From green to blue beauty: even more sustainable!

Blue beauty? You read it right. And this is not about the color of your cosmetics. Where we previously saw the importance of green beauty en masse, blue beauty is also getting more and more attention. And that is badly needed!

What is blue beauty or blue beauty?

The term blue beauty (blue beauty) was created by eco-preneur Jeannie Jarnot at the end of 2018. We now know from green beauty that these products care for the environment. An important problem is often overlooked; namely the future of our oceans.
Blue beauty products will of course remain at least as sustainable and environmentally friendly, only the focus is on ocean conservation. This means that the products are safe for the organisms and ecosystems in our water. As little as possible, to no use of plastic. This applies to both the packaging and the ingredients. In other words, what happens if you throw away or rinse the product away? You can also look at how long products last and how much water is needed for production.
blue beauty

Why is blue beauty important?

The ocean is important to the environment and to us. We especially noticed the pleasure of getting a breath of fresh air by the sea during this lockdown. But our love for the sea contradicts how we interact with the ocean. According to it World nature Fund Every minute (!) a truck full of plastic ends up in the sea. Our beauty products also contribute to this. Because not only the plastic packaging, but also the harmful chemicals from cosmetic products end up in the sea through your drain.
A clean ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface and is essential to our ecosystem. It regulates our climate, produces half of our oxygen and feeds the water cycle that provides rain and fresh water. Blue beauty is therefore intended to make cosmetic products in which we burden the blue in our world as little as possible.

What makes a cosmetic product blue?

Simply put, beauty is blue if it burdens the ocean as little as possible. This is mainly due to the packaging, so it must be recyclable and plastic-free. Blue beauty only contains the best cosmetics ingredients without harmful substances such as micro-plastics or parabens. In other words, bleu beauty takes good care of you and the planet.
buy blue beauty

Buy blue beauty

Do you also want to take responsibility and burden the environment as little as possible with the cosmetics you use? Then go for blue beauty!
De facial products from Flow cosmetics are blue, green and above all 100% clean! Our values ​​are based on holistic and effective beauty, for our customers and the environment. We do this through products including:
  • Clean, organic and natural ingredients
  • Zero waste and recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable production
  • Economical use
  • Animal testing free and vegan ingredients

With this blue beauty products you also contribute to healthier oceans and a clean blue world!

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Suitable for everyday use, beneficial for all skin types, for both women and men of all ages.

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