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Anti aging makeup
Become older; We all want it to be as beautiful as possible. We do this through a healthy lifestyle, anti-aging products and make-up.
Skin aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles are the most visible consequences of aging. Unfortunately, this is an insurmountable process that starts from the age of 25.
Heredity, lifestyle and environmental factors determine at what age your skin will show the first signs of aging. Part of the solution is acceptance, and a good one facial care. But did you know that make-up can also be anti-aging?
We'll show you how you can support aging skin with the best anti-aging make-up and give you tips on how to use it to look younger.

5 tips for anti-aging make up

With natural skin care for older skin your skin remains in better condition, just like exercise does for your muscles. Anti-aging make up with skin care properties is the best choice for aging skin. With the tips below you can make optimal use of anti-aging make-up.
1. Provide well-hydrated skin.
Hydration and good facial care is the first and most important step. On hydrated skin, anti-aging make-up is smoother and more even to apply. It also prevents the powder or liquid from being absorbed by a dry skin. In addition, wrinkles are more visible on dry skin. For hydration and protection of the skin, use one serum face with a vitamin and antioxidant rich composition. Also remember to exfoliate your skin regularly. A good peeling face helps keep the skin's surface smooth.
2. Choose shades of brown instead of pink
If you want to look younger is a brown natural color better than pink shade. This gives your face a warm and healthy look. In summer you can safely use a little more than in winter. In addition, light-reflecting pigments in anti-aging make-up provide a radiant youthful glow and even complexion.
Wear a light foundation
A heavy 'mask' of foundation will only accentuate the wrinkles on your skin. For a natural look, choose the light and skin-caring Cream Foundation or an Age Defying Serum foundation with ingredients especially for aging skin. Use the anti-aging foundation mainly, or only, in places where you need it and spread it well.


4. Use a make up primer
A primer is the perfect base for anti-aging make-up and ensures that the make-up lasts better and longer. The best primer for wrinkles is the internationally award-winning Soft Velvet Primer. A completely natural primer that perfects the structure of the skin. Makes large pores less visible and fills fine lines, making the skin look even.
5. Less is more
Bright lipsticks or blue eyeshadows are generally less attractive when you get older. Choose natural shades for anti-aging make up. But more importantly; do what you like and what makes you feel good.
Makeup for aging skin

Meet anti-aging makeup

These high-quality products add northern purity and hydration to your makeup look!

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What makes Korento make up anti-aging?

The ideology of natural anti-aging focuses on optimal skin care, the importance of nutrients and the support of the skin's own function and resistance. The correct composition nourishes and balances the skin. This is important for mature skin, especially when you consider that makeup can sometimes be on your skin for up to 14 hours. Corento make up is anti-aging due to the 100% natural, effective and skin care ingredients. Your skin will look younger, wrinkles will be softer and the skin will glow. Korent anti-aging make up is therefore used by professionals.


Foundation against wrinkles with Berry Active Complex ™

Wrinkles are a classic example of skin aging. A smooth, young and toned face consists of a good and firm connective tissue. That tissue is full of collagen that makes your skin firm. As you age, your body produces less collagen. The skin becomes weaker and that reduced firmness causes wrinkles to form. An anti-aging foundation fills the wrinkles.


The anti wrinkle foundations from Korento (Age Defying Serum Foundation en Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation) contain a nice unprocessed blend of Berry Active Complex ™. A blend of antioxidant-rich arctic berries that have a proven positive effect on the skin.
The berries used are a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9. These powerful and valuable ingredients protect the skin against harsh conditions that cause wrinkles such as stress, UV rays. and blue light from electrical appliances. In addition, it helps to reduce the signs of skin aging by stimulating collagen production.
Foundation against wrinkles

 Natural skin care foundation

Korento Perfecting Mineral Base is a light, breathable and completely natural powder, with which an opaque, velvety soft base can be created. Added vegetable lecithin stabilizes the skin's protective functions and regenerates its structure.

Foundation against wrinkles

Natural anti-aging helps us remember to pay attention to our skin and skin care. And that really works. The skin needs nourishment, just like the rest of our body. Take care of yourself through nutrition with sufficient vitamins and minerals. Moderate alcohol consumption and tanning beds. Reduce stress and get enough sleep. Laughter is also very healthy, so take your smile lines for granted and at the same time give nature a hand with the best anti-aging make up from Korento.

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