A sustainable makeup look in five steps

Sustainable makeup look

A sustainable makeup look stays in place all day and the natural make-up products from Korento are perfectly suitable for this. Give it a try! you will see that sustainable makeup not only gives a radiant look, it is at the same time skin care and long-lasting. We explain the steps with which you can create any look; from natural day make-up to a festive make-up look.

And this is why you want to read these steps...

Of course, there are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to create a makeup look. Do you recognize this: it looks so easy but your own result looks more like a circus artist than a fashionista ;-). You have lost a lot of time and money or worse; your skin will be restless with spots, pimples or irritations in no time. Make up, don't break up! So embrace your natural beauty with skin care makeup. Accentuate your strengths and camouflage what you don't like. This is absolutely possible with sustainable makeup without harmful substances. Not just for a nice look. Environmentally friendly makeup is better for our planet and your (skin) health.

1. Skincare

Believe it or not; a sustainable makeup look starts with good skin care. The smoother your skin is, the smoother and longer-lasting the result. Therefore, first take a critical look at your skin care routine and the products you use. Then choose your makeup. The categories in the menu of our greenbeauty shop guide you to the right product for every skin type. Or read more information about, for example the best natural products for oily skin or just for a dry skin of against acne.

2. Choose a foundation as a base

The right type of foundation forms the basis of your makeup. Read the product descriptions of the different Korento natural foundations and choose a type that suits your needs and skin type. Mineral powder is an excellent foundation suitable for all skin types, including problem or sensitive skin. Berry Vitamin Foundation cream works great for an opaque makeup base. Read here why we think this the best BB cream is. Our serum foundation is perfect for the skin types that need only light coverage and a lot of hydration. Especially suitable for dry or aging skin types. All Korento products meet the criteria of non-comedogenic makeup so you don't have to worry about the foundation clogging your pores. 

 3. What is your skin tone?

To choose the right color for your makeup, it is important that you first know what the undertone of your skin tone is. In other words, do you have a warm or cool undertone? This undertone always remains the same. Even if you are tanned by the sun or your skin is redder due to acne or roseaca, for example. Our sustainable makeup is divided into warm and cool undertones. When you know which tone suits you best, all you have to do is choose the right color. Not quite sure? Read for the best tips: what is your skin tone?

4. Time to do your makeup

Once you have your favorite Korento products in your hands, you can start with your sustainable makeup look. If you have taken the time for the steps above, this step is actually quite easy. First, make sure your skin is clean and hydrated. Then bring our best natural foundation and optionally add a organic blush of highlighter up. Then use natural eye makeup en eyebrow pencils to create a more intense look.

In general, it is best to make your lips or your eyes stand out. You do the latter with our amazing lip pencils with natural minerals and rich color pigments. You can also choose our tint stick that you can use for both your lips and cheeks. Also handy to carry in your bag!

Are the years starting to count? Then you can also use sustainable makeup as anti aging makeup to look younger. Age Defying Serum Foundation is one of our best-selling sustainable makeup products. View here the experiences from our happy customers who preceded you.

 5. Makeup Cleansing

The last, but certainly not the least important step. Once you no longer have to go out, take off your makeup by cleansing your face. Even when you use durable makeup, it is important that you keep your face clean. For example, use our bestseller natural and mild facial cleanser together with a organic muslin cloth to easily remove all residue and dirt. And do you know the dry one oil cleaning method already? Your skin will love it!

Does natural makeup last all day? 

Count on yes! Makeup professionals are also very satisfied with the use of Korento sustainable makeup products. The formulas are designed for the most demanding use. Whether you use make-up for an important business meeting, a first date, a whole day with your children or a festival. High quality natural makeup products made from the best organic ingredients work at least as well as any other makeup brand.

Natural ecological makeup

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Finish your look with sustainable makeup brushes made of bamboo

Our eco-friendly makeup line wouldn't be complete without sustainable makeup brushes made of bamboo of the highest quality. Even though you can easily apply the makeup with your fingers; The fact remains that you get an even better result when you invest in brushes. 

What makes Korento makeup brushes sustainable? They have been developed with a critical eye to durability, multifunctionality and the material used. Moreover, they are produced under fair conditions, without child labour. They are environmentally friendly, vegan and made from recycled or renewable materials such as bamboo. They are sturdy and therefore last a very long time. We offer six different brushes, suitable for every kind of make-up. Whether you use powder, foundation, blush or mineral makeup used.

Keep in mind; buying less is the most sustainable way of consuming. Korento buy sustainable makeup brushes, so you only do it when your brushes really need to be replaced. If you handle it carefully, it will last for years! Also read the tips here: cleaning makeup stuff.

Is sustainable makeup really necessary?

Yes really, sustainable makeup is necessary! Apart from the benefits for our skin, it is extremely important for the environment. The makeup industry is a huge market with a worldwide annual turnover of billions. And this is only getting more. Unfortunately, making a profit is currently mainly at the expense of our health and the environment. For example, there are serious concerns about the irreversible damage of microplastics for our waters and oceans. It has also been shown that the very small plastic particles in our blood with all the possible consequences that entails. So there is every reason for us to only use honest and plastic-free cosmetics to produce. But sustainability goes further than that! Do you want to read more about sustainable makeup and how to recognize it? Also read:

From now on, consider sustainability when buying your makeup. There is really great ecological makeup that has the best of both. For you an opaque and long-lasting makeup look and a conscious choice that does not unnecessarily harm the environment. 

Natural ecological makeup

Natural & Ecological makeup

Discover all the products you need for your sustainable makeup look here

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