Sustainable makeup

Sustainable makeup

Sustainable makeup is the logical next step if you have already fallen in love with sustainable makeup organic facial care. But what is sustainable makeup actually exactly and why is ecological, or environmentally friendly, makeup so important? We will explain it to you! After reading this article you will have sufficient objective information about the (sometimes misleading) makeup industry. This is important for well-considered choices when purchasing ecological and especially the best sustainable makeup. Beauty that gives exactly what your skin needs and matches your environmentally friendly values.

What is sustainable makeup?

Genuine sustainable makeup is developed and produced with deep respect for our planet. This means that the entire production chain is used for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly implementation. From ingredient extraction to packaging and transport. In addition, the make-up formulas are free of unnecessary ingredients such as petroleum, silicon, EDTA, parabens and perfume. In other words makeup without harmful substances and junk.

Features of ecological makeup

On the packaging of ecological make-up products you often come across texts such as cruelty-free make-up or make-up without silicones. This is definitely a good thing. Keep in mind that these are not direct synonyms for ecologically responsible sustainable make-up products. To define the criteria of sustainable makeup, you need to count to at least six. Sustainability is a broad concept and encompasses much more than just recyclable packaging, for example.

The top six features of ecological makeup:

  1. Sustainable purchasing and certified natural ingredients
  2. Plastic-free or recyclable packaging
  3. High quality
  4. Climate neutral production
  5. Climate-conscious transport and shipping
  6. Transparency

Flow Cosmetics was founded in 2004 with the aim of developing organic and at the same time very effective beauty products. Fourteen years later it was created sustainable make-up brand Korento with the same values ​​as Flow. The main premise is skin care make up that meets all possible criteria of environmentally friendly cosmetics. We just told you what sustainable makeup features are. Further on we explain what this means exactly for Korento Make-Up. Just like why ecological makeup is so important.

 certificates ecological makeup

Buy sustainable makeup 

Natural and sustainable values ​​are currently not only a necessity for the environment but also a beauty trend. That is why companies and marketers are only too happy to respond to this. Unfortunately you come to buy sustainable makeup lots of misleading information against; also greenwashing named. And it can be difficult to distinguish between honest and sustainable promises. Especially when you don't know exactly what it means. Of course you want to avoid greenwashing if you are looking for (anti-aging) makeup without mess. For yourself or as a sustainable beauty gift for someone else. That is why we explain exactly what makes makeup really sustainable in the text below.

Korento sustainable makeup

This makes Korento makeup natural, organic and environmentally friendly

Sustainable purchasing and certified natural ingredients

High-quality and safe raw materials are the basis of Korento products. They consist only of ingredients that are allowed in certified natural cosmetics (certified organic or Ecocert certified). All ingredients come from responsible sources. Animal testing free and created without child labour.

Plastic-free or recyclable packaging

The minimalist packaging of our sustainable make-up is 100% recyclable. Most Korento products are packaged in sturdy (FSC) cardboard. We guarantee that the packaging will not soften. Not even if you're ours sustainable lip color of powder carry in your handbag for months. One of the most popular Korento products is Age Defying Serum foundation. This foundation is packaged in recyclable glass and the pipette is 100% recyclable, made from BPA-free plastic.

High quality

You are probably wondering why the term high quality is linked to sustainable makeup? Well, when you invest in high quality products greenbeauty shop, then you need to use less of it for the same result. And less use is more sustainable.

Sustainable makeup brands sometimes seem more expensive. But actually it's better to use the word 'precious'. Moreover, when you look at the price per kilo or liter of active ingredients of a beauty product… And you compare this with how long the product lasts. Then you find out that they are sometimes even cheaper! 

Korento products are made from the best possible raw materials, such as a complex of arctic berries. The beautiful product creations are produced in-house. The entire range is suitable for professional use. More than fifty beauty professionals in the Netherlands and Belgium already work with sustainable Korento makeup products. Ask your hairdresser, beautician or make-up artist if they have Korento make up in their range. If not, we are open to new ones collaborations.

Climate neutral production

Renewable energy is definitely something you want to hear when you talk about climate neutral production in the cosmetics world. The fact is that almost all steps in the production process cost energy. So the more renewable energy is used, the more sustainable the production is. Korento make-up is certified for Climate Neutral production. This means that a third party has inspected all products. Korento's production runs on solar and wind energy.

Climate neutral makeup

Climate-conscious transport and shipping

When shipping Korento products, we always opt for the most sustainable mode of transport. Products travel overland by truck or train. This is currently the most sustainable shipping method. Any cardboard box or filling that comes with the shipping container is reusable or has already been reused.

Also remember that transport emissions are not solely the responsibility of the brand. Did you know that a large part of the climate impact depends on you as a user of sustainable make-up? Transport is responsible for about 40% of the total CO2 emissions of transport. Most of this is the "last mile"; when a single product goes from a store or pick-up location to the consumer. So when you do this by bike or on foot, you save a significant amount of CO2 emissions compared to the car. And it's even healthier and cheaper too ;-).


There is no guarantee of sustainability without transparency. 'Pinky swear' marketing promises can hide important information. This is why the entire creation of Korento makeup is completely transparent. There are no secrets. On every product page you will even find complete ingredient lists, translated from INCI language into understandable Dutch and English. Read more about it here how to read an INCI list. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us!

Ecological makeup; this is why it is necessary

Yes really, ecological makeup is desperately needed! The makeup industry is a huge market. Total global revenue in 2020 was a whopping $483 billion. With an annual growth rate of 4,75%, total revenue is expected to reach $2025 billion by 716. Like in any other industry, making a profit is one of the most important things in the makeup industry. In this business-driven makeup world, profit is more important than sustainable and healthy values. They cause irreversible damage to our health, animals and the environment, including biodiversity. For example, there are currently major concerns about the effects of microplastics from major cosmetic brands. Therefore, it is not only sustainable - but also plastic-free makeup so important. Especially for our aquatic life. It is even more sustainable blue beauty instead of green beauty.

Take this into consideration when buying your makeup. There is really fantastic ecological makeup for every skin tone; from warm to cool undertones. With this you certainly have everything at home. A conscious choice that benefits everyone and an opaque, long-lasting sustainable makeup look


Organic makeup; does that really exist?

Are you looking for organic makeup? Then this can be difficult to find. Organic make-up is a concept that does not only have one definition. In general, the word organic means - something that is made from certified organic ingredients, right? Decorative cosmetics, such as make-up, need pigments to create an opaque layer. Pigments such as mica, iron oxides and titanium dioxide are used in natural makeup products. These are natural ingredients but have no organic certification. That's why 100% organic make-up products are rare!

Organic makeup?

Korento products are close to organic make-up, as they consist only of organically certified ingredients or Ecocert-certified ingredients. The only 100% organic make-up product in the range is our Botanical Finishing powder.

Finally, you complete your sustainable look with tools such as sustainable makeup brushes from bamboo. And of course you remove your sustainable makeup from your face in the evening, this is best done with muslin face cloth. Possibly with a moisturizing facial spray rose water, chamomile water or lavender water.


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