What to do about an oily skin face?

The optimal oily skin care balances sebum secretion and ensures an even skin texture. From facial cleanser for oily skin, peeling, facial cream for oily skin to facial oil.


      For facial care for oily skin, it is useful that you first know what exactly this skin type is and what it needs. While the symptoms of dry skin are often caused by over-cleansing and the lack of proper hydration, oily skin is prone to facial skin for exactly the same reasons. The use of the targeted and the best natural facial care will balance these in a gentle way. Flow Cosmetics' organic products are full of antiseptic, antibacterial and skin-soothing ingredients. These nourish the oily skin of the face and help it find optimal balance. 

      In this category you will find information about facial care for oily skin and what to do about oily skin. You can also find the best products for caring for this skin type, such as a facial cleanser for oily skin and facial cream for oily skin.

      What is oily skin?

      With oily skin, the face shines and feels oily. Oily skin is usually slightly thicker than other skin types. The pores are visible with impurities and pimples. You don't expect it, but there is a possibility that these problems are due to a lack of moisture in the skin. Read on to understand how this skin type arises and most importantly - what to do about an oily skin face.

      Oily skin characteristics

      Oily skin exhibits several characteristics that distinguish it from other skin types:

      • This skin type shines, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
      • Impurities can also occur in this area, just like with a mixed skin.
      • A clear characteristic of oily skin are large pores. These are especially visible around the nose and on the cheeks.
      • In general, men are more likely to have oily skin than women. This is due to testosterone, the main male sex hormone, which stimulates sebum production. View more details about the treatment here facial care men.
      • The goal of oily skin care is often aimed at blemishes such as blackheads and even inflammation. This is due to increased sebum production. Clogged pores increase the risk of developing acne, pimples and pimples. These can occur on different parts of the face and sometimes on the back, chest and shoulders. If this bothers you, choose the best acne products in your routine.
      • An oily skin face often feels oily, even shortly after cleansing.

      But there is also good news! Because due to active sebum production, oily skin generally ages more slowly than other skin types, such as dry skin. Amazing, right! So you can start a little later anti-aging products.

      What causes oily facial skin?

      Oily facial skin is mainly hereditary, but you can influence the balance and condition of your skin yourself through your choice of product and skincare routines. Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. Sebum is a substance that moisturizes and protects the skin dry skin so has too little of it. Sebum is actually a very important factor in the natural well-being of the skin. The problem with oily skin occurs when too much sebum is produced. This leads to clogged pores, acne and a shiny appearance.

      Caring for oily skin

      What to do about oily skin?

      There are several external and internal factors that contribute to the overproduction of sebum and thus aggravate oiliness. So if you are wondering what to do about an oily skin face, knowing these factors will go a long way. Caring for oily skin on the face is more than just using cosmetics.

      Internal factors that influence the oily skin worsen:

      • Genetics; As mentioned earlier, your genes play a major role in your skin type.
      • Hormonal changes; these are influenced by, for example, puberty, pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. 
      • Stress; So it's no surprise if your skin starts showing symptoms during major stressful events in your life.

      External factors that aggravate oily skin:

      • Power supply; some onderzoeken suggest that a diet high in fatty foods and dairy products can stimulate sebum production and thus cause oily facial skin and acne.
      • Wrong cosmetic choices; Cleansers that are too strong and cleansing too often will dry out the skin. This then causes overcompensation of sebum production and therefore greasy skin.
      • Climate; A warm and humid climate increases sebum production and therefore results in oily skin more quickly

      How to care for oily skin

      Now that you know which internal and external factors worsen oiliness on your face, you naturally want an answer to the question; what to do about oily skin face. Good oily skin care is one of the best ways to get this under control. A basic rule of oily skin care is: don't resist. Not because of a facial cleanser that is too strong for oily skin or a facial cream for oily skin that removes sebum too aggressively. Otherwise, you can get into a vicious circle that will only make your skin oilier. And this is certainly not your intention!

      When choosing products for oily facial skin, it is important to pay attention to skin care with products that balance sebum secretion. That shrink pores and especially cleansing to reduce and prevent impurities. And all this without drying out the skin.

      Flow Cosmetics' organic products are full of antiseptic, antibacterial and skin-soothing ingredients. These nourish oily skin and help it find optimal balance. Did you know that when oily facial skin is too dry, it will actually produce more sebum in an attempt to compensate for the lack of moisture?

      In addition to your oily skin care, also be aware of your makeup choices. This skin type already produces a lot of sebum and comodogenic ingredients can quickly cause impurities. Always choose one natural foundation, which you can be sure will not clog your pores. View our natural makeup here and find the right products and shades for a perfect look.

