facial oil with sufficient unsaturated fatty acids, such as the multifunctional organic argan oil. This oil also acts as a UV protector and neutralizes free radicals. Also the vitamin-rich Arctic Beauty Oil is a natural facial oil especially for dry skin. The precious arctic berry oils en organic essential oils moisturize and nourish, so that the natural moisture balance of your face is restored. In addition, Arctic natural facial oil a revitalizing and protective effect.
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Does a natural facial oil also work against wrinkles?

Yes! A natural facial oil against wrinkles is always a valuable addition to your routine. Unfortunately, aging is an inevitable process in which your collagen decreases, causing sagging skin and wrinkles. The damage is limited by a healthy lifestyle but also by an oil that stimulates natural collagen production.

In addition to wrinkles, aging skin often also has to deal with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Lingon berries are well-known, effective ingredients often used in treatments against this. A vitamin-rich composition is incorporated in Lingonberry Bright. A clarified natural facial oil that also protects the skin well against oxidative stress.

Natural facial oil against acne and oily skin

Many people think it is better not to use oil for oily skin, this is a misunderstanding! Most products for oily skin and blemishes, such as acne, contain harsh ingredients that strip away the natural oil film from your skin. This dries out your skin, causing extra sebum to be produced. And this excess sebum production is exactly what causes oily skin and impurities. In addition to protection, natural facial oil can purify the skin and soothe inflammation.

For oily skin, choose a 'dry' oil for the face. Such as Jojoba oil or Tea Tree oil. These are oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin, do not leave a greasy film and do not clog pores. Also non-comode none . Detox- Purifying Facial Oil with Jojoba and Tea tree, for example, fits perfectly with one natural acne treatment.

Try it yourself and you will notice that your skin becomes less oily after a few weeks as the natural balance is restored. Your skin feels softer and your skin texture looks better.

To fade acne scars, use one natural face oil with rosehip. This mild oil for the face simultaneously reduces redness and ensures a calm skin.

How to use oil for the face?

Apply the natural facial oil to damp skin immediately after cleansing. That is when a product is best absorbed. Apply a moisturizer or serum after the oil for even better results. Remember that the effectiveness of a natural facial oil depends on the active ingredients, not the amount.

You can also use the oil to enrich a cream or serum. To do this, mix about 2 drops of your natural facial oil or use a mixture of several oils. Did you know that natural facial oil is even suitable as a make-up remover. Such as, for example Argan oil. This gently removes all your make-up in one go, without drying your skin.

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The best natural facial oil for every skin type

Flow facial oils are made from high-quality organic raw materials and free from harmful chemicals. Our selection contains different types natural oils for the face so that it is possible to meet the needs of every skin type.

  • No ingredients that clog the skin
  • 100% organic quality
  • Vegan and not tested on animals
  • Effective due to high-quality raw materials
  • Recyclable packaging

Are you looking for professional and personalized advice? Then you can always send us an email and we will do our best to find the right natural facial oil for your skin!

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