How do I read an INCI list?

Sphagnum Carex Peat and Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, CI77947, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Powder, Mentha X Piperita?!?

What does INCI mean and how do you read it?

INCI comes from the words: International Nomenclature Cosmetic
Ingredient, or International Naming for Cosmetic
Ingredients. All INCI names are internationally standardized
names for substances used in cosmetics.

On the label For all cosmetics, the ingredients are indicated with their INCI name. Here you can read exactly which were used for your chosen to produce cosmetic product. The first ingredient you'll find on the INCI list is the product that also contains the most. In the
international regulations make it mandatory to use the ingredients
sort by how much of which ingredient is used. The first
ingredient is therefore used the most, the latter the least.

At the INCI of the products, names are in English and in Latin


  • The chemical names for the ingredients are derived from the English taal
  • For plants, fruits and flowers and components or extracts thereof, the scientific Latin names are used.

Very 'everyday' substances are also used in cosmetics. This one
ingredients also need INCI names. The INCI name for water is
for example aqua, honey is mel and beer is beer. An example:

  • Glycerin (glycerin)
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia * (Tea tree)
  • Beer (Beer)

Many of the ingredients of Flow Cosmetics come directly from Nature. Therefore
You may not be able to list our ingredients immediately
completely understands.

That is why we would like to help you make sure that it is for you
that is why it is completely clear what we use in our products
we translated all Latin names for you. You can do this with any product
found behind the Latin word of ingredients. Yummy
easy and super interesting!

We also have a special page where you can find all the ingredients
that we use with flow.

Are you curious about what's in your cosmetics? There is a handy one
app for! You can easily download it on your phone or ipad. You
scans the barcode and your app immediately shows whether there are any harmful substances
incorporated in your cosmetics. Does the app still not recognize your product?
The app explains how you can easily put it on the waiting list
to add. This way we can make a super database with them!

If you want to quickly view the app, click here .

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