      Treat oily skin? We will explain to you how best to do this!

      what to do for oily skin

      Treating oily skin: facial care routine for oily skin

      When treating oily skin in a natural way, you logically want to get the most out of the products. Therefore, combine them in the correct way and order. This way you support the natural functions of the skin and get guaranteed long-term results. Below steps are the right way for oily skin facial care.

      Do you have oily skin and a skin condition, such as pigment spots or rash around the mouth? Familiarize yourself with the right treatment and adjust your skin care accordingly. If necessary, you can also contact our beauty professionals. We are happy to help you!

      Facial cleanser for oily skin (Step 1)

      A cleanser is actually a product that determines the basis of your facial care. The ideal facial cleanser for oily skin deeply cleanses, balances and absorbs impurities - without disrupting the natural skin balance. The Flow Cosmetics selection includes two natural facial cleansers for oily skin care. Choose Balm to Milk cleanser or Detox Soap in your beauty routine.

      Tips: Do you have oily skin, but not many impurities? Then you can safely skip a facial cleanser for oily skin in the morning. Start your morning with a refreshing facial mist instead of a cleanser. Spray the mist on the face and wipe off with a cotton pad.

      facial cleanser oily skin

      Peeling or mask for oily skin (Step 2)

      When it comes to oily skin care, products that cleanse pores should not be forgotten. They help balance sebum production and prevent clogged pores. Choose one for this natural facial mask or facial peeling in your routine. Use the product 2-3 times a week, only in the evening.

      Two ideal products for oily skin are Detox mask Flow peeling face with BHA. They are both rich in salicylic acid, an ingredient that helps reduce excess sebum and brighten skin. Brightening isn't the only benefit of masks and peels. Both products also help remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. This ensures that the other products are absorbed faster and deeper by the skin. This provides extra hydration and fewer impurities. Regular use can also reduce the shrink pores.

      Oily skin and toner (Step 3)

      A qualitative one face spray should not be missing in oily skin care. A moisturizing facial spray balances the skin's pH, hydrates and improves skin texture. A quality skincare spray is also rich in antioxidants and bioactive substances. Choose our rose water face spray to care for oily skin. Lavender water toner is rich in active components that reduce excessive sebum production. Lavender also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which have been proven by various studies. Based on these facts, we dare to say that lavender has a positive effect on the care of oily skin! You can use a facial spray as a toner in the morning instead of a cleanser and in the evening after a facial cleanser for oily skin.

      Do you also use our best eye cream with green Tea & peptides? Then this is the time to apply it around the eyes.

      Balancing serum (Step 4)

      Serums in oily skin care can offer several benefits. A serum face hydrates, balances and improves skin texture. They are also lighter in texture than creams. This means they are less likely to clog pores and not add extra oil to the skin. Choose Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum in your beauty routine. This product hydrates, balances the skin and prevents the formation of impurities. It also strengthens the skin barrier. With regular use after a facial cleanser for oily skin, you will definitely see a positive difference in your skin condition! It is best to use a balancing serum before a facial cream for oily skin.

      Tip: Do you occasionally suffer from extremely oily skin? For example during a heat wave? Then use it best hyaluronic acid serum as the last step of your morning routine. The product hydrates and ensures that your face remains matte for longer.

      Facial cream for oily skin (Step 5)

      You can find the right facial cream for oily skin in our range of creams. The best day cream for oily skin is light, prevents impurities and balances sebum secretion. In addition, the skin benefits from unprocessed raw materials with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. Such properties promote skin condition, neutralize harmful free radicals and delay premature skin aging. Bilberry Moisture Cream or it best retinol serum is a perfect choice in oily skin care. You can apply the day cream both in the morning and in the evening.

      facial cream oily skin

      Oily Skin and Facial Oil (Step 6)

      When you're wondering what to do about oily skin, facial oil probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. A good one organic facial oil provides the skin with essential fatty acids, including omega-3, -6 and -9. And with other important nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants. These all have researched benefits for skin condition. The result is a radiant, full and refreshing appearance.

      Yet many people think that this skin type cannot handle oil well. That's a misunderstanding! This skin type also benefits from high-quality skin oils. When the skin receives oil from outside, this can, contrary to expectations, soothe - and actually make the skin less oily. But choose your facial oil carefully, because not all facial oils work well for this skin type. The most suitable are light dry oils, which are quickly absorbed into the skin, do not leave a greasy layer and do not clog the pores. Such as neutral oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil or a combination of these.

      We recommend Detox oil or Flow Rosehip Intensive Treatment Oil (rosehip oil) in your beauty routine. They keep elastic and provide antioxidant protection. To do this, apply 3-4 drops to the face, neck and décolleté in the evening.

      So, now you know what to do about an oily skin face. Do you have any questions about the products or are you unsure about your skin type? Please feel free to contact us!