Shampoo bars: complete and nourishing shampoo

Organic shampoo bars are produced in a similar way to our natural soaps. However, the ingredients make the shampoo bars suitable for washing your hair. Natural vegetable oils and butters and essential oils nourish your hair and scalp.
Each shampoo bar has a unique composition of organic vegetable oils, essential oils and herbs (extracts). Our range consists of nine unique shampoo bars and no two bars are the same.
Shampoo bars from Flow Cosmetics are 100% organic and natural

What makes a shampoo bar of course?

For us, 'natural' means that all ingredients are either from the wild or have been grown organically certified. The shampoo bars of Flow Cosmetics contain nothing that is made in a laboratory. If you read the INCI ingredient list, you will see that the products do not contain an ingredient that is not 100% biodegradable. Due to the high concentration of vegetable oils, our shampoo bars do not need artificial preservatives to last. 

What are the benefits of a shampoo bar?

Most people start with liquid shampoo, only later will you discover the shampoo bar. Switching to a fixed shampoo bar has many advantages; are you reading?
  • No plastic bottles, so no plastic waste. If you do an average 1 month with a bottle of shampoo, that saves 12 plastic bottles a year.
  • Shampoo in a solid form makes artificial preservatives and emulsifiers unnecessary.
  • The entire shampoo bar contains only 100% pure, organic, natural and vegan ingredients. With this you give your hair and scalp the very best.
  • Our natural shampoo bars stimulate more volume in the hair, faster hair growth, more defined curls and fewer frizz.
  • As soon as your hair is used to the shampoo bar, you do not have to wash your hair as often.
  • The product is concentrated; you only pay for the best and most powerful ingredients.

How do I choose a shampoo bar for my hair?

There is a shampoo bar for every hair type. Our range consists of nine different types, including for blonde hair, dry hair, curly hair, etc. Choose the type that best suits your hair type and you will find your favorite. 
We regularly receive messages from customers who are starting with shampoo bars for the first time, because they like the idea. After the first washes, however, they notice that their hair feels strange. This may be because you have not yet found the right kind for your hair, but it can also take a while before your hair and scalp are used to this new way of washing. 
For new users, we recommend ordering 1 or 2 Shampoo bar testers so that you can experience which one suits your hair and scalp best. Use them one at a time so you can compare them properly. 

How do I use a shampoo bar?

This is very easy! Rub the bar in your hands like a soap and apply the foam to your head. You can also apply the bar directly to your head. Massage the foam well into your hair and scalp and then rinse thoroughly. If you have longer hair, also use a conditioner to detangle your hair. We recommend that you have one natural hair rinse, Conditioner or Conditioner bar to use. 
After washing, brush your hair, let it dry and shape it. You will experience that you have to wash your hair less often.  Store the shampoo bar in a soap dish. If the shampoo bar remains wet, it becomes soft and can melt. 
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