How do I read an INCI list?

.. Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Silybum Marianum Ethyl Ester, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, CI77947, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Powder, Mentha X Piperita ..
If you are using facial products omdraait, krijg je meestal een flinke lijst voor ogen.  Misschien is je eerste reactie: "Nee, dit is niet te doen, hier begrijp ik niks van".  Maar het is niet onmogelijk om een inci list to read - and understand. If you understand what inci in cosmetics means it opens up a whole new world for you and you get an insight into what you really put on your skin. 
Inci list
If you don't have time to learn how to read a difficult or long INCI, but are interested in the contents of cosmetics - you can click on any Flow Cosmetics product page - we've translated all the ingredients in an understandable way. Are you interested in more information? We have collected all the ingredients we use in our Flow Cosmetics products on one page, you can see the list here.

Which means INCI in cosmetics

The abbreviation “INCI” stares for: International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient, or International Naming for Cosmetic Ingredients. Every ingredient you put in one inci list is an internationally standardized substance, which has been used in cosmetics. The European cosing database (cosmetic ingredient database) contains approximately 30.000 different synthetic and natural cosmetic raw materials. It's good to know that not all cosmetic ingredients are safe even though they are legally approved. On the label of cosmetic products you will find a complete inci list - which tells what exactly your product contains and which ingredients a producer has chosen. It also tells you if there is something specific to look out for, such as warnings. 
At Flow Cosmetics we only choose wild, organic or ecocert certified, natural and safe ingredients for our products. The only warning needed at Flow is that you will fall in love with our skin loving formulas.

And finally let's read the inci list

What is generally good to know.

The names in inci list are usually chemical or English names of dustn Such as TOCOPHERYL ACETATE or GLYCERIN.

The exceptions are the plants, fruits, flowers and components or extracts of which, the scientific Latin names are used. Like HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL (Sunflower seed oil) or VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS SEED OIL (Bilberry kernel oil). Water and some natural ingredients are also in the inci list in Latin. 

The first ingredient you find on the INCI is the most commonly used in the product (by weight). If you see water / aqua as the first ingredient - unfortunately your product consists mostly of water. Water in products is not always bad, it all depends on the use of the product. The only question is: do you want to pay for water?

If the product contains 1% or less of the raw material, the raw material may be placed in random order on the inci list staan. Een goed voorbeeld is rozen toner, die kan worden geadverteerd als rose water face, maar eigenlijk slechts 1% roos bevatten. Maak je geen zorgen, er zijn ook andere soorten rose water toners, with a large amount of organic rose water. 

Perfume or fragrance are the most allergenic ingredients in cosmetics. One synthetic fragrance can contain tens, sometimes even hundreds, of different chemicals - they don't need to be listed in the inci (waardoor niemand weet wat nou ze echt bevatten). Wil je het op veilig spelen? Er zijn alternatieven voor synthetische parfums - zoals biologische essential oils Van in aromatherapy quality. 

A lot of plastic is used in cosmetics, there are micro, nano and liquid plastics - and they are all unhealthy for you and nature. Plastic is often identified by the words PEG and polyethylene. All our products are zero plastic-inside certified, so you can use all our products without any guilt

Inci Cosmetics

TIP: If you want to know about plastic in your cosmetics - and avoid them, you can get them for free Beat The Microbead use super app!

This blog post is just a scratch on the surface of the inci list, but we hope to have taught you something new. If you still have questions, you can always send an email - we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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