Tested! Cream against dark circles and pigment spots

Dark circles and pigmentation spots (hyperpigmentation) are caused by various factors. There is therefore no miracle cream against dark circles and pigment spots that solves this immediately. But don't worry, there is something that can be done about it from the outside. We tested it for you!

The best treatment against dark circles and pigment spots with a before and after photo of the result. Below we share this beauty routine and tell you what the best products against dark circles and pigment spots are. Do you suffer from dark circles? Then you probably also want to read these tips: tips against dark circles under eyes.

Treatment against dark circles and pigmentation spots (hyperpigmentation)

Organic, 100% natural and nutritious facial products can certainly help against dark spots on the skin. dark circles en remove pigment spots naturallyAt Flow Cosmetics we tested a treatment against dark circles and pigment spots on our customers for four weeks. At the bottom of the description of the steps, you can see the before and after photo for the results. This concerns a normal to dry skin type with an age of 34 years. However, the beauty routine is suitable for every age and skin type!

This organic products against dark spots we used in our test:

Why does this treatment work?

Below we explain exactly why the products used work against dark circles and pigmentation:

1. Mild facial cleanser

Our mild natural facial cleanser Balm-to-milk Cleanser combines high performing, antioxidant, vitamin and fatty acid rich oils from responsible sources. The rich formula does not foam and leaves valuable nutrients on the skin. Exactly what a balanced and radiant skin needs (also under your eyes). In order not to damage the natural balance of the skin, it is very important to use a mild and organic cleanser.

2. rose water facial spray

rose water spray is a wonderful facial spray. Rose water has been used in skin care for centuries. It helps soothe, purify, hydrate and brighten the skin, even with dark circles. Rose water acts as an antioxidant, protects skin cells against collagen breakdown and smoothes fine wrinkles. Tip: keep the facial spray in the fridge. When you use a cool product, it stimulates the blood circulation around your eyes. This helps against (dark) bags under the eyes.

3. Hyaluron and Probiotics Face Cream

Hyaluron & Probiotic Serum has a brightening effect and balances the skin. This restores the natural balance, which strengthens the skin texture and protective skin barrier. This serum is certainly mild enough to use on the sensitive skin under the eyes. Probiotics have the special ability to rebuild and strengthen the skin's protection. The skin around your eyes in particular will benefit from this. We don't call this product it for nothing best hyaluronic acid serum.

4. Brightening facial oil

Lingonberry Bright brightening natural facial oil is the jewel of the entire treatment! As a cosmetic ingredient, Lingonberry has researched skin care benefits - especially against dark bags and hyperpigmentation. Lingonberry Bright contains a high amount of wild growing lingonberry oil. This valuable oil is combined with carefully selected ingredients. As a result, the oil not only brightens dark spots and bags under the eyes, it also provides an elastic and soft skin surface. In addition, the oil protects against external factors and oxidative stress - which in turn helps against premature aging.

5. Peeling mask

Use with that fruit acid peeling - Lingonberry Bright mask on your face. Applying once a week is sufficient. This powdered mask contains fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple (papain and bromelain) that remove dead skin cells, instantly minimize the appearance of pores and create a matte finish, without drying out the skin. Vitamin C, antioxidant-rich Arctic lingonberries and strawberries brighten skin and reduce dark circles while protecting against oxidative stress.

For optimal use: Mix 2 teaspoons of powder and 1-2 teaspoons in a small bowl until smooth and rich. Then apply it to the face with a brush or clean fingers. Let the mask soak in for about ten minutes.

See the before and after photo of the result below!

treatment for dark spots

treatment dark spots after photo

6. Natural eye cream

Green Tea & Peptide natural eye cream brightens, softens and hydrates the skin around the eyes. Due to green tea extract and peptides, among other things, it is the perfect eye cream against dark circles and swelling under the eyes. In addition, this organic eye cream is effective against signs of aging, such as miracle cure for wrinkles.

cream dark bags or circles

Lingonberry Bright

Did you know? Even a few drops of high-quality facial oil can positively change the skin?

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